A Summit in Texas We Do Not Want to Miss (this April)


Last year I attended a summit that deeply impacted my heart, mind, and mission of “breaking the glass steeple.”

It’s called the Marcella Summit, and it was dreamt up by friend and co-worker in equality for women in ministry, Dr. Jackie Roese.

Let me first tell you about Jackie, if you don’t already know who she is. I first met Jackie at a women’s conference I was invited to preach at in Chicago, and I fell in love with her at first sight. First of all, she was wearing a Free People shirt, which is my favorite clothing brand, so I knew we were going to get along just fine.

Jackie was the main speaker at the conference and she brought her very cool husband along. The first thing she said from the pulpit was, “I brought my man, to help me get around, since I never know where I am going.” I chuckled inside, because I never know where I am going either, which is why I try to bring my husband with me when I speak as often as possible too. Jackie has a very loud and aggressive personality, with an incredibly soft heart.


She has a contagious passion for women and girls worldwide, and her goal is to help the conservative church see female potential for leadership. Since Jackie was the main speaker at this conference, everyone wanted her time, so I was honored that she took the time to sit down and have two separate meals with me.

As she sipped on her wine, she spoke of her ministry. She runs around Texas teaching women how to teach the Bible; she is equipping women to be ministers and sometimes does not make one dime doing it. Needless to say, Jackie is the real deal, and I am proud to be associated with her and any ministry project she is up to.

This is why I have decided to attend the Marcella Summit yet again this April 21st -23rd of 2017, at 104 Balcones Springs Dr., Marble Falls, TX 78654. I cannot begin to tell you how beautiful this resort is, just outside of Austin.

It is off the beaten trail, and it is beyond peaceful. I consider myself an expert in egalitarian theology, but my mind was challenged and stimulated last year by the speakers that were brought into this event.


(Carolyn Custis James was a speaker last year)

Not only this, but this event is fun and unlike any Christian event I have ever attended. There is actually a cocktail and cigar hour; can you believe that? How cool and non-legalistic is that?

Further, I met so many new egalitarian friends who thought like me and who are in full support of women in ministry and the full humanity of women and girls in general.

Everyone was so kind and did I mention how breathtaking the resort is?


The beds were comfortable and the food was excellent. The entire event renewed my soul and passion for egalitarian ideals. I came home energized and had networked with so many amazing like-minded people.

If you cannot afford this event, there is a scholarship program you can apply for. If you want to support this event, but cannot make it, you can support someone else by contributing to the scholarship program.

This event is all about moving our egalitarian cause further. This event is very inclusive of all types of Christians. In fact, even open-minded complementarians attend this event. The goal is to change hearts and minds towards a fully inclusive church.

We want to see women fully celebrated as pastors, preachers, apostles, Bible teachers, worship leaders, evangelists, missionaries, and in all leadership positions in the Church.

I would absolutely love to see you and hug you at this event, no matter if you are a conservative, progressive, or somewhere in the middle. We need all hands on deck to move women forward. Plus, I just want to love on you in person!  

I would love to sit and chat with you, and share a meal together. I would love to learn together and move the Church forward together with you, so we can continue to break the glass steeple together.

Learn More & Register Here.

Here is a blog post I wrote a while back relating to Jackie’s book Lime Green.

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