I am a Pro-Life Feminist!


The other day on Twitter I was asked what kind of feminist is not “pro-choice?”  I said, “a Christian feminist.”  She was beyond baffled.  I am not sure what is so confusing about it.  I am “pro-life” in all aspects – I am against both abortion and the death penalty.

We can debate theology all day long on many topics, but I am pretty sure the Bible is pretty clear about murder.  I have always struggled to understand how any Christian could be staunchly “for” the death penalty when God has made it abundantly clear that we are all sinners in need of grace.

Don’t get me wrong; I am for earthly justice!  I believe that people who do sick and twisted things should be locked up, but I cannot justify (as a Christian) one sinner taking another sinner’s life.  Where is the redemption in this?

Are we not to think eternally?  Can we not see past our human eye-for-an-eye mindset and hope that a “sick & twisted” prisoner might come to know Christ as their personal Lord and Savior while they carry out their life-sentence?  Are we not in the business setting the prisoner’s heart free?  Do our souls thirst for blood and is this not revenge?  Does Jesus not raise the standard to love our enemies?

Just as I will not allow “the right” to put me in some sort of un-Christlike box, I will not allow “the left” to define me either.

I get that someone being “pro-choice” does not mean that they themselves would ever get an abortion; it simply means that they believe a woman who is pregnant has the right to choose whether or not she will abort her unborn child.

Here is the thing, God says clear as day “I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb.  Before you were born I set you apart… (Jeremiah 1:5).”  We either believe the Bible or we don’t.  We either believe in the sanctity of human life (across the board – sinner or unborn baby) or we don’t.

The church’s influence on political matters is crazy powerful and I think this is a battle worth getting involved in.  If God knew every person before they were ever even conceived, should we not try and protect life?  Or, should we just sit back and say, “Well, it’s your body, so kill your unborn fetus if you want to!”

This is a simple debate of humanistic ideas or God ideas.  Does life start at 5 weeks, 10 weeks, 20 weeks or does it start at the very moment of conception if God said that He knew us even before conception?

If we try and think as God thinks our perspective changes.  I do think it is strange that we have to tell women that they should not get abortions.  I think it is as strange as us telling women not to murder their infants.  No one wants to tell another human being what to do with their own body or their own kid, but should we just say the hell with it even if we truly believe it is murder?

It is my opinion that being “pro-life” is just as “feminist-friendly” as being “pro-choice.”  If everyone was “pro-choice,” there would be no road blocks, and many regretful procedures that teen girls and women are often pressured into by scared boyfriends and parents.  Do women not deserve better than abortion?

This is not an argument of the mother’s safety.  All practicality points to aborting a pregnancy if it will save the life of the mother.  Rather, this is a question of do we value human life before it was ever formed or do we not?  If we do, then we will not go down without a fight – not because we want to pry on a woman’s body, but because we want her to truly understand her actions – particularly if she believes in God and cares what He thinks.

Abortion is not a new concept and will most likely never completely be outlawed, but if Christians decide to lay down this battle, there will no longer be any buffers and it will not take long before abortion becomes common.  When abortion becomes the norm, it my opinion that infanticide and murder in general will become more rampant.

Lastly and most importantly, this post in no way is meant to cause condemnation of women who have had an abortion in their past.  We are all sinners and we all have skeletons in our closet.  I have spoken to several women who had abortions when they were younger and now speak out against how devastating the procedure was on them psychologically and emotionally.

I believe that abortions are not just traumatic for the unborn baby, but also for the mother, which is why I believe fighting against “pro-choice” is actually fighting for women.  We are more than a body – we are a mind, heart, and spirit and our choice to take another human life can and will hurt us more than we are often prepared for.

There is grace for us – forgiveness and moving on with our lives, as Jesus is the redeemer of ALL life!

To hear actual voices of those who have had abortions and mourn the loss, visit http://www.feministsforlife.org/voices-of-women-who-mourn/ (no one should have to walk this out alone).

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  • After reading, I guess I would have to call myself “anti-abortion” rather than pro-life, because I
    do think the death penalty is necessary for a just and safe society. It does not fit the definition of murder, in the way that abortion does. Jesus did not relieve the thieves of their consequences for
    their societal crimes. He did call one into paradise to be with him forever, thus forgiving his sins.
    Yes, we are to love our enemies and pray for them, but that does not mean that the death penalty is wrong. There is story after story of God administering swift justice in establishing His nation. Was He wrong? He gives the government the sword to maintain a just society, which is quite different
    from me retaliating against my enemy.

    This is what I think, but your post always makes me rethink!!! Thank you for
    sharing your stand on this. You just love to stir my brain!!!

    • Hey Betty! Thanks for your thoughts! I always love to hear them! 🙂

      Here are my thoughts on your response.

      1. We see God “killing off man” for their sins in the OT, but we see Him dying for the sins of mankind in the NT. The New Covenant was a game-changer and our new example is Jesus Christ – which is a higher bar – loving those who sin against us.

      2. No, God was not wrong for “killing his enemies” because God is perfect and can do what he deems fit. The death penalty is one sinner saying “your sins are worse than mine, so I am going to kill you for it.”

      3. As for society function, recent studies have shown that the death penalty actually ends up costing the government (us) more money than imprisoning someone for life because of all the court appeals that take place.

      4. Most importantly, as Christians, we should be thinking eternally. Even if someone killed my mother, I should want them to spend eternity in heaven (even though I would most likely want them to burn in hell). The goal of Christian thought is to forgive our enemies and hope that God redeems their life. Why would we not want them to have as much time here on earth as possible to find Christ before they die? Do we not ALL deserve hell, but no Christian is given what they deserve.

  • There are so many variables involved in this. Woman have died trying to end pregnancy all over the world. There are just too many resources in America to have a baby to term and give the baby to someone else. What of China? What about the children in other countries and in this one that get left out in the street, to fend for themselves like animals. More responsibilty needs to be taught, that babies are not kitties or puppies. Wild animals kill their young if they sense to. We’re not wild, we’re humans. However barbaric we’ve been as a human race in the past….abortion isn’t birth control. The statistics of mental health issues after an abortion are staggering. Every single woman I know who has. had an abortion regrets doing it. There is not a single woman I have talked with who is ok with the choice they made to abort their babies and I’ve talked with women who have had abortions in past. generations, who were forced by their own families to abort. Although there are different walks that got the woman or young woman to the clinic..my opinion is if you’re healthy and the baby. is healthy..then there’s no reason to have an abortion other than a selfish reason. You do not have to keep your baby if you feel you can’t care for the baby! There’s millions of people out there who are capable of caring for and want a child! If these women knew the personal hell of guilt they’re going to go through, they would think twice. What these women absolutely do not need are prolife people telling them they’re going to hell and pushing and shoving them when they visit a clinic. Of course, the abortion clinic is not helpful either. If they were given all the. real facts, they probably wouldn’t do it. There is no situation you can’t get through while pregnant, it is you who chose to have sex and all the consequences. In the case of rape and other forced instances, there lies another obstacle…the baby didn’t ask to be formed..just like. we didn’t ask to be either. There’s just too much help for a pregnant woman in this country, for them to pick abortion when they’re healthy and can carry the. baby is selfish and self-serving. Of course,I.am not referring to those woman whom it is a medical need to term.a pregnancy..there are always exceptions when it comes to.weather or not the mother can or cannot carry.

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