Why I Won’t Vote For Trump As An Evangelical, Pro-Life, Feminist


Just like many around this land we Americans call our home, I am slowly waking up out of my “Donald Trump Slumber.”

The last 8 months or so I have heard conservative, moderate, and progressive Christian leaders, that I look up to, publicly condemning Trump’s behavior and presidential plans, but I believed Trump was sort of a joke and would be out of the race in no time.

I guess I underestimated Donald Trump, and I never dreamed that evangelical Christians (my posse) would actually vote for him.

Like many, I have started to scratch my head and search my soul for answers. What is happening to this country? Is evangelicalism falling? Is America falling? Are they both falling? Is it time for me to walk away from the term “evangelical” altogether? Do evangelicals even know Jesus Christ and His teachings anymore, or do they simply not care?

Yes, I get it, pickings are slim and many conservatives deeply fear having Hillary Clinton as our next president. I know because I am sort of one of them. In my opinion, Hillary embodies dishonesty and a “far” left agenda that I don’t typically agree with, but at least she is a serious candidate. At least, she seems to have a grasp on policy and presidential composure.

And while there is no doubt in my mind that Hillary may sometimes struggle to listen to advisers (as most strong personalities do), at least she does not personally attack everyone who disagrees with her.

Possibly the scariest attribute of Donald Trump is his inability to take any criticism.

Good leaders must be able to engage with those who don’t see things their way and consider what they are saying. I imagine that the President of the United States must have thick skin and not be ruled by his or her emotions.

Donald Trump has even been criticized by Pope Francis, a pope who is respected among many evangelicals as truly Christlike and relatable.

“A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian,” Francis said when a reporter asked him about Mr. Trump on the papal airliner as he returned to Rome after his six-day visit to Mexico (Source).

If the pope was publicly questioning my salvation, I think I would at least stop and listen to what the man has to say.

No, not Donald Trump. He responds by attacking, demonstrating no humility and grace whatsoever (See Video).

As Christians, we are called to model our lives after Christ.

If we don’t model our lives after Christ, then we should not be curious when people question our faith. It is troublesome how much American politics and Christianity go hand in hand. It’s like we cannot even see a difference between the two anymore.

Further, we evangelical Christians generally believe the Bible to play a primary role in every believer’s life. It is highly questionable if Donald Trump can even quote one Bible verse. In an interview, Trump was asked his favorite Bible verse and he dodged the question by stating that the question was too personal for him to directly answer (Source).

Yet, “Trump has become unexpectedly popular with evangelical voters even though he has been married three times, does not regularly attend church, once posed on the cover of Playboy and recently described Holy Communion as “the little cracker” (Source).”

Are we Christians first, or are we Americans first?

I stand with the pope on this one; I don’t believe Donald Trump does know Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior.

Jesus said, “By this all people will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another (John 13:35).”

Just because Donald Trump says he is a Christian, this does not make him a Christian. Let’s take a look at the fruits that come out of a Christian’s life:

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law (Galatians 5:22-23).

Now, if you were a fly on my wall, you would find that I don’t always “walk in the spirit” of these Christian attributes, but I certainly try to! We should never expect Christians to be perfect, as we are all human, but if one is claiming Christ, should they not replicate Christ even half of the time?

The “fruits of Donald Trump” are the opposite of the fruits of the Spirit of Christ.

Trump’s statements are often described as hateful, fearful, racist, arrogant, inconsistent, immature, untrue, and sexist. Never do we hear anyone (even those who are supporting Trump) say that Donald is loving, joyful, peaceful, long-suffering, kind, good, faithful, gentle, and self-controlled.

Instead, supporters often make humanistic comments about him such as, “He says it how it is,” and “He’s made a fortune.” Even if both of these things were true (which many doubt), they are far from the most basic of Christian thought and life practices.

As Christians, we can’t just go around saying whatever we want to say, and financial wealth is not our goal.

