My Response to Wayne Grudem’s Support of Donald Trump


This post is in response to Why Voting for Donald Trump is a Morally Good Choice by Wayne Grudem

I remember the first time my now husband, Luke, told me that he was a Christian Democrat. We were taking a walk on the shore of Virginia Beach, where we met at Regent University, which was founded by conservative evangelical, Pat Robertson. I was a divinity student and Luke was a government student. As we were getting to know each other, we walked and talked up and down boardwalks and sandy beaches.

Luke was and is one of the most selfless Christians I have ever met, so I found myself greatly challenged when he told me proudly that he was a Christian Democrat.

At that point, I knew of only one Christian Democrat, my Aunt Jeanie. Aunt Jeanie, who is now elderly, founded a ministry in her younger years, out of the trunk of her car. She had a fire for social justice and a profound calling from God to the poorest and most marginalized people in our community. Through the years, I have watched her ministry grow into an organization that has fed and clothed thousands of people plagued with poverty. Due to this ministry, Aunt Jeanie has led hundreds of people to Jesus Christ. One of her favorite sayings is, “To God be the glory.”

My father is not a political man. He avoids these sorts of conversations, so I received most of my political training from my conservative republican mother. My mother is a good woman. She has spent her life reaching out to those without a spiritual mother and those without a friend. My mother is perhaps the hardest worker I have ever known. She is full of integrity and keeps her promises. She has never been a fan of democratic policies, and she has never been afraid to say it. Needless to say, Bill and Hillary Clinton are not her favorite politicians. And so, neither were they mine.

I took my mother’s opinions with me to graduate school, as many young Christians do.

I had never voted, but I was certain that “republican” and “Christian” went hand in hand. This opinion of mine had never been challenged before, as I went to all conservative Christian colleges. Yet, here I was, hand in hand with a young man, who was telling me that he was a democrat. I remember thinking, “Oh my goodness, I am dating someone who is not even a Christian. I am going to have to break things off.”

My very first comment was, “What about abortion? Do you believe in murdering babies?” Luke, in his laidback nature, smiled and said, “No, I do not believe in abortion, but I do think it’s weird that the government has any sort of say over a woman’s body.” I about fell on the ground. I had never even considered this viewpoint. He also said, “I am not a single issue voter; the Bible speaks to many issues.” I was discouraged by his words; I didn’t understand, because I was brought up to think so differently.

Luke and I married in 2009, and I am still a registered republican. I planned to vote republican this year, mostly because I am pro-life, but something happened. Donald Trump came along and forced me to evaluate my biased and narrow beliefs.

When Donald Trump was asked about his views on abortion, his first response was that women should be “punished” by law if they have the procedure done. The pro-life movement has never advocated for women to be treated as criminals, if they had an abortion. Conservative republicans, for the most part, have always maintained the position that the doctors who perform the abortion should be criminalized. When Trump said this, the pro-life movement was shocked and I was too. Within the next couple of days, Donald Trump changed his position on abortion about five times.

In those days, I realized that Donald Trump does not care about this issue that I have kept close to my heart for years.

Over the last few months, I have watched Donald Trump make fun of a disabled reporter, call women vicious names, call for a ban on all Muslims, imply that all Mexicans are rapists and drug dealers, and the list goes on. He has stirred racial division in our country in a way that I have never seen done in my lifetime. Yet, Christian leader Wayne Grudem said, “Voting for Trump is a morally good choice.” Now, if one wants to vote for Trump due to their political convictions, that is their prerogative; but, to strongly imply that voting for Trump (or Hillary) is somehow a “moral conviction,” is plain wrong and an abuse of religious power.  

I don’t know Wayne Grudem personally, and I am sure he is a good man in many ways, but he has spent a lifetime creating doctrine that excludes and marginalizes girls and women.

This doctrine is known as complementarianism, and it is the belief that women are never called by God to lead men in the home, church, and even society (although some complementarians disagree with the society portion). This doctrine limits our female children and marginalizes women in the evangelical church. Under this doctrine, girls can never dream of becoming pastors or presidents. This is why I am particularly stirred by this statement of Grudem’s:

“These incidents show that it is not an exaggeration to say that, under a liberal Supreme Court resulting from Hillary Clinton’s election, Christians would increasingly experience systematic exclusion from hundreds of occupations, with thousands of people losing their jobs. Step-by-step, Christians would increasingly be marginalized to the silent fringes of society. Is withholding a vote from Donald Trump important enough to pay this high a price in loss of freedom?”

As a young, conservative, evangelical girl, I was called into ministry. God chose me to lead both women and men in the Church, and here is the fact of the matter. The conservative evangelical church has systematically excluded me from hundreds of pastoral occupations, and I have struggled for years to find suitable jobs – even with a master’s degree from Regent University. I was silenced by the evangelical conservative church, marginalized, and pushed to the fringes of society.

It is in the fringes that I found my voice and have been warmly embraced by others that the Church has excluded. It is among the marginalized that I was valued and empowered.

Wayne Grudem does not include girls and women to the degree that he includes boys and men. My hunch is that he has a real problem with a woman becoming our next president. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, has spent her entire career fighting to include everyone. Do I agree with all of her political stances? No, I do not.

But I do know that Donald Trump and Wayne Grudem are much more likely to leave girls and women behind than Hillary Clinton is.

Further, studies have shown that abortion rates do not go down when abortion is illegal (source). Women will still get abortions at the same rate, but it will be unsafe and we will lose women to death. Our only hope in ending abortion is to address the root reasons as to why women have abortions – such as poverty. We cannot legislate the hearts and minds of humans.

I do agree with Grudem that a vote for a third party or not voting at all is unwise (though not immoral) in this situation, which is why #IAmWithHer. 


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  • Thank you, thank you. I, too, live in an area where Christian=Republican, but this campaign has troubled me deeply. Trump’s statements contradict Biblical teachings over and over and over, yet my conservative friends insist on simply saying, “I don’t like Hillary.” (I’m not sure I “like” her either, but it’s unlikely we’ll ever have to have dinner together and be pals.) I have had to weigh his statements and his behaviors (things you mentioned in your blog) against the words of Jesus. Jesus wins. I cannot support him. Thank you for giving voice to similar concerns.

    • I agree that I can’t vote Trump this year(the first year NOT voting Republican in the general election); just the us vs them; the xenophobia; misogyny; racism; etc. Personally I can’t get into Clinton but I think she’s better than Trump(my mom isn’t so sure). Supposedly Paula White led Trump in the sinner’s prayer, so his supporters think he should get “baby Christian” immunity. (Interestingly Clinton’s belonging to the UMC is ignored and many Fundamentalists think she worships Satan…seriously they think this!). They want us to accept Trump’s claims but they dismissed Obama’s claims to Christianity, insisting he’s a Muslim(very disturbing that they use being Muslim as an attack!)

      • I remember back in late 1992, after the election, Hillary Clinton did an interview with, if memory serves, CBS’s Sunday Morning. She wore a not-inconspicuous cross around her neck. I know some of my friends were really, really disturbed and wondered if we had perhaps voted in a Christian religious fanatic!

  • Thank you for your perspective, Jory. While I do not agree with your last paragraph (I will vote third party–because that is the only possibility in breaking the two party system–it takes the long view–it took over 10 years for the Whig/Democrat dichotomy to break.) I do appreciate your kindness in not relegating third party voters (or even non-voters) to being immoral. One friend recently posted that her father fought in Viet Nam for my right to vote and a vote for a third party was spitting in his face. (My father fought in WW2 and Korea–and he would never have considered third party voting as a spit in the face).

    • Darryl…you say “I will vote third party because that is the only way to break the two party system”…Really? How does this work in your view? What if everyone does this out of ‘frustration’ or ‘rebellion’…as happened in Alberta Canada? You may find what you get is even worse that either of the two parties…we did here.

      No, voting a third party usually makes your vote irrelevant and aids only the party that wins. You destroy your vote this way and you also negate another person’s vote who voted for the losing party…so you don’t break the two party system at all…and you need to expect the third party MAY win!

      Even worse, in Alberta Canada, the farthest left third party (pretty well communists) actually got in after decades of conservative parties that always balanced the budgets…but because of a lot of people like you…even they didn’t expect to win this election!…and they are spending like drunks, and creating a huge deficit with thousands of new government jobs that will break the back of the working people who will have to pay, not only for these massive increases in government workers, but for having a multitude of new regulations that will block many of their freedoms…third parties are rarely ready to govern…but the NDP in Canada has worked at the speed of lightning to change things because they know they WILL be out at the next election.. (conservatives have already won in all the recent bi-elections). The changes they are making cannot be undone, however, for years…ghost towns, inefficiencies created…lost jobs…it just goes on and on…

      Think really hard and vote for the party you want to lead…at least then, you are not fighting against your best interests!

      • You’ve made an assumption.

        I stated only one reason why I am voting third party, but it is not my only reason.

        I am not voting a third party that I disagree with. That would be foolish and asinine. I vote for a person I feel comfortable being the president–otherwise that would be as bad as voting for one of the two major candidates.

        I am voting for the person I feel most comfortable as leading.

        In my opinion if everyone voted the third party, my candidate would win, which does not bother me in the least.

      • One more follow up comment: the (third) party that I am voting for resembles nothing of the party you are describing in Canada. So, I appreciate your cautionary tale, but it does not apply in my situation. I would be very pleased for the third party I vote for to win.

        You have made an excellent point well worth considering. You vote for who you want to win.

        At least you are not making a moral equivalency argument that says if I vote third party I am voting for Clinton or I’m voting for Trump.

