I am Having a Party and all the Women & Losers are Invited…


Jesus was always saying strange things like the last shall be first, love the least of these, and take the seat at the table no one wants to sit at.

I think it is human nature to want a seat at the “cool table;” to want to be invited to the home of the wealthy, to want to ride shot-gun, and to want to be considered important.

Yet, if Jesus had a party, he would invite those who society calls losers, rejects, and weirdoes. He has a special heart for minorities, cripples, and even women.

Jesus Christ was the first feminist. No, not the man-bashing, pro-choice kind of feminist; but rather, the kind of feminist that respected women as ‘equals in authority’ in a society that saw women as less than human.

Jesus had zero concern for what others thought of Him. He talked to whatever loser He wanted to and treated them as peers. The religious in His day were smug and only spoke to those who pretended to be holy.

Jesus baffled the religious because they could not deny His power, intelligence, and His ability to draw a crowd.

I imagine that even the lame found a way to walk to Jesus, the blind found a way to see where Jesus was, and the dumb found a way to call out His name.

Perhaps the sinner woman who everyone looked down upon found the courage to leave her home when Jesus was in town. Once in a while a doctor, lawyer, or rich man “got it,” but most of the time it was the rejects that made Christ their Savior.

Why? Because He loved people right where they were at. He didn’t see the color of their skin, their gender, their nationality, their status, or even how spiritual they were. He simply saw a person who needed Him; someone He would willingly lay down His life for.

We are baffled by the 21 Egyptian Christians who recently were beheaded for Christ if we don’t truly know Christ. When we truly know Him, we hope to God we would have done the same thing.

I can always tell when I am drifting from Jesus. It is when I start craving acceptance of those who have “made it;” when I start counting how many “likes” I get on Facebook; and when I care too much about being considered important.

My identity and significance is not found in material possessions or tangible numbers that I can count, but in the simple fact that I am a Christian. We are not Christians by simply saying, “I am a Christian.”

A Christian is one who genuinely tries to follow the footsteps of Christ. Yes, we go through periods of struggle and our faith is weakened, but we always know we must make our way back to the Cross.

Many who “loved” Jesus did not show up when Jesus was being crucified on the cross. I will tell you who was at the cross of Jesus Christ in His darkest hour – four women.

Standing near the cross were Jesus’ mother, and his mother’s sister, Mary (the wife of Clopas), and Mary Magdalene (John 19:25).

While most the men cowered out, the women stuck around. Why? Because a woman who knows she is loved unconditionally is afraid of nothing.

Society has tried to suppress us dear sisters and they have done it by telling us that we are unlovable. Most won’t come right out and say “You are unlovable,” but they will tell you that you are not good enough the way you are.

Insecure men will tell you that you are too crazy, too fat, too ugly, too talkative, too loud,  too intelligent, or too strong to be loved. Insecure ministers will allow you to sit in their pews, teach their children, and serve the coffee; but you will be the last person to be asked to sit at the table where all the decisions are made or preach in their pulpit.

Yes darling, we have given to the church, home, and society anyways. We have taken the lower positions in life, we have ridden in the backseat, we have allowed the children to climb all over us and puke in our hair, and we have done it with great joy.

I heard a great point the other day. Mother Teresa helped to influence world leaders. No man tried to stop her leadership and ministry because no man wanted to sit around with losers, the poor, the sick, and the rejects all day long. Yet, she died as one of the most respected females of all time.

Will you join me today and the Proverbs 31 woman and laugh without fear of the future. The day is coming when the last shall be first, when the least of these will be recognized, and when the Lord Jesus Christ will raise us to our proper place in the Kingdom – as queens who equally rule this world, side by side, with the amazing men who will “get it.”

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  • I know this is not your main point, but for clarification, a Christian is one who knows he/she can not
    possibly follow in Christ’s footsteps, who totally leans on grace in the midst of being totally incapable
    of the above. The self-righteous Christian thrills at that statement because it gives her a standard
    to achieve, a moral list to check off, a good deeds register, and it also chills her because oops she fell short. Well, more trying tomorrow. Thankful for Jesus’ righteousness and the power of the Spirit of freedom from fear of making a misstep!

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