There is certainly nothing wrong with financial wealth, but if we love it more than we love Christ and people, then we certainly have made money an idol.

Jesus said, “You can’t worship two gods at once. Loving one god, you’ll end up hating the other. Adoration of one feeds contempt for the other. You can’t worship God and Money both (Matthew 6:24).”


If you follow this blog, I imagine you care at least a little about women being respected as equals and not objectified by men in power. Donald Trump has made outrageous comments to and about both “conservative” and “liberal” women during his presidential campaign.

Trump has called women he doesn’t like ugly, fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals. He also made a comment that insinuated Megyn Kelly was “angry” because she had “blood coming out of her wherever.”

To make matter’s worse, Trump has literally objectified his own daughter in the past, carelessly commenting on how she has a nice figure and he would date her if she wasn’t his kid.

It genuinely doesn’t make sense for a Christian woman to vote for Donald Trump and, in reality, it doesn’t make sense for any active follower of Christ to vote for Trump.

I hear what some of you are thinking: It makes no sense for Christians to vote for Hillary Clinton either!

I understand the reluctance; I really do. I am “pro-life” because I believe women deserve better than abortion. However, I don’t think Donald Trump really cares all that much about unborn babies.

The truth is that Donald Trump has claimed to be both “pro-choice” and “pro-life (Source).” Common sense tells us that Trump has not been passionate enough about this issue to take a hard stance either way.

Trump is an opportunist, not an advocate for life.

If current stats indicate the future, we will have to choose between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Sure, one could vote for someone else or not vote at all, I guess, but the reality is that one of these two candidates will probably be our next president.

Let’s face it, both are probably not Christians and neither have a real plan or passion to advocate for unborn babies.

I don’t recall times being tough under Bill Clinton. I do recall Bill Clinton being a womanizer, but Hillary cannot be held responsible for her cheating husband. I do wonder how Hillary has treated Bill’s victims, but a lot of the speculation out there seems to be just that – speculation.

As an evangelical Christian feminist (who has never voted for a democrat), I will take my chances on Hillary if the vote comes down to her or Trump. In my view, at least Hillary will move girls & women forward. If Trump wins, I truly believe female progress will take a major hit.

Though I don’t agree with some of the ways Clinton moves girls & women forward, I have no doubt that she does have a plan and a passion for girls & women to be given equal rights, equal respect, and equal opportunities.

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  • It’s nice to hear your opinion on this, especially considering we could not be more different in our political and religious views (that’s what makes the world so great though, right? We don’t all need to be the same). It’s comforting to know that everyone — not just Democrats like myself — are deeply concerned at the thought of this man becoming President. He’s a dangerous candidate for EVERYONE, and the long-running joke of his candidacy needs to come to a screeching halt.

    I hope people will come to their senses, and soon.

  • Happy Monday Jory! This is a tough one. I was debating with my husband about this. It’s hard to know what to do in this situation. I don’t trust Hillary at all. There is no way I could vote for her. Just because someone has a decent/professional demeanor in public doesn’t mean that they are not vicious and malicious in private. I believe that she has an agenda that would stifle the rights of Christians across the country. That being said, Trump scares me. I don’t believe he is a Republican. I think he says what sounds good at the time. His ego is so big that I fear his diplomacy around the world. Would he get angry with North Korea or Iran or Russia and flex his muscles in a stupid way so that war would breakout? Perhaps if he was in office, some good legislation could be passed and wouldn’t be vetoed on arrival. I just don’t know. But one day the kingdoms of this world will become the kingdoms of our God! He will rule with fairness and justice. He is the Mighty God, the Prince of Peace! Until then, my heart shall not fear. Blessings

  • I’d be interested in knowing what “far-left” ideas you are thinking Hillary Clinton espouses, because the far-left thinks she’s nowhere near progressive enough for them. As for ending abortion, personally I’ve come to believe that government can’t and won’t do it, and that abortion would (and has) become less used when women and men can get good jobs, earn good salaries and afford child care. It seems immoral to me to consistently cut taxes, keep wages low, allow jobs to be shipped overseas, provide no low-income subsidized child care, make it harder for women in some places to get contraceptives, and then get upset about abortions. In my view, the Democrats are more concerned and more realistic about those things than the other party. At any rate, I appreciate your viewpoints about Mr Trump.