  • Omg you have said everything I was thinking! I think God uses who ever he wants to make his plans come to pass, even the negative stuff. I have seen so many Christians step up and truly love like Christ and learn to think for themselves thanks to the united disgust of Donald Trump. We need to pray for wisdom, we cannot be so blinded by wanting to be a “good” Christian that we vote for a party like it’s the official representative of God because it’s not, it’s just people and politics which the devil likes to get involved in as well. I’m Independent, I don’t vote for groups, I vote for who can be the most positive and effective leader. And when it comes to leadership, if serving is beneath you then leading is above you and Trump is waaay to Narcissistic to serve anyone much less an entire country.

  • /Did you not see all the Planned Parenthood speakers and those proudly boasting of their abortions? Clinton is saying that she supports all abortions.

    We are not voting for a pastor nor are we voting just along gender lines. I am an egalitarian of many years’ standing, married for 45 years in an egalitarian marriage, and have stood for women for in church leadership all my life. I don’t understand your position at all. Read Carly Fiorina ….
    In my view Wayne Grudem is bordering on being a heretic with his views on the eternal subordination of the Son, and I would never take any notice of what he says anyway. But I think a deeper look at why some of us will vote for Trump and not Hilary Clinton is needed.

    BTW abortion is wrong and you don’t provide it in order to prevent back street abortions….. odd ethics!

    Disappointed with this .

    • I am disappointed in this too, Grainne. Not so much because of the liberal rhetoric repeated so often in her post and in the comments, but because of the abortion argument. I am beyond belief that it is even possible for a Christ follower to justify the killing of innocents being tied to their vote as multiple issue voting vs one issue voting. Abortion of innocent babies is so repulsively from the pit of hell that the weight of it should be felt much deeper than any of these arguments have suggested when voting. I sincerely weep for our country and even more so for our church!

  • While this by far is the hardest election I have had to choose from, there is no doubt in my mind the Democratic side of the ticket far outweighs the Republican side in taking us even farther away from our beliefs and values as Christians.

    I am not a Trump supporter, but the futility of the third party vote is not an option and I would have to vote Trump because I see far worse outcomes for the country if Clinton becomes our next president. The 3rd party option will be like every time, someone suggests we all don’t buy gas on a certain day to force oil prices and oil companies to cave…it just will not work. If there was a 3rd party candidate that came out near the beginning and had some evidence of actually making a valid run, then I might change my mind. The idea we are all going to “write-in” the same person, that is just wishful thinking so you can say you tried. That’s like bailing out the Titanic with a teacup so you could say I did my part from trying to keep it from sinking.

    That all being said I am pretty convinced that the “establishment” fix is in and Clinton will be the next POTUS because they can control her. While I have never been a fan of crack pot conspiracy theories, my concern is what we are seeing is that it is the “establishment” that is really in control and that control crosses both sides of the aisle. However since the Republican side has some how completely upset the apple cart and there isn’t “political” candidate that they can control, then the Republican “establishment” are endorsing Clinton, not outwardly as that would be too obvious and just weird, but silently by NOT endorsing their parties nominee in mass.

    At the end of the day I am secure with whomever God wills to be our next POTUS, I am however not willing to sit by and watch, I will cast my vote in Nov for who I think will do the least amount of damage. I like the quote “evil prevails when good men do nothing” voting 3rd party is the same as doing nothing. This place we find ourselves in sucks, but have some intestinal fortitude and vote one way or the other. I am pretty confident that Clinton or Trump presidency is going to increase the challenges of Christ-followers in the USA.

    If I were a woman and I was blinded by the pure excitement of electing a woman as our next POTUS, I would need to stop and think is this who I want to represent me as a woman? While we may suspect Trump and his motives and actions, we have 30 year of public records to show us Clinton’s and I am sure there might be some good in there, but her character is so damaged by the past and present she is clearly the more “flawed” choice.

    Just like the last 8 years we have slid left as a nation, Lord willing I will continue to become more like Christ so I can love my wife well, love my daughters, lead where He has given me opportunity to lead, share the Gospel and see hearts transformed by the Truth of God through the Holy Spirit’s power. Whoever is the POTUS doesn’t stop me from those things, which are most important, living a life that most glorifies God. The future may make those more difficult if we continue to slide into the liberal abyss but then this Christian life was NEVER promised to be easy and God is working this all out for His glory not our happiness.

    Summary : Vote! Republican or Democrat, just vote. We have never had a “perfect” choice from either party. As Christ-followers we do have the Perfect One as our leader. It is not the goal that most glorifies God, it is obedience in the process.

    • I agree…he has raised up many women into good positions and has respect for the women who have a desire to improve their lives…he needs a lot of work, but is basically the lesser of two evils BECAUSE his evils are the transparent mistakes of an open and honest person who doesn’t live by guile…her’s are extremely well hidden: as per this…

      • Wow. You might want to consider some alternative voices:

        And here:

        The best quote is here:

        “I disagreed with many of his arguments, but I applaud Grudem for his chutzpah. It’s an admittedly difficult task for a pietistic evangelical to make a principled, Christian case for an arrogant, foul-mouthed, thrice-married, misogynistic businessman who made millions from the gambling industry, has bragged repeatedly about his sexual encounters, threatens to kill the families of his enemies, and once donned the cover of Playboy magazine.”

        If you think this man respects women (whether they work for him or not) you have not been listening. There is a word for how Christians could go from talking about how important character was when it was Bill Clinton to now supporting someone like Trump: Hypocrisy.

      • He is open and honest? Why won’t he show us his tax returns? (And no, he isn’t unable to because he’s being audited. That is a lie. Even the IRS has said nothing prevents one from releasing their returns during an audit.)

        • Ryan said “But still, may it sink in that there are over 3,000 babies being killed each day in our country, legally.”

          Ryan, do some American women have so little regard for life that they are using this method instead of widely available birth control methods? When legal abortion came in Canada, about 40+ years ago, I knew a woman who had 8 abortions while she was in college…even though birth control pills were readily and freely available, at no cost…are women today so equally irresponsible, relying on doctors to do the dirty work for them. I am appalled that so many women are for killing little lives with concern only for their own selves, their own choice and their own liberty…one abortion may be excused, but after that, this statistic shows it has become a habit of self indulgence and selfishness…and sadly this is supposedly the view of Christian women…not atheists…they can’t even take the trouble to bring them to birth and give them away…easier to just slash and burn the obnoxious tissue with a face, hands and feet, that is as surely human as I am…and what of STD’s? American civilization is truly rotting from the inside out, with Christian women marching in time. By all means vote for Hillary folks. “If it were done when ’tis done, then ’twere well It were done quickly:”

  • I appreciate your opinion, and I am a NeverTrump on the fence, but I just want you to know that your (and your now husband’s) view on abortion simply does not hold up.

    The government should say what a woman can/can not do with her body in the instance of abortion because the baby is a baby. I don’t know if you have kids, but that baby is a baby, just inside the womb. And the most basic job of the government is to protect life. Therefore, it is illegal to murder. And therefore, it is illegal for a mother to murder her 2 week old baby. Why? Because it is a life.

    And as Christians, the most basic ethic throughout the entire Bible is that God is for life, especially life in his image. That is why murder is so serious. And so, forgetting the role of government, it is the primary ethic of a Christian to alway at least protect image bearing life.

    I don’t like or even support Trump. He’s a very immoral man. But I want to save human babies, like my little 14 month old girl. It very may well be that in 100 years–when we have better ultrasound technology–that, because we’ll see the baby, we’ll realize that it is a human baby in the womb, and we’ll realize how insane it was for us to even consider what we call ‘abortion’.

    As a result, I encourage you as a Christian to rethink any abortion supporting candidate. I realize Trump always has been, but at least his list he gave gives us at least some small hope that the Supreme Court could change and could save literally millions of lives.

    Thanks for your thoughts in the article.

    • Thanks for your thoughts Ryan. Here is the thing, making abortion illegal will not stop women from seeking abortions at the same rate as they do now. We cannot legislate the human heart in this area. It simply will not work. If we are pro-life, we have to do much better than voting. We have to take care of these women and these babies. We must address the underlying reasons that women are seeking abortions, but most of all, we must share our faith in Christ (before our abortion stance). God bless.

      • Thanks for the response. I agree, we should do much better than simply voting, and we do need to take care of women and their babies, especially single women and those of lower income. We also need to stop having any sort of ‘offended’ feeling or response when a woman, even a young woman, has a baby outside of marriage. Only those in the church we are to judge (1 Cor. 5).

        But still, may it sink in that there are over 3,000 babies being killed each day in our country, legally. That should astound us. If they literally were 1 week olds, or 1 year olds, it would be unheard of and this would be the main thing the church would fight against. It is simply because we don’t see and can’t hold the baby that we aren’t appalled. Nevertheless, it is a baby, and it is 3,000 a day.

        And I do agree, many women will try for an abortion if it is legal or not, but it clearly should not be if these are actual living, babies (which they are). If the passing of any laws, and the pressing down from the government could lower that number at all (and it would drastically, at least more than half, saving literally 1,500 babies per day), then fighting for legislation is worth it.

        I totally agree, this must be alongside actually doing things, such as supporting pregnant women more, making adoption easier and more affordable, and having overall better support toward those who got mistakenly pregnant. But nevertheless, this is 3,000 babies a day we are talking about.

        So once again, I do think we’ll be seen in a hundred years or so as that generation who killed 3,000 of their own young ones a day in America, and 115,000 per day worldwide. It is absolutely astonishing and this is why I encourage you to rethink any position supporting pro-choice candidates. I agree that the government really shouldn’t have a say of what a woman should do with her body, or her time, or her home, but we both agree that a woman has no right killing her 2 month old who is 100% dependent on her for everything, just as the baby is in the womb. We kill 3,000 a day. It’s something to really fight against and of course to make illegal.

