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When I was 14-years-old, the film Schindler’s List made an everlasting impression on my heart that I still carry around with me today. The real-life story was about a wealthy business man named Schindler who lived during the Holocaust. He risked everything he had to employ Jews and save them from the horrific concentration camps in which they were destined to torture and death. He single-handedly was responsible for saving the lives of about 1,100 Jewish men and women. The end of the movie is heart wrenching, but the message is captivating.

To get the full experience of this post, please watch the three minute film clip before reading the rest: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vOoWpTxKJGA (although not absolutely necessary).

When WW2 was over, one would think Schindler would be proud of his success in rescuing hundreds of people, but he allowed despair and regret to take over his heart. He began to focus his thoughts on the lives he could not reach. His heart was overburdened for the devastation he was powerless to stop. He thought about how expensive his pen was and how he could have saved one more life if he had just sold his pen. For a moment in time, he thinks as Jesus thinks and is broken for the one lost sheep that was led to the slaughter house.

I believe the spiritual lesson in this story is two fold: One, are we broken for the spiritually lost and dying? Do we care for the people in this world don’t know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior? Are we willing to be bolder for His name’s sake? And two, will we trust God when our message does not seem to be getting across to many people? Will we give God glory when we spend years witnessing to dozens of friends and just one friend actually accepts our message? Will we let go of our despair over our loved ones who choose not to follow Christ and entrust our fear over to our Father in Heaven?

I believe with all my heart that God calls us to care deeply for the one lost sheep and carry God’s burden for a short time; but, our bodies, minds and hearts are not meant to carry such heavy loads for an extended amount of time. We must learn to care without allowing our cares to overtake us. Many times we either don’t care much at all and we avoid telling others the truth OR we care so much that we lead ourselves down a pathway of hopelessness.

If we have been too silent about the our faith in Jesus Christ and the amazing love of God, maybe it is time to speak up at work, on social media, and at family functions. Likewise, if we have been too overwhelmed by those in our lives who do not seem to be accepting our message, maybe it is time we allow God to carry that burden for us. We each know in our hearts which category we fall into and maybe some of us have fallen into both at different seasons of life.

God will give us a burden for certain individuals when He wants us to witness to them and pray for them, but His Word says that His yoke is easy and his burden is light (Matt 11:30).  Therefore, if we are feeling too heavy, it is time to give our cares back to Him and if we are feeling no sense of burden for the lost, it is time to deepen intimacy with our Savior.

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