    • Thank you Susan; I appreciate hearing your view! I don’t think the government will ever totally get rid of abortion, yet I still find the act unjust. However, I do think abortion will go down as we take better care of women and children.

  • I am so encouraged to read this, Jory. As an Australian, I am watching with growing horror at the increasing possibility that Trump could become the leader of the free world. I have been unable to fathom why so many evangelical Christians, some of whom I respect, are endorsing him. The things you have mentioned, plus many other characteristics of the guy, including extreme narcissism, surely must make any thinking person, let alone a Christian, see that he is driven by his emotions and ambitions and does not have the good of the nation as any part of his motivation.

    It seems to me that he is the US version of Kim Jong-Un and although I am not a fearful person in any way, I am legitimately concerned that if he has the ability to press a button to launch a nuclear missile, he would not hesitate to do so if he felt inclined. Narcissism is a dangerous characteristic for a president. I’m shocked and astonished that he has gotten as far as he has.

    I’m in the US at the moment and talked to friends about Hillary and understand why people are against her, but Trump for president would literally change the world, and not in a good way. My friends are saying that Kasich has the most value in terms of wisdom and experience.

    • Hey Bev! Welcome to the states! Hope you are enjoying your trip here.

      Yes, the thought of Trump is SCARY to many Christians…Thank God! 😉

    • My research showed me that some evangelical are very much for Trump, but not all are. Thank God.

      I consider myself an evangelical Christian with a progressive edge. I am conservative on some things.

  • You underscore one reason why I don’t identify as an evangelical anymore (though definitely still a follower of Christ). I don’t use the term as a pejorative as some do, but it seems evangelicalism, at least in the US, is far removed from what it was when I was a new Christian in the mid 1970’s. It really does baffle me how many of the same people who were up in arms about Bill Clinton’s moral failings but don’t seem at all phased by Trump’s, which are at least as numerous.
    Nancy Reagan’s passing has had me wondering if there would be changes in the Republican party if they stopped dropping her husband’s name at every turn and actually looked at his example and emulated it.
    I don’t trust Hillary Clinton either (though would not call her “far left”) if it came down to her or Trump I’d likely cast my vote for her.

    • Thanks for your thoughts Clarke and for supporting this ministry! 🙂

      I grew up pretty conservative, so Hillary Clinton was the far left as far as my family & friends were concerned…lol.

  • Thank you, Jory! His rise in popularity is baffling at best, and his rise among those who call themselves “evangelical” is beyond my comprehension. He exhibits not one single Christian fruit as far as I can find. I am both a democrat and a Christian, in an area of the country where people don’t believe those two can co-exist. But, it’s true. Hillary isn’t giving me a great feeling, but the choice is clear for me. Even if I grow angry, I don’t want an angry leader. Our President is the face of America to the world. Mr. Trump’s isn’t a face of hope, cooperation, or progress for all citizens. I pray that Americans will be wise in their votes and select a candidate who has shows love for ALL the people of this country — women, minorities, even those with different ideas.

    • Amen Claudia. Funny, I come from a more Republican upbringing, but then I married a Christian democrat. It has been healthy for me to consider both sides as “Christian” sometimes. 🙂

      • I grew up in a heavily, if not completely, Republican church and was taught, whether directly or indirectly, that you can’t be a Christian AND a Democrat. And I ascribed to it for a long time. Thankfully, I’ve grown up and come to realize that both sides have their hypocrites and people who claim to be Christians but behave in anything-but-a-Christlike manner. Now it saddens and angers me when I hear someone allude to the idea that you have to be a R/D to be a “real Christian”. It’s sad that we allowed Evangelical Christianity to become synonymous with politics. I believe that seperation of church and state was more for the protection of the church than of the state.

