A Special Note to my Readers…


We did it!!!

A couple days ago we reached *400* blog followers! I say “we” because I know that the reason this blog has done so well is because of those of you who have supported it through prayers, shares on FB, retweets on Twitter, comments, likes, having my back when the bullies come out to play, and encouraging me every single day. This blog is Jesus’ blog first and *OUR* blog second. It is my joy to share the mic with you by having so many of you guest write because I know that nothing makes the dream work better than teamwork and mutuality!

My heart beats daily for this mission of ‪#‎BreakingTheGlassSteeple‬ and I know that many of you feel the same burning passion, so I want to share these amazing stats with you. This is not to show off, but to encourage you that people are reading and hearing our voices! God is truly in this thing because the fruit is there and no one can argue with good fruit!

2015 Blog Stats:

Oct: 323 views
Nov: 1,917 views
Dec: 1,369 views
Jan: 3,001 views
Feb: 4,370 views
March: 2,174 views
April: 4,497 views
May: 7,656 views
June: 9,588 views
July: 8,256 views
Aug: 11,838 views
Sept: 26,009 views

I am flabbergasted with what Jesus is doing: He is giving women their voices back in the Church, setting them free from the chains and lies of limitation, and letting them run free without the shackles of religious legalism!

I am at a point in this journey where I need financial support if we want to see this message further carried out. I have not made a paycheck this past year, have dedicated about 60 hours a week to this ministry, and I am asking that those of you who feel led, financially give to this ministry. Please Donate Here.

I would like to do more videos, podcasts, and someday move out of my parents house (LOL). Truly, every dollar helps!

I love each of you SO very much and I am grateful for your ongoing support!

“In the last days,’ God says, ‘I will pour out my Spirit upon all people. Your sons and *DAUGHTERS* will prophesy. Your young men will see visions, and your old men will dream dreams.” -Acts 2:17

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