        • Not only do I agree with Jory, but I probably feel even more strongly than she does that we cannot legislate this. Women have been chewing on herbs, drinking tea, throwing themselves on the ground and using tree branches and coat hangers since time began to end pregnancies they did not want. This is not simply a modern phenomenon. What is modern is that it can be safe.

          And while I do not want it to be legal for a mother to kill her 2 month or 14 month old child, nothing you say is going to make me, a Christian, believe that at 2 cells or 4 cells or 8 or 16 — we are talking about a baby.

          • And this response proves that the real issue in your mind, and in most people, including Christians like yourself, that aren’t shocked and immensely disturbed by abortion is that you deeply don’t think that this 2 or 4 or 8 cell being is a baby.

            But know, that it is either objectively true (meaning, in the right eyes of God) that that 2 cell creature is a human being created in God’s image, or that it is not a human being created in God’s image. It is one or the other. It can’t be ‘sort of’. And God knows. And we will know for sure one day too.

            And biblically, we only have reason to believe that it is absolutely a human life created in God’s image. Anything the being inside the womb is mentioned in the Bible, it is called a child. And most clearly, in Exodus 21:22-25, God treats killing a baby in the womb as equal as to killing a person outside of the womb. And I know we don’t take all of God’s law know, as much has been fulfilled in Christ, but all of the Bible shows God’s heart. And therefore, God himself sees the killing of the being inside the pregnant mother as murder.

            This really isn’t arguable. It is a baby, just like the 2 month old that you legally want not to be killed. Again, this is either objectively true or it is objectively not true; we can’t allow for middle grounds. And I think all the world will see one day how gruesome it is that we allow–or even just don’t really care that much–that 3,000 babies are being murdered each day like this. Especially because we want what we want. It is clearly pride according to the Bible, and it is literally killing people. So, again, I’d reconsider your position here.

          • So wisely said, Ryan! I echo your thoughts. And I would add that voting for pro-life leaders isn’t just about forcing women into obeying the law. Although, I have always found it astounding that if a person murders a pregnant woman, they are found guilty of a double homicide (at any stage of the pregnancy) and yet, if a woman chooses to kill the child within her, it is referred to as choice. Have we gone completely mad? Yes. Voting for pro-life leaders ensures that crisis pregnancy centers will have the freedom to offer the support and options that women do desperately need. Recently a law was almost passed that would prohibit the pregnancy centers from offering alternatives or counseling a woman who came seeking an abortion. How can we change hearts and minds if our freedom of speech is stripped away? The pro-choice agenda desperately wants to shut them down because at the root is an evil we couldn’t possibly understand. These women need to be loved and cared for. The left wing politicians have made a deal with the devil aka Planned Parenthood. They have proven time and time again to break the law whether it be selling baby parts or helping pimps get abortions for their underage sex slaves. Now, that’s loving women?! We’d like to dismiss this issue but its a spiritual battle that requires prayer, action, voices speaking up, love, compassion, and yes, legislation. And sadly many women have given feminists a bad name because when we elevate women so high in our society where they feel it is a choice to sacrifice their young then we are talking about making women goddesses as opposed to equals in the eyes of God and men. Yes, ending the cycle of poverty is an important part of helping to decrease abortions on demand. However, a democratic/socialism approach breeds more poverty by creating an oppressive culture and government dependent citizens. We are slaves to our lenders. I believe in smaller government because the bigger the government becomes the less freedom we have. Some will find irony in that statement being that I want the government to tell a woman what she can or can’t do to her own body but I would argue that its more about what she cannot do to her child’s body. Regardless, voting conservative on the basis of a pro-life conscious mindset is anyone’s prerogative and is certainly mine. I believe it’s our nation’s greatest sin and cannot cross the aisle no matter how much I detest Trump. I am voting for a party platform, though it’s not a perfect one, as opposed to a president because I have the same distrust and disdain for Clinton. I could never in good consciousness state that “I’m with her” or “him” for that matter. I am saddened by our options this election but I will exercise my right to vote and not judge the way others choose to vote because we are living in confusing political times. However, I have hope and faith that God is in control and he knows our future. He is neither conservative nor liberal. He is the Alpha and Omega, the Prince of Peace, the Holy One, the Life Everlasting, and Light of the World. His laws and grace are sufficient for me and in both I find peace. And peace is something we can all agree, we need more of.

          • Matthew 13:16“But blessed are your eyes, because they see; and your ears, because they hear. 17I tell you the truth, many prophets and righteous people longed to see what you see, but they didn’t see it. And they longed to hear what you hear, but they didn’t hear it.

      • Jory, I would really like someone to ask whether there are any Trump babies who never saw the light of day, because they were aborted.

        I don’t stand for Clinton particularly, and can’t vote anyway because I’m an Aussie, but I do not think people are realising the degree to which an adolescent narcissist who has absolutely no self control, can absolutely wreck diplomatic relations across the world. Whatever Hillary Clinton is or is not, she is a politician, and she understands international relations. Trump is a menace to any vestige of world peace and an untruthful one at that.

        • That is a great question, Bev.

          At the end of the day, most (or all) politicians lie. So, we must vote for the more qualified candidate, which is Hillary.

    • Trump is a conman, a liar, and a criminal. Christians who vote for him are blinded, naive, and dare I say, not actually Christian. They have put politics before their faith.

  • Excellent article, Jory. As a mother of daughters, Trump frightens me. He makes me scared for the future of my girls. I have been in disbelief, and actually quite sad, that someone who is so rude and cruel to minorities and the disabled has made it far enough to be a presidenti candidate. While I don’t think she is perfect, I will also be voting for Hillary. My husband and myself are both Christian Democrats. Glad to know there are more of us out there. 🙂

  • We really have it all backwards, we have made it easier and cheaper to abort a life, and much more restrictive and expensive to adopt (save) a life. Open my eyes if you can to vote for a candidate for President who believes without shame that a baby on their due date has no rights, and that life can be legally taken at that late date. Sad for the confused young girl who listens to this justification and bad counsel and births her child and then abandons the child and the child dies and she’s now a felon. Not sure how we say with a straight face or any face that Hillary is for women. I can’t with good conscience and prayful consideration vote for either major party candidate, but I will not stay home. There are people down the row worth voting for. For President and my choice, or sitting that office out, I’m still listening, but no matter what, it is not my vote that will save my country and the world, it’s simply Jesus.

    • I’m sorry, I’m going to need you to explain. Where is it legal to “kill a child on its due date?” At viability (24-26 weeks, states vary ) abortion is illegal. A due date is at 40 weeks.

      Moreover, I’m completely confused about your point about abandoning a child and the child dies and now a woman is a felon. Um yes, abandoning an infant is a crime, but there are ways, including anonymously, to relinquish a child at birth or shortly after.

      And what Hillary has to do with your scenario is not at all clear to me.

  • I would never vote for anyone because someone else said it was a good idea, especially Wayne Grudem…but when Hillary has shown that in practice she supports receiving money for her husband’s charity (only about 10% actually goes to charity) from foreign governments and billionaire businessmen to curry favours, and give them government access that no one else can get without the big bucks that is bad enough. But dictators and governments that rely on the Clintons’ to give them awards for humanitarianism because they are willing to use money to buy favours from governments like Nigeria’s and Pakistan’s, that that treat women like slaves and hate homosexuals, in order to line her own pockets, while at the same time claiming that she is in favour of helping women and all minority groups is unconscionable…she shows that in this matter, she has two faces and a forked tongue, folks…I fail to see the attraction she holds for anyone. She is not and has not helped poor people. The people supported by this socialist government have not, after 8 years of socialist policies, seen any improvement in their status…in fact they are just where they have always been…DEPENDENTS. That is what socialism instills in people…

    The Democrats have had decades to bring in the Equal Rights Amendment. Well it still hasn’t been important enough to bring in EVEN with their majority government…so give up thinking that they really care about this…for they don’t. They just want people to need THEM enough, but not to get too far ahead that they come to realize that they actually would do better if they didn’t depend on government to haul them up. And if they have incentive they will soon learn that big socialist governments always destroy the people, the economy and liberty.

    Jory…you are an independent woman…with Hillary you will lose and join the multitudes who are still HOPING the left will help them. Instead they keep telling people they can do nothing by themselves…this is a lie! It denies the idea that America is a land of opportunity if you work hard and do your best…no, they insist that you need THEM to pull you up…and the trade off is you give up your ambition and your incentive and let them do the work for you…(not that they will do it…they just promise to do it…) One thing they will do however, is regulate you to death. That is why we are no longer in business here in Canada, because massive regulations require a full time worker to keep up with their demand for more and more paperwork and take away all incentive to keep running a business…so it is never good to support a ‘nanny state’…but go ahead, and 4 years from now I will have to comment that “I told you so”…you can depend on that!

    In the end, there is no way Trump can be worse than Hillary…no way…He is blunt, rude and rough around the edges…but abortion is taking a life, no matter how you like to put is…so taking a life is a Federal Government issue and they certainly do have a right to tell women they cannot kill the child that they were careless enough to create with the help of a man…punishment for murder? Well I guess you don’t think murder is so bad if it interferes with the life of an adult…any adult. Besides there are many cases where a woman wants to keep her child but the father is determined it will not live and vice versa…How many men have, powerlessly seen their child destroyed by abortion by a woman? This is why the State has to intervene and bring sense and reason to the matter. Yes women can go to back street people to kill their child…and so can women and men go to back street people to kill anyone that gets in their way…I don’t really see this as a reason to allow killing…”tiny lives matter”…wouldn’t it be nice if people believed this, especially Christians?