  • I agree with your overall feeling…he is a dangerous man and he is not to be trusted. The hold he has over the people voting for him is terrifying and very similar to Hitler’s rise to power.

    With that said, if we want to enact change in our political system and government, we need to stop thinking these two candidates (or any two candidates) are the ONLY choice. If people would exercise their ability to write-in and/or provide a third option we would have a chance to change things. It wouldn’t be immediate but it would be enough of a shake up to make the establishment (on both sides) stop and take notice. We need to commit to the change for the long haul, not just an immediate result.

    I consider myself a moderate conservative (I hesitate to say Republican anymore) and I feel that evangelicalism has taken a frightening hold of the conservative base…voting on single issues related to the private lives of citizens is how the Republican party has gotten into the quagmire it is in.

  • Wow…as a Canadian I would never pray for a Democrat in the White House…America is so far in debt, in fact you are fully funding China’s military with the interest on your loans! You are drowning in illegal immigrants (while Canadians are held to strict regulations) and you want a Tax and Spend Democrat in the White House AGAIN?…are you all kidding about voting for Hilary? I sure hope so! You simply cannot afford a Democrat! Where is there any teaching in your Christianity that supports such a system?

    But, In fact, Trump won’t get in anyway. The Republican secret leadership will stop him. (Not that I think the Republicans are true Conservatives either…but what choice have you?) You all need a Third Party of real Conservatives…the American people are evidently not being represented honestly…that is what is fueling Trump. If he were a gentleman, he would not be fueling such contempt…it is his crudeness that is at fault, not the direction of his ideas. Sometimes I wonder if the Republican leadership funded him to be sure the real conservatives were stymied there…if so it sure worked if you are all going Democrat! Wake up, folks! Why don’t you all start a THIRD POLITICAL PARTY THAT REALLY REPRESENTS YOU ALL? We have three here.


    You might choose Hilary? Hilary who hunts down Bill’s female liaisons and sends private investigators after them and vilifies THEM? Hilary who seems to blame women instead of her husband for his affairs? Hilary who accepts billions in foreign dollars with the understanding that these people will get services from her on behalf of the US taxpayer? Bill, who will take over the back seat of your government, he, whose behavior is far worse than Trump’s, but who couches his immorality in nice talk! Hilary who doesn’t obey the laws if she doesn’t want to? Democrats who let men die and blame it on a lie.

    I just don’t get Trump either. Why is he so blatantly ignorant? I thought we, here, were in the worst place with our double – digit democrats (Liberals here) who are putting us all in the poorhouse. You people are being had, just like us!

    Finally, one of the tallest WALLS in the world is the one around the Vatican. Ironically those walls were built by Pope Leo III, (not a Christian?) to keep Muslims out in the 9th century? So we have the pot calling the kettle black when the pope has the nerve to accuse those who build walls of not being Christian! Weren’t those poor Muslim migrants welcome at the Vatican back then? Evidently not! Maybe they weren’t legitimate visitors, like your illegal immigrants. Despite the ruse that there are welcoming gates for “poor migrants” at the Vatican, this is no different with the Walls Americans might build. Of course American Walls are only built to keep ILLEGAL immigrants out…not poor migrants who want to join the greatest country in the world LEGALLY! America ALWAYS HAS WELCOMING GATES FOR NEW LEGAL MIGRANTS. Trump’s or anyone else’s walls are not to keep poor migrants out. Don’t believe the pope…he has nerve getting involved in American politics, especially when he needs the Mexican border to convert America into a Catholic state via illegal immigration.

