Are you tired of the chains that bound you? Are you ready to get set free from your mess? Have you had enough yet?

It’s not rocket science ladies (and gents). It’s a simple choice and there is only one way out. Sometimes we wake up and find ourselves in a big fat mess and we wonder how in the world things have gotten so out of control. We feel stuck and paralyzed by fear. Deep down we know exactly what we need to do to find freedom, but we allow our emotions to take us on roller coaster after roller coaster. We become nauseous from all the ups and downs, but we keep riding and hoping to God He will show up and shut the whole carnival down on our behalf.

Can I tell you a secret? God does not generally work that way. He sees the power you have inside of you and He wants you to be brave enough to use it. God does not want wimpy daughters (or sons). He loves us despite our cowardness, but He will not get you out of a mess that you can get yourself out of. He believes in YOU even when you no longer beleive in yourself!

Trust me, I know. I have prayed over and over that God would get me out of messes and God always tells me the same thing. “Get yourself out of this mess; my grace is sufficient for you.” If you start paying attention, you will realize that there are good things in your life that will give you the grace you need to dig your way out of this hole.

I once had a dream that I was in an old medieval like dungeon, sitting in a tiny and dirty jail cell. I was sitting there, shaking fiercely from the the chill in the air and the fear in my bones. The crazy thing is that the door to my cell was wide open. Every so often I would see a prisoner run past my cell yelling “I am free!” Everyone in that prison (including myself) was free to stand-up and walk out. But fear kept most of my friends and I back.

Why do we fear freedom? The answer is simple. We know that freedom is never free; it comes at a high cost and “the cost” is always some sort of pain. But, we can afford the price. We just have to be brave enough to go through the pain. Most of the time, the pain looks much greater than it actually is in the face of what we will gain. Half the battle is letting go of the “fear of pain.” This is the ONLY way out!

All Christians are free in Jesus Christ, but that does not mean we are walking in freedom. In other words, Jesus has opened the prison cell door, but we have to have the courage to get up and walk out. Human beings are plagued by chains and we all have excuses. We say, “But my parents were not there for me” or “I was handed so many unfair cards.” This may be true and this totally sucks, but are we going to keep crying about it or are we going to get up and walk out of our mess?

You know what you have to do. I know what I have to do. We need to stop doubting ourselves and JUST DO IT! We need to stop saying, “I can’t, I am too messed up” or “I am in too deep.” Those are all lies from Satan! Our life-purpose cannot be fulfilled as long as we stay in our messes. It does not matter how we feel. We need to ignore our emotions and get on with it.

It is time to shake off the chains that bound you. Yes, it is going to hurt like hell, but not near as much as it will hurt to look back on your life and realize that you wasted it and none of your dreams came true!

Everything in our life boils down to a choice. Will you choose life or will you choose death? Choosing life means accepting short-term pain for a whole existence of freedom, peace, and dreams coming true. Choosing death means avoiding short-term pain for a whole existence of bondage, confusion, and lack of purpose. The power is in your hands; you are an overcomer!

When you choose life and all the pain comes rushing in, you WILL fall down. This means that you will allow the same chains to capture you again, but all you have to do is CHOOSE LIFE again. Accept that freedom is a process and whatever you do, don’t give up! I don’t care if you fall down one million times, get back up and stay focused on what you know you have to do!

Don’t let anyone or anything get in the way of your freedom. Start convincing yourself that you CAN do it. It is time to get a little scrappy and fight for your life. Do not allow doubt to defeat you. You were born to be free!


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