Thirties, Curvy, and I am Doing Just Fine! #AllAboutThatBase


That’s right ladies, I eat Ben & Jerry’s! I am in my thirties. I am curvy and I am just fine the way I am – thankyouverymuch!

Would I like to have my 22-year-old body back? Sure, but I would also like to have Philly cheesesteak hoagies, wings, pizza, cookies, and cake. I really would like to be a size 6 again and maybe one of these days I will get super motivated to work towards that, but I have bigger fish to fry in my life right now!

Society puts so much pressure on us ladies. My husband may be a little thinner than me, but not too much and he feels great just the way he is. Even when he has gained more weight than he would have liked in the past, he still didn’t care that much.  Men are fine with a little extra meat on their bones!  Why?  Because society allows them to be fine with it.

You know who else rocks their curves without apology?  Black girls!  Oh how I love their sassy “I am who I am now get out my face” attitude!  Why?  Because it seems to me that in their culture, their curves are celebrated, not looked down upon.  The rest of us should be taking notes!

I am about to get a little preachy up in here because I am passionate about women feeling great about themselves right where they are at. Now, if anyone is so overweight that they are miserable, than obviously, they need to get the help they need.

But, I am speaking to the average size 12 woman here. You are BEAUTIFUL just the way you are. I know you don’t believe me so I will say it again; YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!

If you have someone in your life telling you otherwise than you need to kick that person to the curb! I am tired of society telling us girls that we are never good enough. I am so over the standard being celebrities who literally have millions of dollars to hire personal trainers, chefs, plastic surgeons, and God knows who else to keep them thin.

Do we actually believe they just naturally look that way? I don’t waste my money on gossip magazines anymore. Why should I; every time I look at them I end of feeling like crap! I don’t need to look at all those fake, airbrushed bodies and faces. I have better things to do with my time and money.

When we pick up this garbage, we sign up for subliminal messages; these magazines scream “Your body is not good enough,” “Your skin tone is too light or too dark,” “You have too many wrinkles,” and “You are not that pretty.” Forget that! I have enough negative messages to deal with from myself. I certainly don’t need to spend my money on something that is just going to make me feel insecure.

I don’t know about you, but I am sick of never feeling good enough just the way I am. I am not at all advocating for an unhealthy lifestyle, but I am saying this:

Life is very hard. It just is and sometimes losing weight to be a size 6 again is low on the priority list. Maybe you have a chronic illness (like me) and you have bigger battles to fight. Maybe your spouse or a child has a chronic illness or disability and that is the only thing you have the energy to deal with right now.  Maybe you work a full-time job or you attend a school that sucks the life out of you.

Maybe you just went through a messy divorce or you are having marriage problems. Maybe you just had a baby and you are exhausted. Maybe you have a house full of little ones who are enough of a challenge right now. We are all fighting battles and being a size 6 again (in our late twenties, thirties, forties, and so on) is not that big of a deal.

If you feel like garbage, by all means, get healthy girl; but if you feel fine and just want to be thin again, choose today to love and accept yourself just the way you are.

If the day comes where you wake up and realize you have no current battles to fight, than by all means, go for that size 6 again; but until then, love your curves, embrace your age, and be grateful for what the good Lord gave you!

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