Dear Future Daughter


Dear future daughter,

I hope you will stand tall when this world tries to beat you down. I hope you will call out injustice, and stand for what is right and true, even if you have to stand alone.

There are many cowards in this world.

They will seek to minimize who you are. They will break your heart, sweet girl, but don’t allow your heart to become hard and callused. It’s more than OK to be sensitive, to cry, to be angry, and to scream into your pillow. It’s OK to stick up for yourself, but never sink down to the coward’s level.

You have a defense team, my daughter, that never loses. That’s right, those cowards can speak harsh words against you and take away opportunities you wanted, but they can never steal your identity. You are the daughter of the highest authority that exists; the God of this universe has given you your voice, and no one can take away your voice.

Yes, they will try, my love, but God will not let them.

You were born to be a light, and darkness is threatened by light, because it exposes the evil in people’s hearts. I know you are small in stature, but you are mighty, little one. You will take small stones, and bring down great big giants with just one throw. You were not put on this earth to be anyone’s pedestal or be anyone’s assistant.

You were put here to shine in your own right.

The cowards hate it when you shine, and they will try to blow out your light, but the light that lives in you will keep shining. No one can take your life from you, because you do not fear death. We are not of this cruel world. People will say they are religious, but religion, without God, will be more cruel than any other force you will face.

There will be times that you run to the Church, but the Church will fail you. Then, you will run to your friends, but your friends will fail you. You will run to your family, and even they will fail you. There is no one you can count on, my daughter, except your God.

Our God is a God of joy and freedom. His desire is that you dance barefoot, among wild flowers.

The Spirit calls you to rise up, when this world knocks you down. She will not let you stay down, my sweet girl. The rules and the laws that the religious and the world put on you will feel like heavy weights on your shoulders. At times, the oppression will feel unbearable, and you will wonder why God put you on this unjust earth.

You will feel alone sometimes and you will wonder if anyone will come to your rescue. You will wonder if God is even real, among all the suffering you feel and see. You will want to give up sometimes, but if you trust in the Lord alone, He will renew your strength and you will learn to fly again.

My love, I beg you not to fear.

Fear is our greatest enemy. It continuously lies to us and keeps us from stepping into our fullest identity. I pray you will understand that no one can take your life from you, if you willingly lay it down for what is right, just, and true. I pray you would choose love over fear every time.

Many people are cowards, and cowards are afraid of strong girls, who decide to be themselves no matter the costs. The cowards will try to silence you; they will tell you that you are too much, or not enough. They will find devious ways to try to silence you and minimize your power. But you must be who you are anyway.

The cards are stacked against us women, so we must always stick together.

Seek to encourage your girlfriends. Come to your sister’s defense when you see cowards beating her down.

Do not let the cowards steal your joy for very long; don’t allow them to make you bitter. You were meant to be free, my sweet girl. You were meant to run carelessly and love without restraint.

I pray you will never let anyone clip your wings and put you in a cage. I pray that, when you see other girls in cages, you would risk it all to set them free. Little girls were born to fly all the days of their lives.

Let no one tell you that you can’t.

Laugh in the face of humans who try to limit you. Know who you are, brave one; a royal child of God, who is more valuable than all the riches in the world.


Your Future Mother


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