Why #MarriageEquality is No Reason for Christians to Panic…


I have never met a mean gay person. I am not saying that they are not out there, but every gay person I have ever known is kind, compassionate, and fun. I understand that both tradition and the Bible stands against homosexuality, but marriage equality does not make our world any less safe or loving.

From what I have seen, gay couples tend to be extremely loving parents when they adopt kids. They also seem to make caring and generous friends. Sure, many have joined the LGBT agenda, but is that so surprising? Do we not all have some sort of agenda? They are not hiding their efforts to fight for equality, are they? They do not have some sort of hidden mission statement.

With that said, I am a proponent of traditional marriage for a couple reasons. One, I value the authority of the Bible over human experience and there are 6 scriptures that clearly forbid homosexuality. To be fair there are some decent arguments that these scriptures have been taken out of context, but my reasons do not rest on these 6 verses alone.

Two, I base my theology on the foundation of redemption. I believe that God created the world perfectly and we only have two glimpses of what perfection looks like: The Garden of Eden and Heaven. Since I have seen neither, I have to rely on God’s Word and faith. In the Garden of Eden, we see that “Adam” and “Eve” (marriage between a man and a woman) was God’s original and perfect design.

It was not until after Adam and Eve disobeyed God and “the fall of humanity” took place that sin, sickness, injustice, and confusion entered the world. I believe that we are all (symbolically) trying to get back to the Garden.

For example, environmentalists challenge us to take care of our planet and avoid further pollution, while animal activists challenge us to respect the creatures we were meant to coexist with. They may not know it, but they are partnering with God and trying to redeem this earth back to its original design. Gender activists like me are trying to restore gender equality that was initially established by God in the Garden, as it was not until after “the fall” that patriarchy was introduced to humanity.

Do you understand what I am saying? We are trying to get back to God’s original design – perfect peace with ourselves, with animals, with the earth, with others and with God. No more sin. No more sickness. No more hostility. No more tears. No more pain. No more confusion. No more struggling. This my friends, is heaven. We move forward by looking backwards. The beginning of time holds all the answers. Even Jesus and the Holy Spirit were in the Garden – overseeing, creating, and establishing with God.

God wants Christians to help Him restore balance to this world we live in no matter how flawed our efforts might be, but many of us are going about it all wrong. There is nothing more precious in God’s Word than the four gospels centered on the very life of our Savior. He is our great example and do you know that Jesus never once mentioned LGBT issues?

Instead, He focused on love, mercy, justice, peace, and all those amazing fruits of the Spirit that actually draw people to us – not away from us. We need to stop and listen to the heartbeat of God on this matter. Why are we so bent out of shape over our nation losing touch with Christian principles? America is not our home and the laws here are not always going to be the same as God’s laws. We are residents of the Kingdom of God and because of the atonement and grace of Jesus Christ, redemption is near. 

I think we should let this one go for the sake of our true “kingdom purpose” which is to share the gospel in a relatable and comfortable way. Bake cakes for the gay community. Eat at their tables. “Like” their facebook posts. Accept their children. Just love them for God’s sake! It is OK to be honest about your views and if LGBT folks or those in support of this agenda turn into haters because we have a biblical worldview, that is OK, but no need to get defensive. Are we not promised persecution for our beliefs? Let’s rise above it and love those who may not love us.

We cannot expect everyone to hold to a biblical worldview as we do. Let’s move forward in the assurance that God is redeeming all things and making all things new. Be at peace with marriage equality. We are called to be people who worry about nothing and pray about everything (Phil. 4:6), but telling an LGBT person you are praying for them will normally not go well. Keep it to yourself. There is really no need to panic. Love will win because God is love and God always wins. Let us be known as “lovers” not “haters!”

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  • I extremely appreciate your taking on this very difficult topic in the church. I applaud your loving comments.

    • Thank you very much Kathy! It has been a rough few days; I feel I was spiritually attacked for writing this post! Thanks for your encouragement! 🙂 Keep me in your prayers! xoxo

  • I agree with you that a LGBT person is just a sinner like I am. However I do not agree that the struggle for marriage equality is the same as your fight for gender equality. The different gender roles are by design and as you stated LGBT is introduced because of the fallen world. I do not see a reason for the church to expand the sacrament of marriage to include the sin (and really we should not even include divorce in most cases as it is an equal sin). I believe it can be a different matter for the secular side of marriage (I believe it to better described as civil union). I’d still say I was against it though for being sin and other reasons but I believe it should be two separate battles.

    • You have misunderstood me I think.

      I am not concerned about gay people getting married who do not claim Christianity. It is none of my business what those OUTSIDE of the church do. I am concerned about gay people who are Christians getting married, but they are adults and I won’t stand in their way. If they have interpreted the Bible in such a way that allows them to do this, then that is between them and God. I believe any Bible interpretation that does not point to traditional marriage is wrong, but many intelligent Christians disagree with me. So that is that.

      I don’t believe the lgbt movement in the church is the same fight as my fight for gender equality in the church. They are two different fights, but some try to connect them. There is much in the Bible that points to gender equality, but there is nothing in the Bible that points to same-sex marriage as being a holy choice for Christians.

  • First I have to say, I love your articles very much, and I enjoy the topics. I like your perspective about loving gay and lesbians or WWJD attitude too 🙂 I don’t believe, however, that churches can allow participation in a gay wedding between two believers. If we left every difficult biblical instruction up to interpretation, it simply becomes “what is your truth is not what is my truth …so let’s just all get along”. In unimportant matters such as what to eat or what not to eat…then that’s certainly appropriate, but not when it comes to how God views sin. He sent his son to die because of it, so it’s certainly not a small matter. We are called to help each other with truth and love. Not just truth and Not just love. Thanks for making us think!

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