For The Broken Ones…


Last Sunday during worship God began to give me a vision for my life and for those who have ears to listen. I saw a pottery studio. The front windows had beautiful, perfectly crafted clay vases on display for all to marvel at. The inside was messy as one would expect any art studio to be. I especially noticed all the broken cups and vases lying around and in the garbage.

The Lord began to whisper to my heart, “I find the most beauty in the broken ones.” Tears began to run down my cheeks as I pondered all the broken situations in my life. I pictured myself at the potter’s wheel anxiously striving to make something that resembled the perfect vases in the window.

The more I strived, the more I failed, angrily casting one broken item after another in the garbage. God began to speak to me about the beautiful vases on display. He showed my heart that those vases represented two types of people – Those who have become experts at pretending their lives are perfect and those who have allowed God to use their brokenness to form something magnificent.

Sometimes it is difficult to tell the difference between the two types unless we truly know the “beautiful vases.” Love is always the key difference. How fiercely do the “beautiful ones” love God and others? God began to ask me if I would trust Him with all that is broken in my life or if I would keep throwing away what I deemed as “lost causes.”

There are things in my life that seem way too damaged to be fixed. My human nature wants to either strive in my own way to repair them or toss them out to start over. Again, Jesus started to speak to my heart, “The more damaged the better.”

God was showing me that he takes great delight in restoring broken lives because it is this kind who will give Him the most glory when they are made into a beautiful expression of God’s love, grace, and creativity.

What is broken in your life today darling? Is your marriage on the rocks? Are your children struggling? Is your health failing you or a loved one? Are you in financial ruin? Have you had a falling out with a good friend? Are you struggling with the same sin over and over? Are you anxious and depressed? Have you been abused or are you an abuser who can’t seem to get your anger under control? Do substances such as drugs, alcohol, and food own you? Has selfishness and pride got the best of you?

Whatever it is my friend; your creator sees you and desires that you give Him your broken pieces. He cannot fix us if we are not honest and humble with Him. We must stop striving to be perfect on our own accord. Self-help is not a bad thing, but trusting Jesus with our brokenness is the first step. He will then show us the steps we need to take to help ourselves and hold our hand through the process. He will then display you for the world to see and you will say, “My God turned my ugliness into magnificence” and you will be a shining example to the world.

So I went down to the potter’s house, and there he was working at his wheel (Jeremiah 18:3).

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