Life With God

This is my main blog spot where I hope to share educated ideas on how to live life for God in a reasonable and practical way. I will always try to be authentic and non-judgmental in my approach because that is how I would want a girlfriend to speak to me. Sometimes my ideas may seem contrary to what you have been taught your whole life or to what relevant culture is teaching, but I always strive to come from a place of truth and love. I think outside of the box, sometimes in black & white, and other times in gray. I am conservative in some things and liberal in others. It’s best not to try and pin me down, because I may surprise you. Although I am strong-willed and confident, I am kind hearted and sensitive, so please be kind when you disagree. With that said, I am aware that I am far from perfect and do not know everything and I am open to changing my opinion if your argument makes more sense than mine, so please feel free to comment on any post that interests you.