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Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. You know what, Tennyson? I appreciate your contribution to mankind and all, but seriously, shut up. If this quote was a shoe, it would be a pair of crocs.

I hate this quote because, in my opinion, there is nothing worse than being the recipient of recanted love. Sometimes people are careless with your heart. Sometimes people change. And sometimes, the person holding onto your heart isn’t equipped to hold it.

Whatever the case, lost love is intensely, painstakingly dreadful.

I once dated a man…a great, kind, hilarious, motivated man. We were in very different places in our lives. He was ready for something big and I was struggling to “adult.” I broke it off. I loved him, I truly did. But it just didn’t work. The worst part? The moment I ended things with him, I regretted it.

I spent the next two years of my life waiting for him to come back to me. I guess I thought it would be different and we would magically work. He didn’t come back. In fact, he met a wonderful, gorgeous woman, fell in love with her and married her.

I’ll never forget the night that I found out that they were engaged. I sat in my car and cried for hours. Wept, from the deep, deep parts of my soul. I wept in only a way that love can weep. I had missed him so much, and now I knew that he would never be mine again. It was the coldest feeling that I’ve ever felt.

It’s always funny to me how we can so quickly go from, “He’s not the one for me” to “My God, I can’t live without him.” It’s almost as if we don’t know what we feel. And maybe that’s it. We don’t know what we feel. We only know what our heart tells us in that moment.

The freakin heart is so deceptive.

The only hearts that I fully trust are the Reese’s Valentine hearts. They’re so dependable- the 1 Corinthians 13 candy, for sure. Beyond that, the heart is untrustworthy. It changes so much. It tricks us into thinking that we want one thing when we really want another. It guides us into feeling love when we’re actually feeling lust, loneliness, or longing.

The heart is vital to every single relationship that we will be in, but is it the most important thing? Is love enough?

In my relationship with the-one-that-got-away, love wasn’t enough. The compatibility wasn’t enough. The times that were spent laughing till our sides hurt weren’t enough. And that’s where we got tricked. “We love each other,” we thought. “This must be it.”

This confusion- the confusion that can only come out of misplaced love, caused things to end badly. We didn’t talk for months. We disliked each other. Despised each other, even. It ended on a cold summer night. We were screaming at each other. He told me that nobody would ever love me the way that he loved me. I believed him. Sometimes, if I’m being honest, in really dark and lonely moments, I still believe him.

I missed him. My god, I missed him so desperately. I’ve had a lot of people ask me why I never told him how I felt. “Why didn’t you ever tell him that you regretted it and that you loved him,” people would ask. The answer has always been the same: I never told him because I knew that I couldn’t make him happy. Let me rephrase: I knew that I could make him happy, just not the happiest that he could be.

Let’s be clear: I’m not going for martyr status here. I’m no Joan of Arc and I would flirt my way out of being burned at the stake if need be. I’m not saying this so that you all realize how wonderful I am, although you should have already realized that. I’m saying it because I think that sometimes we think that mourning a love means that we have missed it, and that, my friends, is also a pair of crocs. Camouflage crocs, even. Arguably the worst kind.

I never told him that I loved him because I knew that I wasn’t the best for him.

That realization blows, by the way. But if I loved him like I claimed to love him, wouldn’t I want the best for him? If it was real love, wouldn’t I be okay with feeling sad if it meant him being happy? That was the thing…the ONE thing…that kept me away from him.

It’s funny (and by funny, I mean intensely annoying) how God speaks to us in our moments of lonely realization. Recently God spoke to me very clearly about lost love. I was mad at God. Completely pissed off, honestly. I yelled at Him for not keeping his promises to me.

“You promised me a husband,” I told him. “You promised me happiness and love and kids and dance recitals and family barbecues. You promised me these things, God. And here I am, alone. Why won’t you keep your promises to me? Why am I not as important as everyone else? Why am I forgotten?”

God’s answer was clear and tender (Which is also super annoying when you want to just be mad and somebody fires back with kindness. Like come on…let me be angry).

Leah, God said, I have kept my promises to you. I have kept my promises by not allowing these relationships to work. I have kept my promises to you by not letting you become physical with men that you aren’t meant to be with. I have kept my promises to you by showing you the character of these men before you fall in love with them and by ending these relationships before you had to claw your way out.

I have kept my promises to you by not allowing you to love before you were supposed to love. I have kept my promises to you by allowing you to go through painful breakups and by allowing you to feel the sting of missed love.

Leah, I have kept my promises to you by not allowing you to edit what you think the promise is to fit the moment.

My promises haven’t changed. They’ve remained constant. I see your heart and know your desires, and my promises line up with them. But sometimes you want to change those. Sometimes, you want to exchange a promise for a wish. I’ve kept my promise to you by not allowing that to happen.

I’ve moved men out of your life, sometimes in very discouraging and painful ways, to make sure that my promises are secure. I’ve loved you enough to let you go through moments of loneliness and frustration. Why? Because when that moment comes when the right man, the promise fulfilled, walks into your life, you will know.

