Fifty Shades of Lame

7When did married sex become unsexy? Can I be honest? A couple years ago when Fifty Shades of Grey hit the scene like some sort of super erotic earthquake, I couldn’t help but borrow the book (somehow I was justified if I didn’t actually pay for it). I had to know what all the fuss was about!

I read the first chapter. I was glued to the pages. I read the second chapter and I felt myself becoming addicted. I couldn’t put it down. I had eyes for nothing or no one. I had caught Christian Grey fever.

I got through the first 3 or 4 chapters and started having sexual thoughts that I had never had before. I started comparing and you know what happens when us girls start comparing. Things get very scary for everyone involved.

Thankfully, I never broke out the whips and chains, but I certainly considered it (don’t act like you never thought about it). Suddenly married sex was boring sex. Suddenly I wanted; no, I NEEDED more.

11With every chapter I read, God’s voice got louder and louder. Chapter one, God whispered “Jory, not a good idea.” It was easy to ignore. Chapter two, God softly spoke, “Time to give that book back.” Again, I ignored Him. Chapter three & four, I shut off my heart to God’s voice (I needed to know what would happen next; would you be quiet God)?

Chapter five, God demanded I lie it down. If you know God, you know that He is quite the gentleman and sometimes He is easy to push aside until He is ready to get your attention. Then watch out! He is like a protective daddy and if I didn’t dislike guns I would compare Him to the Rodney Atkins song “Cleaning This Gun (Oh calm down gun activists – you are reading about SEX).”

When God says enough, that means enough and that time I was wise enough to listen. I gave the book back as soon as I could. Just having it in my house was like a cokehead having a bag of blow in the house. One more second and I would have devoured the whole book in one night.

Once I got rid of my stash, I was able to think clearly again. I can’t believe a “Jesus Feminist” like me wanted Christian Grey to beat the crap out of me and make me sign some sick, possessive contract. Talk about making abusing women look sexy and appealing.

9I don’t talk about the devil all that much because I don’t like when Christians give him too much attention and power, but if this was not one of his schemes to further suppress women, I don’t know what is! I hate him so much for tricking me for even five chapters. Did you get fooled too?

If so, you are not alone girlfriend!  But I choose married-sex! I choose true love, which is always satisfied with their lover. I choose freedom from abuse and sexual manipulation! I choose to advocate for females all around the world who are being forcefully raped, controlled, and tortured; the ones who would never sign over their sexual rights if they had rights in the first place.

I choose to be an American woman who uses her freedom for good and is not blind to these facts. I won’t allow myself to get caught up in some twisted fairytale again.  Instead I will focus my efforts on setting the captive free. 


Will you?

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  • Jory,

    You have NO IDEA how refreshing your blog was for me today…I’ll be honest, I too fell into the Christian Grey faze but justified it with “I’m reading it for the love story and the character development of Christian…” What a load of CRAP! Finally I too deleted the books (I love my Kindle!) and now whenever I see someone reading or talking about the book I cringe a little bit…especially if it is married women…this book is making us lust after someone who we are not married too!! As Valentine’s Day comes closer, and with it the release of the movie “Fifty Shades of Grey” I hope that women will take a stand and not go. Stand up for your marriage ladies and gentlemen and, as Paul tells us in Epehesians, respect your husbands and wives and choose not to go…even if your spouse begs you.

  • LOL. She doesn’t sign the contract. Christian Grey reveals the reason why he’s into BDSM. His character was sexually molested and forced to be a submissive as a young teen by a much older “friend” of the family. He doesn’t beat her, because of her innocence..she helps Christian heal from the older woman who destroyed him. They get married and have two children.

  • Yes, it is a highly erotic book. Perhaps the BDSM part didn’t inflict any emotions from me, because I’ve seen so much crap growing up it’s actually boring to me. Real true love is exciting to read about. I didn’t find the books lustfull..I plowed through all three trying to determine what all the hype was about. Quite frankly, if one is not familiar with consensual BDSM, then I can see why housewives and woman who have no idea what it is..get all lustful about it. The point is, if it takes you away from your intended or your husband then you probably shouldn’t be reading it. Even Christian romance novels can make you lust after another. I guess what I’m saying is, I’ve read all three objectively..the main female character has to battle more than just his issues ..she’s gotta get past his adoptive family thinking she’s after his money.. there’s more too it than just wanton carnality. It ends with them being married and him being free from his literal chains.

    • Thanks for your comments. Like I said, I never finished the book, so didn’t know how it ended. I just know how the first five chapter made me feel and how God told me personally to stop reading it. That doesn’t mean he calls everyone not to read it. I like this comment of yours: “Even Christian romance novels can make you lust after another.” So true! Satan is very sneaky and whatever it is we are tempted by, we should avoid. To each their own! 😉

  • FYI I don’t plan on seeing the movie. Hollywood has made it all about the sex and that is not what the story is about at all. It’s really sad actually.

  • I read part of the book and was disgusted and I’ll tell you why. I worked with our counties Sexual Abuse Nurse Examiner and DA office with abused children of all ages. I helped examine/photograph pediatric victims.

    Christian Grey is a product of being abused as a teen and now treats women the way he was treated.

    I saw enough in real life, why would I want to read it in a book.

  • My friends convinced me that it was a lovely love story, so I began to read. I am no prude, but quite frankly got tired of the sex after the first few chapters. Any love story was lost in the stupid sexual situations. Yes, when a man and woman are being chased by a murderer they pull into a parking lot and have sex! I simply got bored with every page about sex so I skipped past those pages. Not impressed with the first book, my friends convinced me that you have to read the first two books because I would be so thrilled with the third. I took the bait. At the end I thought it was the dumbest, most boring books I ever read. I was never titillated, never fantasizes, only bored. Skipping through the sexual pages allowed me to finish the trilogy in three days rather than two weeks. In the end, there was no love story. Boring!

  • This book obviously evokes strong emotions on all sides. I just don’t feel it was well written enough to merit being a movie. The plot was REALLY good without the BDSM drama. The author I believe has children..if I ever write a book not suitable for my kids to understand..or read then I would certainty write under a different name and have my picture no where. I’m writing a battle book currently about all the crap kids have been exposed to and attempted to turn the storyline to my overall beliefs that God always wins the good vs. evil battle..I just don’t understand how this book promotes torture, when the woman’s character is so strong she gets him away from all the sick twistedness that’s in his heart. I very much respect people’s opinions. There are plenty of well written books out there..this author was very irresponsible about how she described the situations

  • Although I do agree the book was very was there no love story concept? They got married and had two children. She was pregnant with their second child at the end of the book.

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