    • Judy, I really wish you had citations for your points, because I’m not at all sure you are correct about

      1) the Clintons charities – can you cite a reliable source for those numbers?
      2) the matter of the Equal Rights Amendment. I don’t think a constitutional amendment is something Congress can just do, even with a majority. Doesn’t it require 2/3 vote of both the house and Senate, then 2/3 of the state legislatures? An extraordinarily high bar. A simple majority in Congress wouldn’t do it. What Democratic majorities have done is rule on equal pay, family leave and individual laws that matter for women. So its not quite fair to say Democratic majorities have done nothing. They’ve done it piecemeal.
      3) representing the entire left here (hah!) I have no interest in telling people what they can’t do, or need my help with, and I don’t know anyone who does. But we’d like to see funding for schools be fair and equitable and stuff like that. What did you mean exactly? And while I’m sure regulations create red tape (isn’t that common to human institutions?) I’d also like to make sure that factories don’t pollute our air and water and treat their employees fairly and provide a safe working environment. Often its just that sort of regulation businesses don’t like. For some things, I believe, we need a “nanny.” But I’m sure there are times when regulations are counter-productive — I also think everyone has said that.
      4)And no citation necessary — we’re just going to have to disagree about abortion.
      5) I am utterly sure Trump will be worse than Clinton. The man has no impulse control and no apparent desire to understand complex histories, alliances and policies. He is gleefully disrespectful (today he’s going to hit Bloomberg and challenge a grieving mom) — and that’s just today. He’s made our allies nervous, worried our military leaders, and most importantly contributed to a debased political climate in which it seems we don’t even recognize that people who disagree with us are Americans too. He’s famously short on details “I’m going to fix that!” and has shown little willingness to work with others. I happen to think he’s a con man. I might disagree with Hillary and some of her past actions, but I do not think she’s unhinged. I can’t say the same about Trump. So maybe the choice is something like one between Nixon and Mussolini. In which case, I’d choose Nixon and stay vigilant.

    • Hillary is totally corrupt. Bought and paid for by corporations and investment banks. She loves money. She is an incessant liar, every time she opens her mouth lies pour out.

      The standard of living for the average working man and woman has nose dived.

      Trump is going put the American worker first.

      And that is very very good.

        • I guess the fact that Trump is 70 years old, too old to be seeking power for himself, or to begin a dictatorship, and that he paid for his run at the election out of his own money, and that he doesn’t need or want political power (see video above) for himself, and that all his faults would be better practiced if he wasn’t obsessed with trying to make America great again …make him a man of principle…if you can’t see that, I can’t help you. There are two kinds of corruption, one that is ambitious to create and make things useful and good, and to gain wealth by your own work and creating real work for many people, and the other that is ambition to gain power, status and money for oneself using OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY and making them dependent on you…The first kind may be Trump but you cannot argue that the second kind is not Hillary…and that is very bad for you all. How can you say a man who has done all this puts himself first? This is not an valid point…when you use much of your own money to do what you can for your country, then you can say you are doing it to put yourself first…you cannot say this of Trump and this is an egregious misuse of the language and reason.

  • Very interesting post, Jory.

    Here in Australia we have a similar issue regarding politics. Most Christians state that if you do not vote a conservative government, State or Federal, then you are not a true Christian.

    Before I moved to Australia, I lived under a Conservative government lead by Margaret Thatcher. Her policy was to pay off the country’s debt first and then you can invest money into social issues. This attitude lead to some of the worst social and economic problems Britain had seen in many years.

    And the interesting thing is, during the Cold War while we were facing off with Warsaw Pact nations, the only time that Britain went to war under a Thatcher government was during the Falklands Conflict that was against not a communist or terrorist nation but another right-wing conservative government lead by General Leopoldo Galiteri.

    This conservative, right-wing, anti-communist government arrested, tortured and executed people who did not agree with their policies. The same government that was supported by a conservative US government who turned a blind eye to the human rights issues.

    Many conservative Christians here in Australia refuse to work with those in lower socio-economic communities. They are also unwilling to part with their finances to fund projects to assist those who do not have access to health care, safe housing etc.

    Therefore, they state abortion is murder, which is fine, however these same people are also responsible for not reaching out to those in need and preventing these terrible issues.

    They seem to want a clean, community look where people go to church, dress nicely and behave in a “Christian way”. However this will never happen until Christ is in people’s hearts.

    Keep safe, Shaun.

    • Shaun,

      Do you have numbers for you claim that “Many conservative Christians here in Australia refuse to work with those in lower socio-economic communities. They are also unwilling to part with their finances to fund projects to assist those who do not have access to health care, safe housing etc.”

      Because surveys carried out in the United States have consistently found that Republican votes give more charitable donations than Democrats.

      • I said many, not all. Besides, that link stated those who were less well off gave more to charity than those who were wealthy due to their concerns for their own financial future.

        I’m not sure about the US but sadly here in Australia there seems to be many who grew up in the church just use it as a “country club”.

        However, those that grew up in an atheistic family like myself and then later in life accepted Christ into their hearts want to change. Some followers of Christ don’t want change and just want a comfortable lifestyle.

        I can’t give any statistics but generally many Christians fit the above-mentioned. The same as I can’t give any statistics on how many non-believers there are in my street, but I know that I’m surrounded by non-believers dues to their lifestyle they live.


    • Sorry to butt in here, Anonymous, but one comment you made needs clarification:

      “the only time that Britain went to war under a Thatcher government was during the Falklands Conflict that was against not a communist or terrorist nation but another right-wing conservative government lead by General Leopoldo Galiteri.”

      You clearly misunderstand conservatism, Anonymous. There is a vast gulf between Conservative American and Conservative European style governments, as in South America… and this is a HUGE misunderstanding. Conservativism CONSERVES…that is its guiding principle. Conservative European governments traditionally “conserve” the power of the state and the Church of Europe: Catholicism and Kings and Queens or state power…NOT DEMOCRATIC PRINCIPLES. That is why the so-called Conservative government in Argentina has no bearing on American Conservatism at all. American Conservatism conserves the principle of Revolution AGAINST Royalty, Church and government control and calls for individual liberty, justice and opportunity for even the lowest members of society…the OPPOSITE of European style conservatism…It believes in drawing on the best qualities of individuals, encouraging them to be their productive best while protecting their freedom to do so. (On the contrary American ‘leftism’ is intent to making sure all people ‘get’ the same benefits without having to put out any effort…they teach that it is each persons right to have as much as the person who works day and night to produce whatever it is they produce. Hence leftism is inherently unjust for anyone who works hard and it enables laziness and parasitism among inner city folk and those that are labeled minorities…making those people not only perennially unproductive but dependent on them for survival forever…hence purchasing votes and power with the money of the producers and destroying their way of life, taking away their incentive and bringing the economy eventually to a halt. That is why socialism is self-destructive in the end and needs the help of productive nations to stay ‘alive’…i.e. Greece, Cuba, etc. Socialism is popular for now, but when the production stops it will self-implode, and there will be widespread hunger and poverty…and a people who don’t know how to produce anymore, as in East Germany when the wall came down.

      • I don’t really give a toss, Judy. The fact is I live in a community that mostly rejects Christ. And even many of those who state they are Christian reject Him with their hopeless lifestlyes.

        All I know is that I will continue to follow Christ and continue to reach out to the lost regardless of the political party in power at State or Federal government here in Australia.

        The mission continues with or without a Liberal/National party in Canberra, regardless of what the Australian Christian Lobby keep telling me.

        My life was changed when I accepted Christ as my Lord and Saviour. And that change was nothing that this world can give.

  • Hey Jory,

    Thank you for sharing your view. I wanted to share with you my response to your view if you’ll allow me.

    This is a very important presidential election, which will affect the next 3 to 4 decades, since the next president will have the opportunity to establish at least 3 to 5 Supreme Court judges.

    I want to first highlight the main go to passage (conservative) Christians use for Complementarianism, as well as the go to passage (much more liberal) Christians use for Egalitarianism.

    Looking at the context (whom Paul is addressing, and the topic he is talking about), as argued in the link above (plus both are said by Paul), it can be seen the Egalitarianism view has holes in it, while the Complementarianism takes into account of context. Specifically in Galatians 3, Paul is talking about salvation, not men and women roles in church. (Why stress context? Or else you can choose to interpret something that identifies with a view you fancy, yet it won’t be something God fancies)

    If you can present the Complementarianism view more clearly (upheld by the Bible), please do so, because as a Christian, one shouldn’t choose a belief if it isn’t supported by the Bible contextually in more than one passage, or if it isn’t reconcilable by another passage contextually.

    You said:
    “As a young, conservative, evangelical girl, I was called into ministry. God chose me to lead both women and men in the Church, and here is the fact of the matter. The conservative evangelical church has systematically excluded me from hundreds of pastoral occupations…. I was silenced by the evangelical conservative church, marginalized, and pushed to the fringes of society.”

    How do you know God chose you into ministry, to lead both women and men in the Church, as a Pastor? Has there been women pastors in the Bible?

    You have a “hunch” that Wayne Grudem doesn’t want a woman as the next president.
    I have a hunch you dislike conservative Christianity. Is it possible that your desire to lead as a woman pastor, is actually sinful? That you deny it, so that you can do what you prefer, to lead as a woman pastor. I’m sorry that you felt the feelings of being denied, that you were marginalized at the conservative churches, but that reaction from both sides is understandable, since conservative Christians don’t support women pastors, since they don’t find a contextual argument for, but actually against it.

    How does the idea of how God created man and woman to complement each other, to fulfill different, but equally important roles, doesn’t relegate woman to being inferior, actually does relegate woman to being inferior?

    It made appear so, when one desires to do a more desired role as opposed to do a more “subservient” role. So is it possible because of your “possibly” sinful or incorrect view of what is a better role for a woman, has made you bitter at conservative Christians?

    You said:
    “Further, studies have shown that abortion rates do not go down when abortion is illegal (source). Women will still get abortions at the same rate, but it will be unsafe and we will lose women to death. Our only hope in ending abortion is to address the root reasons as to why women have abortions – such as poverty. We cannot legislate the hearts and minds of humans.”

