Just a Little Update on My Ministry…

Yesterday I wrote a facebook status about how difficult it has  been for me to find a church job (outside of children’s ministry) as a woman in ministry.

Although I would take a job in a church if it was the right fit, the status was more to raise awareness of a big problem in the Church.

After that status, I had a dozen women comment and send me private messages who have had similar stories and only one woman who has had a positive and successful ministry career. I even had one woman who wrote me from Europe to tell me things are not much better for women in ministry there.

I am no longer just worried about myself getting a job. When I left my children’s pastor position over a year ago, God told me to start my own ministry and so I did. I have never been in ministry for the paycheck, but I know how it feels to look at all the male ministers around you who are less qualified than you and making a decent living.

The truth is that the more I speak out about this problem, the less likely churches will want to hire me. I settled that in my heart before I started advocating. My passion for gender equality in the Church has become greater than my desire to have a traditional church job so I am no longer actively looking for a church job.

My mission is about justice and freedom for ALL of God’s daughters. It is not just women in ministry that are getting the short end of the stick, it is women sitting in the pews too. I do believe in fighting for justice and equality and the Bible clearly says that we are ALL equal in Jesus Christ no matter our gender, race, and so on (Gal. 3:28).

The truth is that this is not my mission, this is God’s mission, and He for some reason chose me to lead this mission. My efforts will be far from perfect and I will make many mistakes, but God’s favor has been on this ministry and that is because God is tired of His daughters being treated unfairly even more than I am tired of it.

It has been one year since I started ?#?BreakingTheGlassSteeple? at jorymicah.com and the ministry has grown favorably with hundreds of supporters. The Lord has laid it on my heart to add another facet to this ministry, which I hope will help financially support the ministry I began. I will announce it soon!

I am very excited and blessed to be doing exactly what I was born to do and I don’t need a church job to do it. Ladies & gents, if we are willing to fight for justice & gender equality in the right way, things will change for the next generation. It will be a slow shift, but things will change! The way we fight is to stand on God’s Word, refuse to be silenced, and refuse to be moved – all in love.

God is doing a new thing. He is pouring out His spirit on His sons and HIS DAUGHTERS (Act 2:17). Thank you for being “freedom fighters” alongside of me!

Love ya!

Jory 🙂

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  • I’m new to your blog so I don’t know all the history behind your quest so I’m just going to make a general statement women in pastoral positions.

    I’ll be honest with you. I think it’s a struggle because of the way we’ve been trained in the patriarchal hierarchy of pastoral-ship for years. For myself, I hold a complementarian view of church leadership but from what I hear, it’s more of a soft view. Meaning if my best friend became a minister I’d be the first one to support her. A long time ago, I was invited to preach at a small church and I knew then I would never, ever be a minster or a pastor. It was my one and only sermon. That was not my calling. I have a good friend of mine, well-educated who a minister and a “feminist” who holds an egalitarian view of pastoral-ship. Then I have another friend, well-educated and an apologist who holds an complementarian view. I’m just the simple one tossed between them. hahaha.

    Both of them are breaking the mold of what women are expected to do and to be in the church. I think it the bigger picture is that women have choices to serve the Lord in many capacities. It doesn’t have to be a leadership role nor does it have to be a behind the scenes role as traditionally given. It’s whatever God calls her to be.

    What I particularly dislike is when one view pushes the other. Some women are born leaders and others are good as the support beams. Both positions are precious.

    Whenever your schedule permits, I’d love to have you on my Saturday show sometime so we can discuss it. I think it’s a wonderful topic.

  • Thank you Jory! I am with you and agree that you do not need a church to support your ministry That is because your ministry is Kingdom, and that is the new thing that God is doing in the earth. He is establishing His Kingdom. Churches gather in, and the Kingdom sends out. Your willingness to lay down your life for others is refreshing and bold! And let me just affirm you that you ARE doing the Lord’s work. I know this because the enemy is ramping up his game lately and it is because God is ramping up his – or more of His people are renewing their minds to His purposes and plans for the earth. Bless you may Grace and peace and God’s favor continue to rest on you!

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