Women CANNOT do it all…


Do you know that 73% of women are working outside the home to some degree?  This may surprise you to hear me say this, but we cannot do it all ladies!  Women nowadays are exhausted, stressed, and even physically ill because they continue to take on the same full-time domestic responsibilities (as expected in the past) and they are also working outside the home.  Women are leaders now, not just in the home, but outside the home as well.  We do not want to move backwards and require that all women go back to being stay-at-homes wives and moms.

Although there is ABSOLUTLEY nothing wrong with a woman deciding to stay home (because we all know this is HARD work); we do not want to move backwards in our societal influence that we now have.  Since 73% of women are now out in the world pursuing their dreams, we should support them as our sisters even if we are bent towards traditionalism in our preferences and beliefs.

But, demanding that we DO EVERYTHING is going to kill us!  It is time to learn to share household responsibilities with our spouse and children.  It is time re-evaluate “roles” and for 73% this means leaving traditional roles behind in some fashion.

If you are in that 73%, I highly recommend that you watch this short video clip and sign up to follow Propel Women Times are changing and we cannot do it all ladies! We have to stop striving and allow Jesus and Christian leaders to help us learn balance.  It is not God’s will for us to be unhappy, stressed, overwhelmed, and sick.  But, this does not mean we need to return to traditionalism if that is not where our heart is at.


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  • As a mom who has literally tried BOTH inside and outside work and then work and career that comes with an actual check..Stress can literally make your health go, you’re absolutely right about that. As a result I’ve got GI problems, and head to (literally) toe PAIN problems. When I was home, I stressed about work, when at work..I missed my babies. I’ve learned FINALLY like just within the past. year of having difficulty finding work, that my kids are old enough to do things beyond their average chores(that I. had. let them get away with not doing) My second oldest daughter is officially taller than me..so laundry for her. My son is very capable of the more “manly” chores and Kiona is more than willing to put her own toys away. I already know my fiance will help me keep a healthy balance, because he cooks, cleans and helps me when he visits and I don’t even ask, he just does it. I’ve gone so many years..skipping many Dr appointments for myself dental appointments. I’ve ran for so long for everyone else both my mental and physical health are terrible! Great BLOG!!! I am definitely sharing this one!

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