I Wish That I Could Be Like The Cool Kids…


Have you ever wanted to be part of a clique so bad that you find yourself saying and doing stupid things just to be part? I sure have! Of course, this looks a little different as an adult. While I use to want to “get in” with the coolest and prettiest girls in school, I now want to get in with those who are most successful in my industry.

How I would love for the most intriguing female bloggers, authors and ministers to follow me on Twitter, hire me to assist their efforts and use their precious time to comment on my Facebook posts! Wouldn’t it be nice if I wrote something so creative and eye-catching that these women would let me be in their club.

I feel like I am pre-teen Jory again, hoping to sit at the popular-kid lunch table. I’ll never forget; when I was in 6th grade, our cafeteria was made up of what seemed like mile-long lunch tables. One end of the table was reserved for the coolest kids and the other end housed the “whoevers.”

I sat in the middle of the table and dreamed of moving up in my popularity. I devised a brilliant plan. I would slowly progress to my dream position without anyone even knowing it. Every few days I would move up one seat from the middle towards the cool end. I would socialize with the “kind-of-cools,” use to my charm to gain their approval, and then move forward.

As I climbed the ladder of 6th grade social success, I realized I needed to get a trendier look if I was going to sit at the cool end. My mom had just spent hundreds of dollars on my school clothes, but I decided they were way too babyish and needed to be replaced. She was a bit annoyed, but realized I was growing up and supported my need to change.

I was soon sporting what I believed to be cool girl clothing, wearing a bit of make-up, and fixing my hair better. I became obsessed with my goal and nobody was going to get in my way. By the end of the school year I had slowly made my way to sit with the A-List 6th graders. While I completed my mission and felt successful in my endeavor, it didn’t take long to realize that social acceptance was a fickle game.

Those who we consider cool, popular, and more successful than ourselves are simply human and humans are inconsistent. One day they will love us and all we represent and the next they will decide someone else is of greater value to their lives. We are blessed if we can count our true friends on one hand, but most people (even good people) are interested in furthering their personal efforts. We must not judge them because we are the same way. Our nature is to be about ourselves and it is only through Christ that we can learn to consider others more important.

Jesus was the “cool kid” when He began His ministry at age 30. Thousands of people followed Him as He was doing the most interesting things. His first miracle was magically turning water into wine. From that day forward, he had the ear of the party-animals and the wine-snobs. He healed the blind, lame, and diseased. He had the eyes of sick. He accepted women as equals and allowed them to be part of his ministry in a society that treated females as inferior. He had the hearts of the women.

He gave significance to men who had sub-par jobs as fisherman and allowed them to assist in his mind-blowing mission. He had the respect of the men. He allowed the children to climb on His lap and tug on Him when everyone else saw them as a nuisance. He had the love of the children. Jesus was popular in the beginning of his ministry, was accepted into almost every clique and his followers were plenty.

But at age 33 Jesus was gruesomely crucified on our behalf and most that loved and supported Him in the beginning of His ministry had turned on Him. At the end of His life, He was supported by only a few faithful friends and God Himself. Let us learn a lesson from Jesus’ life and focus our efforts on getting in good with the Father.

At the end of the day, our creator’s approval is all we need. Let us focus or eyes, hearts, and minds on moving closer to His magnificent glory and unconditional love. At our Lord’s lunch table, we are highly favored and His approval is unwavering.  His acceptance is not based on how creative, successful, cool, or good looking we are, but on the condition of our hearts.  If we seek the approval of God before people, He will give us the favor we need with others to further His great plan and our specific life-purposes. 

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