    Okay. Even if it is true (your source is a very liberal, non-Christian website, so for any Christian it should be taken with a dose of salt) that abortion rates do not go down when abortion is illegal, as Christians, we want to still voice our opinions of what should be law. If we believe that abortion is murder, why be okay with it? Be making abortion easier by making it legal, doesn’t it make it easier for young person to downplay its sinfulness, or for it being legal to act as a fallback, a crutch, so that a young woman can choose, and be more easily convinced, of engaging in premarital sex, since there are “no serious” repercussions? and for Christians, the potential mindset of “Oh, I’ll just go ahead, because I can just ask Jesus for forgiveness.”

    We can and should legislate how we want our nation’s laws to uphold certain morals, since for one, laws do directly influence what is and what isn’t promoted. Hilary will only bring about far more liberalism, which doesn’t at all go hand in hand with Christianity.

    • Hi Aaron,

      It’s cool that you disagree with Jory in a very respectful way, and try to discuss rather than just attack or say something mean. That is really awesome of you.

      Most of the things you address here have already been discussed in-depth throughout Jory’s blog. If you read through her posts and her master’s thesis, you’ll find that pretty much all of these things have already been addressed throughout the website.

      I’m not trying to debate with you or jump into the discussion here. You obviously put some thought into your comment and did so in a kind way. If Jory doesn’t respond, it’s probably because she already writes and ministers full-time, and has already answered these questions throughout her body of work. I would encourage you to read more of the website if you want to know her answers to these issues.

      Best wishes- A

    • Thank you for being a voice of reason on this page and on this topic! Ppl chose to ignore the parts of the Bible that they don’t agree with. This election could put an end to our religious freedoms and it will most definitely determine the Supreme Court and whether it is a liberal court changing or eliminating our constitutional rights.
      You presented excellent responses and I hope people’s eyes will be opened to the truth.

  • Awesome post, Jory. You’ve expressed a lot of my own thoughts over the past few years. I have been deeply disappointed by conservative religious leaders during this election. I live in Germany right now, and just being an American is embarrassing these days. Nobody can believe that Trump has made it so far. People are extremely afraid of what will happen if he’s elected, and NOBODY here in Europe takes him seriously (even the “right winged” people here think he is crazy).

      • This would be laughable if it weren’t so sad. Hillary and her husband connive and break the law and the law looks the other way and treats them as ‘acceptable’ and you think Trump has a personality disorder! The FBI has been bought and you still don’t get it? The Clinton foundation would be under FBI investigation if the Clinton’s didn’t own the FBI…and you think Trump is dangerous? How tragic that good leadership here and in your country is drummed by socially disordered media that has sold its’ soul to the highest bidder…the crime bosses of the progressive syndicate …and yet, in all seriousness you think Hillary and Bill, who are more like Bonnie and Clyde, are even fit to run the “land of the free and the home of the brave”?…Bill, a man who is serially connected to sex with multiple partners to the point of addiction, using lying and deceit to his wife, let alone the entire nation. Hillary who hunts down Bill’s women to discredit them instead of leaving the cad, all because of burning ambition and a greed for money and and insatiable lust for power that cannot be satisfied, and you think Trump has a personality disorder?

        This video WILL get Trump elected…”The long road to the White House…Trump 1980-2016″. Once you see that Trump doesn’t want the power and has resisted it for 36 years until he daren’t resist any longer, and anyone can see that he is the best one to lead, because he hasn’t really wanted the power and only is here now before it is too late and all is lost. Most of the country realizes this, already.

  • Your blog has been so precious to me this year. Or, rather, your boldness to speak out confidently has inspired me. I’m a young woman just starting out in ministry, and your posts are frequently major sources of encouragement and insight for my life. From what I’ve read, I think your earlier experiences mirror my recent history–in politics, in church, in calling… I’m relieved that others share these perspectives; maybe I’m not crazy! (But if I am, at least there’s company!)
    Praying God continues to bless you and your ministry, filling you and your husband with boldness, assurance, and life!

  • I find the whole process of elections in America very interesting indeed. You have elections to decide who the candidates will be to stand in the presidential election, and I see all sorts of messages going back and forth expressing very strong views both ways. At the end of the day, one of them is going to be elected and we are to pray for those in authority over us. It seems to me that the USA is currently very divided as we in the UK are also divided. The only advice I can give to anyone is, vote in a way that you feel you can in all good conscience do. I think I can understand LUKE saying to Jory that he was not a single issue person as in the UK we vote on a package of issues and have to weigh them up to vote. I think when the time comes, you my brothers and sisters in Christ, will have to look at packages of policies associated with each candidate and weigh it all up, even if you think the candidate cannot deliver all of his or her policies and vote in a fashion you feel is honouring to God.

  • “I have watched Donald Trump make fun of a disabled reporter.”

    Yeah this one really troubles me too…so I actually investigated the report to see how the left was spinning this story to say what was not said, because, unlike so many voters, I do not believe the left’s take on anything! They are so transparently opportunist about buying power and status with taxpayers’ dollars…and no, conservatives don’t do this because they stand for smaller government and reducing the power of government to set taxpayers free.

    So after reading a lot of articles, this one makes the most sense…Trump was “possibly” imitating the hand position of the reporter, if he could actually remember him after so many years, although the reporter never flails his hands about AT ALL…the reporter claims he covered Trump 36 years ago and Trump should remember him…well when you read this Washington Post article clarifying the SUBJECT of the comments (not the reporter himself) you will see that Trump was justified in his argument that the Times reported that there were INDEED Muslim celebrations in New York over the trade center’s destruction which was the point of Trump’s claim that the reporter was NOW denying that this ever happened…or that he cannot remember it…if Trump got the size of the celebration wrong, perhaps his memory is not crystal clear, but if the reporter denies the 2011 report altogether, his memory isn’t too good either. Either way, neither of them can remember perfectly…so why should Trump remember this guy from 36 years ago? Who is the public figure after all?

    Anyway, the article Trump was quoting was DISCOVERED by web searchers, and it was indeed written by Kovaleski, but the comments by Trump were not about Kovaleski “the person” but about his “lying or forgetting” the facts…that is what Trump is mocking! Trump was indeed mocking the journalist for denying that these celebrations ever happened in order to fit the politically correct view that there are no dangerous Muslims in America…here is the Post’s article showing the actual reason Trump was mocking the journalist and it had nothing to with his physical disability, unless you consider a socialist journalist lying or ‘forgetting’ the facts to undermine Trump, as a disability of a confused, rattled mind trying to protect itself from modern political correctness. To his credit Trump has spent millions on making his buildings accessible to the disabled.

    We had an employee who used to treat his boss and his friends with the business money, secretly handing in the “business” receipts to the secretary to be paid by the boss while representing himself as the ‘giver’ of the gifts…that is what socialism is…the giver of gifts others pay for while giving the ‘giver’ power to manipulate, take control and direct the future and dismantle your position while elevating themselves in the eyes of the politically “blind”. They are immoral and unchristian no matter how you play it…and I am not mocking the blind☺

    • Thank you Judy! I am so sick of ppl believing the media about everything and never checking on the facts at all. They have video of trump doing the exact same arm waving/hand flailing when he is talking about Ted Cruz. It’s not mocking a disabled person.
      Thank you for sharing the truth!

        • Darrell…can you blame Trump? Almost every word he says gets twisted around to mean the opposite…the same happened with the conservative prime minister here in Canada… Stephen Harper was a statesman who carefully governed our country and in the end the ‘media’ spread hatred against him despite having no reason except he refused to speak to them (can you blame him?)……bottom line: the press is owned by socialism…and cannot tell the truth about the Republican/Conservative agenda.

          On the contrary, everything Hillary does WRONG is twisted to sound as if she is a Saint from Heaven…doesn’t that tell you something? Or are you even thinking, folks?

          Trump ‘can do no right’ and Hillary ‘can do no wrong’…and you still believe the mainstream press?

          • This is not satire, but serious—See:
            Best quotes:
            “Trump has boasted of infidelities, profited off gambling, mocked the handicapped [most believe this is exactly what he was doing that day—and if it wasn’t, everything else noted here is enough to make him not fit to lead], cheered and offered financial assistance for his supporters who fight protesters, supported abortion (until his fortuitous change of heart before the election), called for war crimes against innocent people, demonized minorities and immigrants, knowingly played upon racist fears, promoted open racists through social media, promoted conspiracy theories, and crudely treated women. And the list grows every single day.
            Even when Trump pretends to recognize the importance of minorities and groups, he very openly uses them and their culture as pawns: I love Hispanics, because I’m eating a taco bowl! I love Christians, because, look, I own a Bible! I love black people, because look at my African American over there!
            At every turn, instead of appealing to various demographics as real people whose concerns and needs he has an obligation to consider as a potential future leader, Trump views them as props in his grand marketing campaign. Except it’s not even good marketing. Trump is the late-night infomercial: “I’ll even throw in a token minority!”
            In response to these profound violations of human decency, he scoffs, changes the subject, denies he even said it, or doubles down. As he has said, he does not ask God for forgiveness, because he doesn’t believe he needs it…
            …For conservative Christians who are (rightfully) concerned about the appointment of several new Supreme Court justices, Trump’s lack of integrity (except to his own aggrandizement) means we have no reason to believe he will follow through with his promises. Likewise, his recent pro-life stance cannot be taken as a serious moral and political position, but rather is the blatantly empty promise of a con man.
            To vote for Donald Trump is to betray the values of both conservatism and Christianity, and the results may do serious harm to our nation and our souls.”

          • Darrell…you need some oxygen, fast! And Hillary’s conservative Christianity has won the day for you?…good thing she has done so much for your nation and your soul…as for me, I find her actual record worse than nauseating and a disgrace, not to mention traitorous…but then Judas was in the Bible too, eh! Is that how you defend her? Because if you vote for her you ARE defending her.