    And then why does the Vatican have 200 political Consulates around the world? Did Jesus say to set up a political state with an army (the Jesuits and Knights of Columbus etc.)? You need to learn the history of the Vatican before you defend it. In fact you need to learn about the Reformation for evidently you have bought the tale that we are all the same now. We are not. The churches have failed to teach that, I see. They are so caught up in keeping women down that they have forgotten the doctrine of the Reformation and seem to be returning to the previous errors.

    If you all do as you say, North America is finished. Give your heads a shake and do something constructive before it is too late!

    Socialism is not remotely related to evangelical Christianity or the teachings of the Bible. Socialism forces people to give more and more of their hard earned cash (liberty) and gives them bondage in return. There is a BIG DIFFERENCE between helping the poor voluntarily and being forced to support people who will not work. Where does the Bible say we need governments that coerce people to give to the poor? Don’t we have enough of this in the churches, already? Keep your liberty before it is too late.

      • If you don’t want Trump, don’t vote at all rather than vote leftist. For every one of you that does vote for Hilary you are negating two votes that vote “right”…yours and the person you voted against.

    • With regard to the Pope and building walls, you’ve taken his remarks out of context and run with them. He said that he wasn’t completely familiar with Trump’s ideas about building a wall, but his comment was referring to people who are only into building walls instead of bridges. He wasn’t necessarily getting involved in American politics so much as he was answering a direct question that was asked of him. He even said that he is not going to get involved in it. Also, he didn’t build the Vatican walls, and he has done more to restore the Vatican to the people, as it were, than any of his recent predecessors. He is incredibly progressive, and many in the Catholic church are up in arms because of his progressiveness. Granted, it’s all relative. I would like to see him take further steps on becoming “progressive” with regards to birth control.

  • I can’t bring myself to vote for either. Trump is a joke, and I, too, am baffled that he is being taken any kind of seriously by anyone, let alone evangelicals. If he was running as a Democrat, the same people who are so rabidly supporting him would be just a rabidly attacking him. It’s hypocrisy at it’s finest.

    As far as Hillary, I don’t trust her one iota. I come from a first responder/law enforcement family, and have had the opportunity to speak with several secret service folks, many of whom were on Clinton’s detail, who have said that she is one of the worst human beings they have ever come in contact with. That she is the most dishonest, slimy, conniving, manipulative people they’ve worked with. And they work with politicians on the regular. Granted, I’m sure there’s a lot of hyperbole in their statements, but I don’t doubt the veracity of them.

    • I can understand that. I don’t think Hillary is a great person, but I do think God can certainly use Hillary despite her flaws. God could even use Trump. I guess we will see what happens.

      • God even used socialists Hitler, Stalin and Chairman Mao and Pol Pot and Castro, eventually, but not in the way you envision, perhaps.

        Some governing ideologies destroy a nation for many generations…the lessons learned cannot be used to heal, only regret and weep…

      • I don’t really care if this comment is published or not, Jory…but would really like you to address these thoughts and they are many and varied:

        Sociopaths are always charming, so “appearance”, at best, is deceiving, and sadly for some, this seems to be enough to enable them to vote for a candidate…you are a nation on the brink of destruction…in debt to third world countries up to your ears. 19 trillion dollars and counting! Who will have the guts to fix this? Who is even capable of turning your economic ship around? This will take extraordinary talent and bravado…a gift and the heart to rescue your country…someone with fierce determination and a sense of destiny for your country…certainly not an ordinary political hack…(people sense this.)..and a God who has heard your prayers.

        Jory, you say women’s rights might move forward under Hilary…in what way do you believe she MIGHT do this…and in what form? The ERA? Will her actions do anything for Christian women or just women in the secular workforce? In what way are most women suffering in your country? How will women’s rights benefit your country? Perhaps a little? And given the history of feminism that considers “Islamophobia” more of a threat than the abuse of Muslim women, how will she be able to help these women when, in order to do so, she, by rights, MUST attack the culture of these men? It just won’t happen.

