Finding Jesus in PMS

_MG_0037 (1)Ladies, send me lots of hearts and make sure they are filled with candy and carbohydrates. Men, pray for my poor husband. Slow people; get the hell out of my way. Oh wait, I mean heck – momentary lapse of “Perfect-Christian-Syndrome.” Children, oh the dear children; is duck tape considered abusive these days? All loony doctors in the area; clear your schedules!

I don’t know about you sister, but days before “the day” all hell breaks loose in my neck of the woods and I become the spawn of Satan Himself! Hiding all the chocolate is literally the kindest thing I do for others during those few glorious days. Sleep? Who needs sleep? I will tell you who needs sleep. I NEED SLEEP!

Estrogen owns me for about 2-5 days a month. She is oh so powerful of a persuader. She convinces me that I am invincible and that everyone should hear me roar. She gives me power to speak up about everything I have been suppressing all month long. She is a beast; a true force to be reckoned with!

Oh and the things she begs me for only feeds her crazy: candy, wine, chocolate, white bread, lazy days, NSAIDS, Tylenol, white pasta, and have I mentioned chocolate yet? Hormonal imbalance is something I have suffered with for years, which at least partially explains migraines and difficulty sleeping at times.

The answer to overcoming hormonal imbalance is simple, but anything but easy. It is essentially living holistically, organically, fitly, peacefully, and pretty much perfectly. It is certainly a journey, not a destination. So in the meantime, I am searching for Jesus in my PMS!

Is Jesus is in my temper tantrums? Is He is my extreme irritability? Or how about in my lack of self-control and ability to turn into a three-year-old child? Where is Jesus when I seriously feel like I am losing my mind? Do you ever wonder when your husband will say, “Oh girl, it’s been a ride knowing you, but this is not what I signed up for?”

I believe that Jesus is in the business of mercy! I believe that during PMS craziness Jesus is right there cheering us on saying, “C’mon girl, you got this; put down that glass of wine and loaf of French bread and come rest at my feet for a while.”

In which we reply, “But Jesus, I want wine, chocolate, and bread more than I want you right now.” In which He replies back, “I know you do baby girl, but right now it is your soul that needs fed because these few days feel a bit like war for you.”

Of course, many months Estrogen wins the battle, but it is OK because there is always next month (and the next month and the next month until menopause) to make healthier physical, mental, and spiritual choices.  Plus, she helps me say things I really do need to speak up about (I just usually say it way too harshly).

If you too suffer with extreme PMS, here is my serious sisterly advice to you. Take this verse to heart: Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy (Matt. 5:7). Three weeks out of the month, strive to be the most merciful human being alive because when estrogen shows up and decides to wreck havoc, at least God and the people in your life will be more apt to show you undeserved grace! Oh, and never forget to say “I am sorry” even if you make the same mistakes over and over and people are sick of hearing it!

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  • BRAVO! I am not a sweets person..but once a month during what I call my multiple personality visits…dark chocolate and really ANYTHING chocolate is not safe from me! I really, and I mean REALLY, needed this today! Thank goodness for your blog!!!

  • Oh my goodness Jory!! My hormones are all over the place!! I don’t always have my once a month’s, sometimes there are more like once every 3 to 6 months. PMS doesn’t even begin to explain what happens to me! LOL My poor husband says that I can PMS for months!!! I do feel bad for him so much! And it’s different every time, but man I feel ya girl!!!! You had some great words of advice! When we watch our attitudes and our words normally it becomes easier to not loose it during hormonal days!! But chocolate! Oh gurl Easter chocolate is so my fav!!! It’s on right now!!! LOL

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