  • I have great difficulty with anyone defending Hillary Clinton and the corrupt party that is called the Democratic Party. I especially have trouble with anyone professing to be a Christian and supporting her and democratic platform. If you read the platform you will find virtually nothing that is consistent with Christianity or the Bible.
    There is not one scripture in the Bible that oks abortion or a woman’s right to choose. It is murder.
    How do you justify her continual lying? You have misquoted or twisted or just went along with the liberal media without doing any investigation of the facts. Trump never changed his opinion on abortion five times in a week. Where do you even get that from? Trump is pro life and has been for many years.
    And that was your epiphany that you should vote for Hilary? The one lie about abortion?
    So it was ok for Hillary to condemn and threaten and call women horrendous names when her husband sexual abused and harassed them?
    It was ok for them to steal over $200,000 of furniture, artwork, and other items from the White House when they left? When ordered to return it they still did not return it all. So they are thieves.
    It was ok for her to say they were flat broke and in debt when they left the White House – which was a lie – and they purchased a multi million dollar home with that money they didn’t have??
    It was ok that she left our men to die in Benghazi ?? Then lied to their families and said it was because of a video but told her daughter THAT NIGHT that it was terrorists?? Then she called these families liars and that’s ok??
    She was one of the top officials in this country, been in government offices for decades, was a lawyer, has been given security briefings more times than I can count but she doesn’t care that she is putting our country at risk by her illegal server and sending and receiving classified emails, tens of thousands of emails, lied about it dozens of times on camera, the FBI said that they were all lies and that our national security had been compromised and that her lawyers went in and wiped the servers clean to further hide evidence and that she was extremely careless and negligent in her handling of that material and that she should have known better. And THAT is ok?
    She defended a child rapist who raped a 12 yr old virgin and another man was there who also raped her, she was beaten so badly she was in a coma for 5 days and her internal injuries were so severe she was left unable to ever have children, she verbally abused the child, she submitted court documents that were full of lies, she lied to the judge about a expert witness (saying he was willing to testify when he NEVER said that and there is no record that he even contacted Hilary about the case), she had his charges reduced to improper touching AFTER BEATING AND RAPING HER, with a few mths. Then years later and laughed about how she knew he was guilty and she got him off so easy. But that’s ok??
    She lied over and over and over about landing under sniper fire and the video evidence shows that was a complete lie. But that’s ok??
    The DNC was just busted with their email scandal and how they deliberately sabotaged sanders and paid ppl to protest trump and try to set him up by telling lies and putting false ads on Craigslist. The claims of racism and sexism have been brought up but they aren’t saying much about the DNC emails where they make racist and homophobic statements. It’s proof- in writing – with the email addresses of who said it but that’s not going to be front page news? Their own Clinton foundation pays women over 30% lower wages than they do men but they are a party for women? And that’s the party of a Christian??
    The liberal Supreme Court justices have already tried to overturn our constitutional rights. Hillary would be appointing 4-5 justices over the next few years who will rule against those rights. They already want to take our right to bear arms away and with a court full of liberals it will happen and there is no chance of appeal or overturning their decision. We will be stick with their agenda for more than 30 years. We will have no recourse. The right to speak freely and assemble, our right to worship freely and to live out our Christian beliefs will be snatched from us and this country is doomed. The restrictions on abortion will be thrown out and they will be aborting babies in the 9th month and partial birth abortions will be commonplace. And murderong millions of babies are ok with you?
    Have you read their platform? All of it?? How can anyone read what they are planning and justify it with what God’s word says??
    Don’t attack me with why I’m wrong (which I’m not) – give me specific scriptures that address each of these items I’ve referenced here.
    Have you read any of the books or watched interviews with her former secret service and bodyguards? How she yelled at them, berated them and her husband, cussed at them using the F word and GD constantly- the very ones there to protect her life?? You think she should be in the White House?? Seriously? Have you investigated the huge list of ppl who end up dead after having dealings with the Clintons? The list is growing and includes three more who were scheduled to testify against Hillary in the past few months and they just happened to end up dead before they could testify. Did you know that around 10-12 of those dead were their bodyguards and secret service agents? And you don’t think that is suspicious? There is a list of women a mile long who have had sexual relations with Bill Clinton- this has gone on for decades – Hillary has known about it all along – he was found guilty of lying under oath – and you think that needs to be back in the White House? Have you watched Hilary’s America? Or Clinton cash about the Clinton foundation which is a complete farce? You have someone who has been in the public eye for decades and there is not one story of anything nice she has done for someone- some average joe on the street that she helped in some way. – NOT ONE!! How can that be when you say she has devoted her life to helping others? She is a compulsive liar, a sociopath, who never admits her lies even when caught and has it right in front of her!
    And you can justify all of that with your Christian beliefs? Please tell me how. It isn’t possible with the Bible I read.
    Trump is no prize but he hasn’t been responsible for the deaths of anyone. He does not support murderong babies! He has hundreds of stories over the past 40 years of things he has done for ppl to help after he saw their story in the paper or on tv or when he met them. His workers and family have great things to say about him. He has been very successful and given millions to charities. So he puts his money where his mouth is. He doesn’t ‘say’ he is going to help ppl he does it! The republican platform (read it) is against abortion, wants to try to reverse row v wade, will protect our religious freedom and the tax exempt status of our churches and the freedom for our pastors to preach freely without fear of the govt silencing them so that they don’t offend someone. There is nothing that trump has done wrong that would come close to equaling Clintons horrendous record. The whole DNC platform should sear the conscious of a Christian. Every Christian should be on their knees praying that she does not win and destroy this country. And every one should be voting for trump as he is the ONLY hope we have at this point. We have Hillary and trump – that’s it. There is no question that the republican platform more closely aligns with the morals and principles found in God’s Holy Word.
    You are spreading lies and propaganda against trump and the republicans so the itching ears will hear what they want to hear while you should be searching the scriptures as the Bereans did daily.
    Address the facts stated with scripture on why that is ok and not the liberal media view.

      • That response is laughable! With all that Hillary Clinton has done and all the lies she has told – verifiable lies – audio and video – AS a government official, senator, Secretary of State and First Lady, and he wants to talk about trump’s ‘lies’? Trump never got anyone killed. Trump wasn’t holding a government position as a senator or Secretary of State, etc. most of the ‘facts’ he is stating are completely false and easily found online to be untrue.
        He owns a strip club so I’m not voting for him. – LOL! Bill Clinton molests women and sexual harasses women and has untold number of affairs that Hillary Clinton knows about and condones!! Not only does she condone it she vilifies any woman who tells the truth about him thus protecting him.
        You should be doing your own investigating of the facts before believing something from a crazed liberal.
        Trump university was never portrayed as a college or university. It was a real estate training course and everyone knew that. He used the title ‘university’ the same way Dave Ramsey uses it in his Financial Peace University course. To state otherwise is a complete lie. There are many many companies who use the same wording for their training or businesses.
        You do not have to be a lifetime politician to be qualified to be President. The qualifications are guaranteed in our constitution. Those are the only ‘qualifications’ necessary to run for office. The people are supposed to be the ones to determine who they want as president but as we have all watched the last two crooked presidential elections, that isn’t the case anymore. It is now determined by voter fraud. How many dead ppl voted in the last election??
        – “US Constitution, Article II, Section 1
        No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that office who shall not have attained to the age of thirty-five years, and been fourteen years a resident within the United States.”

        • Kd1219,

          You misunderstand. No one, including the writer, is defending Hillary. The bottom line is that Trump’s character and misogyny is on par with Bill Clinton’s or worse. For Christians to claim that such disqualified Bill Clinton to be fit for office or should have led to his impeachment, but now defend someone life Trump is the very height of hypocrisy. Christians should be ashamed to defend someone like Trump or support him in any way. This has nothing to do with Hillary. No one is saying we should support her. This is about Trump and the fact Christians are trying, searching, looking, for any reason at all to go back on everything they said was important about character when it was Bill Clinton. How sad and disappointing.

          • Darrell…you said: “Trump’s character and misogyny is on par with Bill Clinton’s or worse.”

            Please explain how you reached such a conclusion? Perhaps lying under oath before the American people, the world and your wife is better than giving thousands of women well paid work and great opportunities? Who told you Trump is misogynous? Did he, or is it hearsay? Did Clinton build anything from scratch and really create jobs (not government-taxpayer paid space wasting, but real jobs for women)?

            Is Machiavellian governing really your choice?…again?

            Why would an eminently successful 70 year old businessman who clearly doesn’t need power, seek the reins of government when he could have used the people for profit all along in government? I suspect Trump’s motives are the best measure of which candidate is the best. He could be sitting on a beach anywhere…living it up…being everything you claim he is…yet he has decided to work for the people because he finds that morally he has no choice but to try to fix things.

  • In the end you either believe in the democrats’ socialism or not. Socialism is “a political and economic theory of social organization that advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.”…i.e. the state.

    In Jesus’ parable of the workers in the vineyard the owner of the vineyard said ” Is it not lawful for me to do what I will with mine own? Is thine eye evil, because I am good?” This is supposed to be God speaking. The interesting conclusion is that private ownership is taken for granted by God…through the words of Jesus, here and is an inherent right under God. Socialism denies this principle, and orchestrates the theft of all ‘private’ property by the ‘state’…meaning no one has a right to own anything the state wants. This is theft by the state…so if you in conscience believe this doctrine, go ahead and vote for ‘her’…only problem is, when the state owns everything there is no turning back. In Canada, Trudeau senior instituted a socialist bill of rights, and private property rights do not exist in Canada…how about in your country? Of course you don’t own anything of value. If you don’t pay your taxes you will soon learn this…even regulations are theft of your rights…the government will take everything you own…so much for private property rights in your socialist state…whatever happened to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? You lost it decades ago when you lost free enterprise. Even our ‘SERVICES’ belong to the state in Canada. That became clear when they brought in the ‘goods and services tax’…we have NO freedom left. And when you are punished for opening your mouth and having the nerve to say what you think, you discover that the first amendment has already been lost as well…no free speech…no personalities or free thinkers allowed unless they are muzzled…what a disgusting end to a wonderful dream your country used to be…and you are still unaware you are in bondage. Tragic. If anything, I like Trump’s nerve to stand up to this socialist mantra and say whatever he thinks…the rest of you are willing to be silenced…not perhaps by the church but by the state.