        Muslim women have been denied credibility in Canada too, and received no help from the leftist governments because it is government policy never to criticize Islam. In fact our supreme court ruled that these women must retain the ‘right’ to wear burkhas, and niqabs, as if it ever was their choice! Only our Conservative Prime Minister stood up for these women and was vilified in the media for that. The feminist movement is SILENT on the issue of the Islamic womens’ struggle for equality. Will the USA be any different? The right ‘wing’ is called racist, despite being a force that includes millions of people of color, and they are called anti-feminist but they are the only ones who supported women in this situation.

        In Canada the most recent ‘feminist’ conference DEMANDED, on its posters, that there be no Islamophobia at their meeting. What message would that give you, as a beaten Muslim woman seeking help, from this brand of feminism? How can a desperate Muslim female, needing rescue, not be considered Islamophobic by default? Yet our police force is required to be “sensitive” to Islamic faith, i.e. the men and submissive women, not Islamic feminists. Feminism isn’t interested in ALL WOMEN at all…nor, to be sure, Christian women.

        It is “conservative” Christian women who need help and to think they will find it in so-called “liberal’ political Democrat circles is an illusion. Conservative Christian DOCTRINE is the problem and can not be fixed by the wider political realm, but until it is fixed women who believe the doctrine need to keep on relentlessly demanding the doctrines regarding women be re-examined and corrected. Our problem as Biblical feminists is NOT a political left/right issue and if it ever becomes that, we will have lost our way.

        A sign at an anti-Trump rally said “we are all Muslim”…does that not bother you?… the left in Canada is also clearly on fire for Islam and, as I said, even building them mosques. No government before has ever done this for any other religion. This is, frankly, really suspicious behavior by politicians…bowing and scraping to strangers…and is both unbecoming and immoral behaviour…much like those in the Bible who preferred some, expecting status from them . What do they know that we don’t know. Meanwhile our seniors waste away in hospitals with very poor care and no hope of finding a nursing home in which to die with dignity, while these economic immigrants (under the guise of refugees) are being given homes, mosques, medical care, food, lifetime security so they can breed and vote for the government that brought them in…We expect over 300,000 this year…this is the caring left…no votes, no care.

        If you study the lecture: “why we are afraid…the 1400 year secret” on youtube (by Dr. Bill Warner who holds a PhD in physics and math, NC State University, 1968) you can get the bigger picture and understand why the real Islam has always been the Islam of the terrorist…it is the historical Islam from the beginning. 1400 years of Islam can’t be wrong…the faith is what they ARE and always have been…not what we are told by politicians. You are what you believe and there is no denying that what they believe in is your final and utter destruction. This is no ordinary election. The world is watching, and many are hoping for your utter failure to thrive…I am not among them. May God help you and give you eyes to see.

        Sincerely “the pest”☺

    • It seems to me that ‘don’t cut off your nose to spite your face’ is an out of place comment. No one should ever be so sold out on their party that they are willing to accept leaders who are plainly out for themselves and who have no capacity to think clearly outside the box that is labelled ‘ME’. Such a comment implies that a person is willing to lose out on something just to damage someone else. That sort of thinking doesn’t wash when you’re choosing the president of the free world.

      • Completely agree with you, Bev! I would add that, in addition to the box labeled “me”, that they are unable to think outside the box labeled with their particular party affiliation. I’ll be damned if I will allow someone to guilt me into voting against my conscience because they can’t see past their party affiliation to vote, or not vote, on the issues. Too many women, and men, have sacrificed too much for me to vote anything other than my conscience.

