How Could They Have Known I’d Love You Forever? (Happy Birthday, Baby!)


I was just getting to know you when we walked into that ball fashionably late. It was you, me & two black beauties out on a “friend date.”

Upon arrival, we went our separate ways to see who we would see, but I hoped our chemistry would lead you straight back to me. Walking alone as I so often do, another man assumed my time; but he soon introduced me to you, so all was just fine.

How could he have known we came into the ball together? How could he have known I’d love you forever?

When you smiled and reached out your hand to shake mine, I knew that you were gold; and when you played along as if we had never met, my heart was completely sold.

My feet kept on going with another; but it became clear, he was simply a brother. He led me away, but I could still hear you talking; moving apart, but intrigued by your smooth walking.

Mingling with ease as if it was your art; he had my arm, but YOU had my heart.

How could he have known we came here together? How could he have known I’d love you forever?

I met you just a few weeks prior when my roommate brought you to our dorm. Your soft but stubborn energy told me; “I’m tough to shake, don’t you dare go easy; I’m searching for a storm?”

My feminine soul said, “Well OK then handsome, my name is Tornado.” Your masculine soul responded, “Well hello there beautiful, my name is Volcano.”

How could my roommate have seen that we would forever clash in order to become grown? How could she have heard what God & the universe has always and forever known?

From that day forward we kept “somehow” ending up in all the same spaces. I’d effortlessly spot you out among a sea of common faces.

I became one of many enthralled by your sensitive strength, inspiring intelligence, charming personality  & gracious power; no longer would I be only a seminarian in this most memorable hour.

I’d become a curious student of the School of “Lucas David,” which means “Beloved Light of God.”  Here I’d learn about a sacred power that seeks to spare its rod. You’d forever teach me about our Savior in our hearts and up above; not with empty words or intimidating masculine authority; but with your tender heart of love.

I had to know all there is to know about this mysterious man. Who was he? Where was he going? Could I fit into his plan?

Was he humble & patient enough to keep up with a storm? Was he strong enough in Christ to become my new norm? Did he value himself enough to love others or would he be led by his ego like so many brothers?

Where would we go together if we chose to become one? Would I be safe in his care? Would we have lots of fun?

Does he have his own thoughts & dreams or would he lose focus and feed off of mine? Was he his own person; could he independently deal with time?

No longer a boy, but not yet a man; could I be brave enough to surrender to this insanely risky plan? A leap of faith this sort of love would require; if I said yes, could & would we together grow higher?

Though my heart & body loudly screamed,  “Yasssss!!!!”, my logic still worried that I was way too obsessed. Beloved by many, but truly known by few; who is this young man and what will he do?

Would it matter one bit that he could keep pace with a tornado if I was unable to slow down, trust and keep peace with a volcano?

Could my infatuation evolve into actual love? Could I handle many moments of heartbreak for unknown purposes of above?

Could a tornado really become one with a valcano without destroying ourselves & one another’s lives? My emotions said “yes, I think they can; but I must be wise.”

The day you placed that ring of promise on my finger, I still didn’t know; but my Spirit whispered to my logic, “hush now child, be still & GO.”

Through a decade of blind faith, our souls slowly became one. My love, we are the moon revolving around the sun. Sometimes we wander off from the SON deep into the sky. Sometimes we suffer greatly and sometimes we must cry.

But you can be sure I’d choose you again and again above any other brother; because you alone were designed by God to be my one and only lover.

How could our (oh so often concerned) family and friends understand a lifetime of passion this reckless? How could they have felt what we felt when we left each other breathless?

How could they have recognized that the God of the universe has brought us together? How could they have known that I’d love you forever?


Happy 35th Birthday, Baby! You still have my heart and you still have exactly what it takes to fulfill all of the dreams that God placed on your heart many years ago. I am still completely obsessed, inspired, infatuated and in love with you! As you faithfully climb an unexpected & oftentimes difficult career path while navigating the hardships, boredom & non-sense of everyday life, I curiously & passionately await the day when we finally discover what all of the struggles were for and the crucial position you were born to fulfill; and you can be sure that I will be the one standing beside you and cheering you on though every twist & turn and up & down. I am yours and you are mine; thus, I will always bet ALL of my chips on you and never count the cost when we lose, because I know that we must first lose to win! Keep shining, Lucas David! I am so proud of you!

Yours Truly,

Jor (XoXo)

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