  • This is a disappointing read. I applaud the wise words of Annie and Ryan in the above comments. So incredibly sad that the same people that say abortion is murder then turn around and vote for candidates who are pro-murder. If we are more concerned about the woman who tries to kill her baby with a coat hanger rather than the innocent baby girl getting killed by the coat hanger, then we have missed the boat completely on this travesty. I don’t expect a response, as I did not compliment your blog. Please reconsider your vote and how you might mislead people’s thoughts on the issue is all I ask.

    • Hi Mary. Politically shaming others is not a way to convince others to see things your way. If you want to have a real conversation, drop the shaming and we can chat. God bless, sister. 🙂

      • Every day 3,000 babies die from abortion, majority of those being black. Black lives did not matter to Margaret Sanger who founded Planned Parenthood. Her eugenics objective was to exterminate black babies specifically. When Hillary accepted the Margaret Sanger award she praised her life’s work. So I can accept you voting the way you are gonna vote people, but please if you are indeed pro-life, drop the #imwithher cheerleader act because this isn’t a person to boast about and especially if you are a champion for life.

    • Darrell and Jory,
      The whole idea behind Rachel Held Evans’ blog is that if it is inconvenient for us or if it places a burden on society or if the unwanted baby which is allowed to live becomes tomorrow’s “Welfare Queen” is putting a person’s worthiness in our hands and not in the God who created it. Maybe by this standard, we should also abort anyone with disabilities. Heaven knows, millions of precious babies with Down Syndrome never get to see the light of day but they do live with their Creator in Heaven. Or maybe we should terminate the elderly when they get to a burdensome age? You are either Pro-LIFE or Not. You are clearly not if you believe so. And for the record, all of the true pro-LIFERS I know give generously to crisis pregnancy centers which IN SPITE of the policies of the Obama administration not as a result have managed to lower the abortion rate. They offer hope to women. I would love for you to track any of those women down and ask them if they ever regret letting their child live either through keeping it or giving it to a loving family. There is no shame in that! But talk to women who have suffered through the regret of abortion. Huge difference. We Pro-LIFERS don’t have all the answers but we humbly know this—we aren’t God and we don’t act like we are deciding who should live and who should die according to socio-economic status. And to be clear, we need to stop calling criticism “political shaming”. If you feel ashamed because of something someone said, maybe you need to rethink your view. Otherwise, accept that you put your opinion out there and not everyone is going to agree.

  • So, the conclusion of some here is that Hillary is sane and therefore best hope for America…she speaks circumspectly, lies so convincingly, with a smile, owns the FBI, has the heart of Attila the Hun, the deceit of Kim Philby and the soul of Benedict Arnold, and therefore is a better choice than one who defies language control and speaks his mind openly (though deliberately misquoted all the time) and weeps over the dying opportunities of a free country that we are casting aside for the minimal security of a welfare state and the open doors to sharia values that hate ours even more than the Democrats, where no one can advance beyond the lowest rung of the ladder.

    Inner city ghettos are entirely and solely the production of Democrat policy, yet their policies still draw followers like discombobulated moths. Hillary insults white men profusely because she hates them (no wonder after a life with Bill) and accuses Republicans of being ill-educated, white men, (well, I am not a white man and I am very well educated) who vote only because of God, Guns and Gays (leftists couch their hate speech in manipulative poetic terms…no less deceitful)…in truth Republicans really vote for freedom, justice and opportunity…(of course white men are a minority it is easy to hate and she does hate them…because she doesn’t need their vote, and so Hillary splits the country down bigoted-racist-sexist lines…just like the Complementarians…you didn’t notice?) Republican men are such ‘simpletons’ I guess they are saying, despite no one noticing the dreadfulness of leftist views…and so the women here who support Hillary evidently support this view of the inferiority of white men who are not university educated…I may be a Biblical feminist, but I am not so simplistic and find the left’s demeaning insult to men to be just as wrong-headed as any of Trump’s statements…they just couch their hateful racist-sexist views in language that we are used to hearing and have accepted through our own bigotry…shame on us.

    Hillary speaks the language of hatred of Christian values too, and says, “the deeply embedded religious values of America have to go”…if you believe that you don’t believe in freedom of thought either…and here you see exactly that. The younger generation has been sold a bill of goods, and I promise you that when we are dead and gone, some day, you will awaken to realize that the American Revolution needs to fought all over again, except there is no place left from which to launch your attack, and no weapons with which to defend yourselves…you will be stuck in the muck (bureaucracy gone mad where walls have ears) of a world-wide third world with no place to go and no way up. Get used to government entrenched unbending politically based hierarchy, ladies…because it will not only be in the church, but everywhere…

    Social justice, equality and liberty are the actual stronghold of Republican conservatism…America’s founding values of life liberty and the pursuit…(pursuit is a Republican economic value that will be removed by leftist government regulation) of happiness. Can you not see how “pursuit” has already been largely regulated out of our lives and demeaned by political rhetoric? Centuries of battles of revolt against Britain’s once massive government control to seek for a completely unique chance for freedom in a new land, and now we sell ourselves back into dependence on the feudalism of massive leftist government control and ownership of all means of production, along with the rest of the socialist world. So I ask, who are truly the ill-educated?

    THE MOTTO OF TRUE REPUBLICAN CONSERVATISM IS: ‘MORE FREEDOM THROUGH LESS GOVERNMENT’ A vote for the left guarantees the opposite…for ‘your own good’…yeah!

    If all this was not enough you have the political subterfuge that is selling your future to foreign governments:

    “The headline on the website Pravda trumpeted President Vladimir V. Putin’s latest coup, its nationalistic fervor recalling an era when its precursor served as the official mouthpiece of the Kremlin: “Russian Nuclear Energy Conquers the World.”…The article, in January 2013, detailed how the Russian atomic energy agency, Rosatom…one of the world’s largest uranium producers… brought Mr. Putin closer to his goal of controlling much of the global uranium supply chain…the untold story behind that story is one that involves not just the Russian president, but also a former American president and a woman who would like to be the next one.”

    read it and weep…and this is your choice?

  • I didn’t feel shamed at all by this post, though you clearly have no problem with shaming the leader of the Republican party and by inference, anyone who subscribes to his policies, but Jory, your last political post (Is God judging America?) was entirely an attempt to shame all Americans, for their so-called dreadful past, in your view…this is political shaming, not to mention ill-informed, racist, sexist and bigoted…but you started it, and it is on record.

    Grudem said some true words, despite the fact that his church views are despicable…these words are true, and actually in process in Canada:
    “under a liberal Supreme Court resulting from Hillary Clinton’s election, Christians would increasingly experience systematic exclusion from hundreds of occupations, with thousands of people losing their jobs. Step-by-step, Christians would increasingly be marginalized to the silent fringes of society.”

    One of Canada’s best ranked universities Trinity Western, is a Christian university and three law societies in three provinces have voted to forbid any graduates from their law school from practicing law in their provinces…they feel that homosexuals will not get a fair trial in their provinces and so have outlawed any law grads from there…of course, one wonders if Christians would get a fair trial in their provinces either since these law societies have no use for Christian views?

    The fact is that Christians WILL be marginalized from society by leftism…ironically, while Islam is promoted…take that for what it is, Jory et al.

  • Judy,

    You are the one who seems out of breath from the ranting. Take a deep breath. We get it, your on the fence regarding Trump… Anyway, if you are a typical Trump supporter and this is the way you “reason” and speak to others who disagree with you, then I feel better and better regarding my decision to not support Trump and I feel sorry for you. Further, I will do all I can to let other Christians know how toxic the man is and, frankly, his supporters too. Cheers.

    PS: Jory, again, great job. Keep on keeping on!

    • Darrell…I am so glad that Jory did this post…she has shown the great divide better than the media can show it. It appears that America is now ready for another civil war…literally…and my humorous comment on your needing oxygen has been met by your aggressive one…so your response is “if you don’t like my point of view I will become even more radical”… be my guest! Jory is doing a great job…I agree…and agree that she should keep on keeping on…I just don’t agree with her on this point…I do not like Trump at all, and I cannot stomach Hillary…but the man is clearly the lesser of two evils at this point, in my view…and decisions have to be made…hopefully you have all stopped closing your minds completely and are willing to keep hearing both sides until you are firmly decided on the facts and not on superficialities of media spin and regurgitated sound bites but on direct words and practices of the two candidates. I listened to both conventions. I wonder how many of you did the same…as for tying Trump to Wayne Grudem’s position…it is totally irrelevant what Grudem thinks…or anyone else, for that matter, including me…so go take a long walk and don’t worry about Jory…she is eminently capable of defending herself and has very thick skin, or she wouldn’t have put up another political post after the last one. “Faithful are the wounds of a friend”…

  • Jory, Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I found them very refreshing. As a Christian, I view abortion as abhorrent. But when I listen to my Christian friends and family, I find many Christians’ views counter productive to eradicating the “need” for abortion. For example, most of my Christian contempories are very opposed to safe sex education taught in schools. Most are very, very opposed to distribution of condoms to teenagers. I would love to live in a world where teenagers, despite their raging hormones, abstain from all sexual activity. I would love to be able to to teach children good Christian values about love, relationships, and sex and then be able to trust the teenagers to make wise decisions. Unfortunately, that world is not real. We are all sinners and teenagers are especially vulnerable to these types of transgressions. I believe education would help. The same good Christians I have talked to have often voiced their disgust for people on welfare and using food stamps. They are also opposed to government paid for child care, breakfast, and lunch programs for the poor because they fear it will raise their taxes. They tell me “America needs smaller government, people on welfare are just lazy”. But then I ask, why do we Christians want to save the unborn but then not care for the children who are born? I see Christians very focused on illegalizing abortion but doing very little to help poor families. Therefore, I struggle with the issue of abortion. Your blog post gave me some comfort.