          • Who is bullying you? What overactive imaginations you have! Then you haven’t seen what happened in Alberta, Canada where the people did what they thought was right at the time, and now they are stuck with a new and radical leftist party that immediately brought in green legislation that has swept industrial development out of the province because of the threat to oil production, jobs have been lost and businesses shut down all in a matter of one year. Why? Because the people didn’t like the other leader. They even brought in laws making it illegal for children to work on family farms, unionizing all farm workers to grow their union base, and creating massive bureaucracy to manage the increased workers compensation files on all farms, no matter how small…all this in about 8 months. Oil companies have left because of the uncertainty. But go ahead and vote your “consciences” as long as you are ready for the long term consequences. The (oil) engine that drove Canada’s economy was in Alberta, and now our whole country will suffer while industry leaves, refusing to take a chance on investing in the place that is so determined to bring in carbon taxes that they cannot be sure they will not be hit by more and more legislation to keep them from developing productive industry. I have seen two elections that were a result of such impetuous lack of reason, and they were so destructive that recovery took years.

            If you really believe the Bible about God, private ownership, carrying your own weight and liberty of both conscience and to work according to your gifts, just remember socialism believes the opposite.

          • Nobody said anything about bullying. Also, does the Bible say anything about private ownership in regards to anything besides humans??

          • you are right…it was about ‘guilting them’ not bullying…I hope they didn’t think that I was guilting them either…just warning about the tragedy in Canada that leftism has brought and is continuing to bring, not only politically by socially in the schools and universities.

            As for the rest of your question I don’t understand what you mean at all. In what respect can private ownership refer to anything besides humans?…and, of course, I never said anything about ownership of humans…so, sorry, I have no idea what you meant by this question…please explain.

  • I do so enjoy reading your blog. It is so refreshing to know that there are other Christian women who ponder politics as an issue of looking at the whole candidate, not just voting on one issue. It is also refreshing to see a woman think for herself, formulate her own opinion, and not just do what the Christian establishment tells her she must do. There are plenty of non-Christian Republicans and Christian Democrats. Voting is about choosing wisely and making a balanced decision – not pledging undying allegiance to one party or another. I sure wish you could come out to rural Idaho, visit our farmland and join me and my daughters on a hike through the canyons and fields – while we talk about such issues. I would find such a discussion very refreshing. If you are ever in Moscow, Idaho (yes, I live THERE), let me know 🙂

    • It’s refreshing to find a Christian woman who does “…not just do what the Christian establishment tells her she must do.”

      Yet the Christian establishment is divided…liberal Christians vote Democrat and conservative Christians vote Republican. I don’t see that making a decision contrary to many on this blog is a sign of failure to think…but it is a sign that perhaps it is time for Christians to decide whether they support more individual freedom or more collective government regulation and control…with the consideration of which direction is more in line with the words and actions of Christ.

      Are government programs the best way to help the needy or are they just crutches for opportunists? Did Jesus teach that government should force people to support their programs or to help the poor on their own?

      There are just too many people who are swayed by emotion, voting for the guy with the nice hair, or the person who claims to love everyone, or the first black president, first woman president, and not by the issues or platforms. Anyone can be NICE in order to get elected…Was Rev. Wright the Christian you all voted for when Obama was elected?

      “The fact is, you have a president who for years went to a church whose pastor said stunningly hateful things about Americans,” and whose wife declared that she was ashamed to be an American “until now”. How is that working for you?

      • Hi Judy. I love that you are strong woman with strong opinions, and you are free to disagree with me or with those who follow this blog, but your tone is too sarcastic and you are starting to become pest-like. Part of the journey as Christians is accepting one another, even if we strongly disagree. I kindly ask that you change your tone to demonstrate maturity and respect. Thanks, sister.

        • o.k. Jory, sorry…I was very sarcastic…and no doubt it hurt and my tone was nasty, admittedly.