There will be no question, no insecurity. He will be the fulfillment of my promise to you, the final puzzle piece. He will be the reason why every other man seemed to drop off the face of the earth. He will be your promise, not your wish. He will be your forever, not your now. He will be yours. He is your promise.

Well, crap.

Do you ever say something that just unreasonably emotional and then someone fires back with the best and most sensible answer of all the imaginable answers, and you feel like a large donkey? Me too.

In that moment, God showed me my worth, and it wasn’t found in the love that I had received, but the love that I would receive. One day, maybe tomorrow, maybe in 40 years, I will experience a love that will make me beyond thankful for the fact that it never worked out with this guy. Or that guy. Or any of the guys.

I will rejoice in the lost love.

In that moment, every hurt and every pain will be erased because love, the right love, will have won. And that’s a moment worth waiting for. That’s a moment worth a thousand moments. That’s a moment that I will be hopeful for. How can I make it clearer?

That moment won’t be a pair of crocs.


Leah Barterian works as the Youth Program Director at Grace Christian Church in Metro Detroit, Michigan. She is extremely passionate about singleness, Red Wings hockey, social equality, and late-night snacking. She loves baked cheetos, puppies, and laughing at videos where people slip on the ice. She inexplicably hates black beans and humidity. Follow Leah on Twitter and Instagram @Leahbarterian. Explore Leah’s blog HERE.

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  • I am 60 years old, single, never married, never had a serious boyfriend and am an ordained minister. When I was 18, the Lord told me “I know you want to be married but what I have planned for you needs you to be single. You will have a unique ministry where I will move you from church to church as you use your gifts I give you and you need to be able to move when I call you to the next place. This is the crazy, wonderful, depend on Me life and ministry I have for you; it won’t be easy but I am with you every step of the way. Are you interested”? Has it always been total acceptance of the singleness on my part? No, but I know that I can come to the Lord with the loneliness, tears, frustration and pain and He listens and restores. I am His handmaiden and willing to serve.

    • Diane, honestly, it’s women like you that I am so incredibly inspired by. For a woman, it’s so natural to have that desire to get married, and so many of us counter it by saying, “Well, God will give me the desires of my heart.” I know that in my own time as a single woman, I have been able to do things that a married woman wouldn’t have been able to do. It’s not because she wouldn’t have been capable, but that she wouldn’t have been released to do so. I am so thankful for my singleness.

      Honestly, you are a pillar in the female community by obeying God. It’s women like you who pave the way for younger women to have the courage to step out and obey God, even when it seems silly or terrifying. Thank you for your obedience.

      • Leah, I hope that soon it will be easier for all women, both married and single, to fully live out their calling. That is certainly one thing we’re fighting for. Diane I’m 59 and have never been married, though I was engaged once. I am still hopeful…

      • I haven’t given up hope, either! But, being faithful to my calling comes first. On the shaking my head side, I was asked once to speak on being single at a lady’s tea that featured wedding gowns and pictures and ladies of various ages and years of marriage speaking about marriage! Who says the Lord does not have a sense of humor when opportunities like that pop up? I used 1 Corinthians 7 and focused on one is not better than the other; both are valid and equal in God’s eyes and plans. Fortunately I had given all of the bridesmaids dresses to Goodwill long ago!

  • Lost love is so hard.
    I have a very different experience than you- I was in love with someone with an addiction and ended up having to break it up. It might be a different experience, but the feelings are the same. The almost aching loss. The weeping. The regret. The realizing that love sometimes isn’t enough. The anger at God. The frustration of being single when you know what it feels like to be loved.
    “In that moment, God showed me my worth, and it wasn’t found in the love that I had received but the love that I would receive.”
    I needed to hear that.
    You aren’t alone. I admire your strength and vulnerability.

    • Thank you so much, Kayla. It’s crazy how some of the greatest moments can come from our greatest tragedies. I really believe that God brings people into our lives, but in the same way, some aren’t meant to be there forever. It’s hard when those relationships end. Like….it SUCKS.

      I always think, though, if I continue this, what is it keeping me from? If I keep pursuing this relationship that God is not a part of, what person won’t come into my life. That is the thing (sometimes the ONLY thing) that keeps me going forward.

      I’m so thankful for your support. It means the world! It’s so strengthening to know that we aren’t alone in this.

  • Oh Leah, you know my love life (the beginning of it at least) and you know that it wasn’t even love. The heartaches, the name calling, the I’m just having fun, the why am I not good enough. But I guess that was part of the plan! Love this!!

  • You write very well, Leah, and I understand exactly what you’re saying. You are probably less than half my age, and I applaud your wisdom and insight. Some of those my age wish there had been a “Leah” in our midst to help us sort things out! Blessings to you.

  • This spoke so strongly to me today…I lifted the cries of my heart to God this morning and throughout the day today(as today seemed especially hard) and this post deeply resonated with everything I’ve been feeling. Thank you so much.

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