    • Andrea, I see your meaning and sympathize with your analysis. The problem is that as governments increase regulations they require hiring ‘government agents’ to make sure each regulation is followed. This creates a new bureaucracy with new buildings and high pay scale that taxpayers have to pay. Each new idea for regulation requires more buildings, more government employees and more taxes. The more they do for you, the more you pay, exponentially. Free education? more bureaucrats to manage that and then universities raise tuition because they can, because the public purse is so much larger than private ones. So we have an ever escalating cost to government and taxpayers. You think there can be free education? Of course not…today’s students will be paying for it in higher taxes…nothing is free.

      The problem with this is it creates bigger and bigger government and when it becomes established it CANNOT be reduced without great pain to hundreds of people who have to lose their jobs in order to reduce government. In fact, bureaucracy seems to have a life of its own and grows exponentially as ‘friends’ are hired to help out. My niece was hired and sat by a silent phone for 6 months because she was bilingual…paid to do nothing.

      The result of all this is every increasing taxes…you wonder why people have stopped helping the poor? They think someone else is doing it. But governments are the least inefficient way to help the poor…it has become a Catch22 situation. When governments step in they have no way of really knowing who they are helping. At least when the churches were the avenue of help they actually knew the people they were helping. Perhaps that is why the Salvation Army is the best at this sort of thing.

      So in the end, the best each of us can do is seek to help the ones we know. But Andrea, how can we know that little niece is pregnant and needs help unless someone tells us? Cover up is the other reason few help these people. And in Canada, the family services are so intent on keeping their jobs that they keep children in Foster care until they are adults rather than enable families to adopt the children…and this is a crime! It is another bureaucracy that has gone amuck and destroyed the ones for whom it was designed. I recall a child I tutored who pleaded us to pray that he would be adopted. He was 14 years old and had been a foster child most of his life. The system stifles adoption. This is just another reason big government is a dead end road.

      If all this were bad enough, bureaucracies are headed by government ministers who have the power to bring in LAWS. Laws were intended to be made by ELECTED bureaucrats. So if each ministry makes a series of little laws before you know it you can be charged with not getting your pet’s teeth cleaned, or leaving a horse out in the rain, or letting your children play in your fenced back yard while you watch from the kitchen. It isn’t easy to find a solution but killing babies in utero is not the answer, and big government is a serious millstone we are hanging about our necks…keep thinking…see if you can find a better solution.

      • Even worse…various non-elected government ministries make regulations (laws) and then hire more people to manage the laws…and with each new bureaucrat taxes increase…”Ministers” of departments have authority to make the laws (regulations) and no one can stop them. These laws are just as firm as if the elected officials had made them so bureaucracy is a growing cancer that should be feared like a plague.

        In Canada, 8 years of Conservative government tried to reduce the bureaucracy to ease the burden on the taxpayers, thereby losing favor with unions who gain from growing bureaucracies, and who also control the employees of the mainstream media that tells you the news (what to think…they spin the news to their favor), so once bureaucracy is there it stays…people become dependent on it and it becomes an addiction that can’t be beat. That is why the news you hear is largely left wing propaganda…and why you need to hear from both sides of the spectrum if you want to really know what is going on.

    • Andrea “I see Christians very focused on illegalizing abortion but doing very little to help poor families.” It is hard to know what other Christians are doing. I too was encircled by such Christians, but then one has only to look at the Salvation Army to find a people entirely bent on helping those in need. I do think many (most?) Christians have lost their way, focusing instead on such irrelevant issues as who is in charge…who has authority…and not on being like Christ. May God forgive us and show us all the Way that is His Will!

  • in response to Tracy: “1) the Clinton’s charity – can you cite a reliable source for those numbers?” depends on what sources you consider reliable…Is the New York Times a reliable source in your view? They did a lengthy article on the Clintons:

    and there are dozens more…

    As for Hillary being ‘unhinged’, as you said, what about this:

    As for comparing Hillary to Nixon and Trump to Mussolini…you must be kidding! Comparing Hillary to a Conservative politician? Oh yeah, I get it, Nixon destroyed 15 minutes of tapes and was kicked out of the presidency and she utterly destroyed 30,000 emails and is enabled to run for president…not to mention lying about the other emails and declaring the FBI said she didn’t lie, despite the declaration that much of what she said to the American people was a lie.

    Now Trump is 70 years old (Hillary is 68 but she has relied on a political career for the last 30 odd years depending on convincing people to support her for a living, while Trump has supported himself and employed thousands of people for decades). So at 70, Trump, a successful businessman decides to give up his businesses, his liberty and his luxurious lifestyle and spend his own money in order to run like a dog from place to place, desperately seeking to spread his message, to give up his pleasure to try to become president and you think he is like Mussolini? Why would a man of his age suddenly enter politics…to become a dictator? Does this make ANY SENSE to you? A man at the end of his life, a millionaire, gives up the good life, enjoying his cash, and turning his sights on saving his country from certain demise, at least in his opinion and the opinion of millions, and people are scared of him because he talks tough?…how ridiculous is this? Have you never owned a business…do you think you can be successful in a restrictive environment like American today by talking nice like Hillary? Talking nice if for using people. Talking tough is for getting people off their behinds and getting them to be productive. It is extremely difficult to run a business in America today…the proof is that most businesses have left! If Trump’s goal was to be like Mussolini, he would have started decades ago to build up his social kingdom on the backs of taxpayers, as Hillary has done.

    As for government programs…can you understand that when government runs anything it is paid for by you…and only you…and it is done in the MOST inefficient way possible. Fairness in school funding is better served by Trump’s plan to have charter schools so parents can choose to send their children to whatever school they choose…this is education with children’s best interests in mind. Now if you want education with teachers’ best interest in mind you will forbid charter schools to protect bad teachers and enable the unions to keep all the teachers happy even if it hurts children…don’t believe this do you!

    You said “I’d also like to make sure that factories don’t pollute our air and water and treat their employees fairly and provide a safe working environment.” Excuse me but WHAT factories? Where are they? Oh they are polluting elsewhere aren’t they and their employees are in foreign countries…so you needn’t worry about pollution coming from America, it is coming from India and China on the tradewinds, only MUCH worse because there are no regulations there. Pollution controls, unions, regulations that have become the hobby of bureaucracy building, and the corrupt media have conspired to destroy American business…you would have been better off if the businesses had been cut slack, and the jobs had stayed. The pollution would not be as bad as it is now. Now you are trying to run on country while paying China enough interest on your loans to support their entire military…a very dangerous way to live…I love America and the dreams that it used to inspire…now it just inspires dependence and collectivist stagnation…so sad.

    As for the technicalities of the ERA, I don’t know how the details of how your system works…I just know that the E.R.A. never was brought in…a fact that is strange since the last Republican and Democrat governments have all been progressives…they have become like twins in their thinking…it is only that American conservatives who wish to retain the constitution and their historical nature are getting tired of the never ending changes that are making America more like a banana republic than a republic founded on Revolutionary principles of fierce individualism rather than collective feudalism that hearkens back to the collective ways of the past before the American Revolution.

    You seem to want Hillary’s government to do a lot for you…but you don’t give them million dollar donations…so don’t hold your breath. If they do anything for anyone it will be to those who are giving their foundation the big money…like foreign governments, big business, movie stars and unions. Empty promises in exchange for votes are the lot of the poor…it is all they will get from Socialism. If they wanted opportunity they would be voting Republican, at least this time. As for me I am stuck in this socialist paradise where our leader boasts about putting us into large deficits…I may just consider Ecuador whose present leader believes in freedom…what an innovative concept in a nice warm climate with mountains!


    …this item ends: “In a separate lawsuit, Judicial Watch has requested permission from the court to depose Hillary Clinton, Mr. Finney, as well as the former Director of Information Resource Management of the Executive Secretariat (S/ES-IRM) John Bentel. It is reported that CREW’s request followed the news that Lisa Jackson, Obama’s former top EPA official, used an alias email account for GOVERNMENT business named after (HER DOG!)(my emphasis). “This is evidence that Cheryl Mills covered up Hillary Clinton’s email system. She was aware of the FOIA request about Clinton’s email accounts and allowed a response to go out that was a plain lie. And you can bet if Cheryl Mills knew about this inquiry, then Hillary Clinton did, too,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “This is all the more reason for Mrs. Clinton to finally testify under oath about the key details of her email practices.”

    Seems like a race against time to get to the truth before it is too late…and the pleasant smiles continue as if nothing is happening…

  • Aaron,
    While I agree with you politically, here, you are not fair in your evaluation of Jory’s assessment of the Comp-Egal controversy. She is thorough in her understanding of Complementarianism, Egalitarianism and the Bible…and I agree with her on these…that is why I can’t understand her political about face…perhaps she hasn’t had enough time to really get over the indoctrination that she and younger people have been brainwashed by, being educationally damaged by unionized ‘teachers’ (more accurately priests) who have a distinct agenda to convert all our youth to socialism, destroying their love of country, their love of freedom and their understanding of the true nature of the American Revolution.

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