          It is so very frustrating that some Americans are considering adding to the problems we are suffering up here…you might like to know that our new Liberal (Democratic) Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau (who is being lavishly feted by Obama) is bringing in, IMMEDIATELY, 25,000 barely vetted ‘refugees’ from Syria: “The current target has since been softened to 25,000 arrivals within a four-month span. More than 11,800 Syrian refugees have landed in Canada since the resettlement program launched in November…the focus is now on bringing about 13,200 to Canada by the end of February…the actual number of Syrian refugees arriving in Canada this year will probably be somewhere between 35,000 and 50,000. If that isn’t bad enough, surely you have heard how many Christians are being persecuted, not to mention the Yazidis in Muslim countries? Well, Trudeau adamantly said he will “absolutely not” prioritize persecuted Christians, Kurds, Yazidis”. Add to this he has pulled our fighter jets out of the war against ISIS. Some of Obama’s team helped him get elected so thanks to Obama we are now in deeper waters than ever…perhaps you can see how desperately we here are hoping for a regime change down there. This massive Muslim immigration won’t be good for you either as our new immigrants haven’t been properly checked, because it is impossible to do this on such short notice…all this not to mention the new carbon tax, on everything, that is on its way. Our new government is even building them mosques and ‘prayer rugs’…can you believe it!

          I don’t like Trump’s tone either. Hope the people find a way out.

          • All the Canadians that I know love the new PM. And I, for one, was incredibly pleased with his decision to allow the refugees asylum. I wish America would do the same. I know many people don’t agree with me regarding the refugees, but I don’t mind their disagreement.

          • Well there are 99 seats in the House of Commons that show that the number of Conservatives that gave Stephen Harper his last majority has increased slightly…this manufactured election (with the help of Obama’s team, I might add and the fully unionized media in Canada that Trudeau pledged additional millions to) and social media orchestrated the popular majority vote for Trudeau by using the social media to destroy the third party (NDP) nationally, telling everyone to vote for Trudeau and not to split the leftist vote. The NDP who were higher in the polls suddenly dropped out of sight as all the leftists voted for Trudeau, including many young first time voters. Trudeau didn’t get a landslide as the media published…he just won a respectable majority…

            So you see MANY Canadians are not happy with Trudeau who is prone to ridiculous reasoning “The budget will balance itself”…”I prefer the basic dictatorship of China”, “Canada belongs to Quebec”…and the “only good leaders Canada has had are from Quebec”…”legalization of marijuana a priority” “I’m going to grow the economy from the heart out”…He has made it clear that the right to abortion is the only position allowed in his party as well as euthanasia, homosexual marriage and is on record as saying that “Evangelical Christians are the worst part of Canadian society”… Rex Murphy, a news commentator mused “An MP turning himself into a logical and moral pretzel to stay in line with his party is not an inspiring sight.”

            Glad you welcome the 50,000 barely vetted refugees who will be sweeping through your borders as soon as they can…Windsor, Ontario, just across the river from Detroit, is the city they are all moving to when they can. There are already 6 Sunni mosques and Muslim community centers in Windsor, 4 of which are only about 3 blocks, from the bridge over the Detroit River. I have no idea why they are so close to your border…do you?

            Oddly the whole Trudeau victory was negative…an attack on Stephen Harper… the powerful national unions including, all the media, mobilized an effective “hate Harper” campaign without telling their constituents the real reason for their fear of his agenda…that the conservatives were in the process of requiring union transparency and secret ballots to protect workers…http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/jerry-dias/bill-c525-c377-repeals_b_9151976.html…(note this article was written by Jerry Dias, the president of Unifor (union).”The labour movement, including Unifor members, made the defeat of the Harper government a top priority in last fall’s federal election.”

            If any of you doubt the warlike nature of this election, doubt no more. It was not and will not be “sunny ways”. The workers still don’t realize that their rights were done away with in this election…all they did was protect their union bosses from having to be transparent in their financial dealings and ensure that the workers will not have the luxury ordinary citizens have of protective secret ballots.

    • That sounds like a perfect day, Cindy! I hear Moscow is a lovely town, with the exception of a certain school/church/pastor out there. 😉

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