I Need Your Support Now More Than Ever…

Hello my friends. For the past couple of years, I was blessed to have a friend professionally design & host my blog for almost no cost. This person is now getting out of the business, so I need to renew & update my blog and find a new host. To have this professionally done, I need to raise about $2000.

I do not make money off of my blog; I work hard to write consistently, to offer my platform to guests, & to personally respond to my readers, because I am passionate about gender equality in the Christian Church, pulling people back into the Church who have walked away, & responding to cultural happenings with the Gospel and social justice.

I believe women & men should walk in complete freedom in Jesus Christ and that there is no male nor female, no race, & no social status in the Kingdom of God.

I have poured all of my own money into this ministry, because I believe in it with all my heart. I have received email after email from both women and men who are encouraged by my non-stop advocacy for gender justice and my on-going ministry to the marginalized and wounded.

I spend over 40 hours a week ministering and writing online, without a paycheck, and now I need your help.

If you believe in what I am doing and have been blessed by my work, please consider helping me fund a new blog and host. Every dollar helps. Please pray that God meets this need. Let’s continue to break the glass steeple together!

Love y’all much!
Jory Micah 🙂

Donate HERE.

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