God’s Will: Housewife or Career Woman?

1Yesterday I had a conversation with a man in his late 50’s who believes women would be much happier if they assumed “their natural roles in the home” as he put it. His perspective was this:

Women like to be in control of everything around them and when they are in the home they can do this. But when they are out in the world they cannot do this. His example was that only a woman can control a man (her husband) who has been out doing business all day, hiring and firing, and being oh so mighty and powerful. She says, “take off your shoes” and he does.

I disagreed with so many things he said, but I really tried to listen to his heart. He said he had been divorced twice and that no matter what he said and did he couldn’t seem to please women.

I determined that this man has a perspective and his perspective is gleaned from his experience. He deems women to be unhappy creatures. Actually I think he has a point to some degree. Women are often displeased with life, but it is not necessarily because we are not at home in our place, so to speak.

Perhaps for some women, this nice man was correct. I have close friends who dream of being stay-at-home moms, becoming Pinterest queens, and cute-apron wearing wifey’s; but I also have close friends who might rather have their left pinky cut off than have children, enjoy the competitive world of business, and can’t bear the thought of staying home all day.


Further, I have close friends who want to do it all. They want to be a great mom, wife, and career woman. They know it will not be easy, but it is a sacrifice they are willing to make to better their family’s lives and to better themselves.  Many of these women grew up with very little and desire to give their kids the best lives possible.  This path is perhaps the most difficult path and the last thing these women need is ridicule!

I believe women are often “unhappy” because they are not permitted by society to simply be themselves. One woman’s natural habitat is at home, while another woman’s natural habitat is in a courtroom. Some women are mommy-blogging-coupon-lovin’ gurus while other women are medical and financial geniuses using their gifts to help others and earn a living.

1The point is that women need to be allowed to make their own choices for their life. For far too long, women have been told what they should be, who they should be, what they should do, and how they should do it. Guess what, women can think for themselves!

Can I be real here? Nothing irks me more than a woman who doesn’t support women unless they do things “her way.” God does not have one specific “way” when it comes to this issue so why do we so often demand our sisters in Christ to think as we do?  Can we not be part of stopping the war and choose the highest command of all:  to love God and to love others? 

Can we not set our opinions aside in the name of love, grace, and a peaceful girl-world? Accepting that our girlfriends can hear from the Lord themselves is key to healthy relationships and mature spirituality. If we are unable to do this, then we have bigger problems such as self-righteousness (one of the very few things Jesus had no tolerance for).


Many try and use the Bible to control women. Guess what folks, there was a female judge in the Bible named Deborah (Judges 4), a business woman named Lydia who made and sold purple cloth (Acts 16:14), and a female Apostle named Junia (Romans 16:7). As a side note: In Bible times, apostles were considered of much higher authority than lead pastors (the famous “Paul’ & “Peter” were apostles).

Were there more females during “Bible times” in the home fashioning their lives after the Proverbs 31 Woman? I would venture to say yes. But in no way does this mean that God has called every woman to replicate this model exactly.

Proverbs 31 is not even speaking of a real-life woman. The passage is a beautiful poetic expression originated in Jewish culture and its purpose is to celebrate how amazing women already are. It was never meant to be some sort of high-bar to try and live up to. It is a celebration of you and me; not a mandate to be some sort of perfect woman. Let go of the striving. Choose freedom. Jesus wants your heart more than your service.

Don’t let anyone put you in some sort of box and then bang you over the head with the Bible. The Bible is meant to be liberating for women; not a big scary rule book that is used to “put us in our place.” Be who you are and tune out the haters. Work towards figuring out your unique natural habitat and make the sacrifices necessary to dwell there. Be an individual. Find your identity and self-confidence in Christ and know that if He is for you girlfriend, who can be against you?

What shall we say about such wonderful things as these? If God is for us, who can ever be against us (Romans 8:31)?

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  • Speaking of Career women which Most of them are so very high maintenance, independent, selfish, spoiled, greedy, picky, and so very money hungry which really speaks for itself how women really have Changed over the years.

    • I find this to be an untrue, subjective statement. Perhaps this is your experience, which I don’t discount, but in my experience most career women are very sacrificial people. They are simply trying to figure out a way to love their husbands, children, and follow their own dreams (and use their gifts) at the same time.

      • The real problem with many Career women is that they will Never at all go with a man that makes much Less money than they do since so many of us Good men work hard as it is and make just enough to get by which i will say is good enough for me. Many women today really want the Best and will Never settle for Less because of their Greed And Selfishness that they carry around with them wherever they go since it is all about Money for them which makes it a real shame for us since trying to meet a Good woman that can Accept us for who we really are is very Difficult since we really Can’t Blame ourselves at all. It does take two to tangle which you can really see how hard it is for many of us men since i have friends of mine that have the same problem as well. Quite a Change in the women of today compared to many of the Good old fashioned women of years ago that were Never like that at all since Both Men And Women in those days really Struggled to make ends meat which today many women are very Spoiled.

  • Just too many Career women out there these days that have really Ruined many of us Good men already and continue to do so Unfortunately.

  • Oh, I love this!! Thank you for your encouragement. I am a career woman. I’ve always loved finance and business and leadership. I’m of the strong belief that when we operate in the giftings and calling God has placed on us, that is when we find the most contentment. My ex-husband always made me feel like less of a Christian because according to him, he should be the “leader” of the house and I should be in charge of cooking, cleaning and looking after the children. He had a very traditional view of what marriage and family should look like, which I always struggled with. Surely marriage can look differently? Surely we can act with respect and equality and value each person’s contribution and calling?

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