What If I Am Wrong About My Religion…


Have you ever allowed yourself to ponder the question, “What if I am wrong about the religion I have chosen?” I have and I not only think that doubt and questions are OK, normal, and reasonable; I actually think they are good. Questioning shows genuine interest in finding the truth.

Many of us were born and raised into the religion we subscribe to. We automatically make the god of our parents our God. If you are anything like me, your religion was ingrained into your mind from the very day you were born. I heard somewhere that human beings develop their core values by the time they are 7-years-old. Why do you think all religions go after the children first?

To be quite honest, it frightens me when grown children do not ever question what their parents taught them as children. It is as if they chose their religion because it was the only religion ever really fairly presented to them. I agree that children should be highly influenced towards the religion we believe to be correct, but when they reach a certain age, questions are healthy.

Forming our own conviction is a necessary part of religious life. If we think exactly like our parents on every moral belief and scriptural interpretation, then I believe something has gone wrong. This is not to say we will not reach a place of resembling our parents in spirituality; but, we must be free to explore the hard questions of faith and ethics.

Did I choose this religion because my parents chose this religion? Was I brain washed into believing this or does my heart really believe this is true? Does my heart believe this is true because my parent’s have my heart? Do I subscribe to this faith because this is all I really know? What makes my religion the correct one? Who am I to say whose religion is truth and whose is not? These are all fair questions. These are all humble questions. These are all good questions.

If Jesus Christ is truly who He said He was, do we really believe He is threatened by these questions? Just because it is in our prideful nature to be defensive over what we believe to be true doesn’t mean that God is offended by our doubts. He is not as an insecure human who demands we submit with no questions asked.

Jesus is kind, loving, and patient with our doubts and concerns. To be a “thinking Christian” is to be a genuine Christian – one who is not simply satisfied with what they have been told by their loved ones and leaders; but seeks the truth on their own accord.

Allow me to tell you why I personally believe Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven despite my questions, concerns, and doubts. I have studied all major religions and even sects within Christian thought and I have found that they all have one thing in common that is contrary to true Christian teaching; they are based on systems of good works and striving.

Christianity is the only religion in which our God came to earth through Jesus Christ and died for our sins so that we might personally know Him. Every other religion is based off a god or person who expects its followers to either literally die on its behalf or metaphorically kill themselves trying to be “good enough.”

When we accept Christ, we admit that we will never be good enough, no matter how hard we try and that we need His sacrifice on the cross to cleanse us of our sins. Only His atonement can make us truly righteous before the Father on judgment day. It is not through good works that we are saved, but through graciously accepting the gift of the cross and deciding to truly follow the one true God.

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