Who I Have Written For

I have had the opportunity to share my voice and write for some pretty amazing people and I want to give my readers an easy way to explore my work elsewhere:


Relevant Magazine: “The Rise of Evangelical Feminism” (Find Here).

CBE International “Arise” E-Newsletter: “The Question Reformed Calvinist Complementarians Can’t Answer” (Find Here). (One can be a complementarian OR a calvinist, but I don’t see how one can be both).


CBE International Blog: “I am Not Made in My Husband’s Image” (Find Here).

The Junia Project Blog:

  1. “My Parents: An Example of Mutual Authority in Marriage” (Find Here).
  2. “No Longer Submitting to a Woman’s Place” (Find Here).

Sarah Bessey’s Blog: “We Won’t Back Down” (Find Here).

Missio Alliance Blog: “We Need Marys and Marthas: An Evangelical Egalitarian Take.” (Find Here).

Zach Hoag’s Blog: “Beyond Biblical Manhood and Womanhood: Building a Post-Complementarian Church on the Word of God” (Find Here).

-Amy R. Buckley’s Blog: “Laughter From the Backseat” (Find Here).

Bev Murrill’s Blog: “I Believe I Can Fly” (Find Here).

Ishshah’s Story Blog: “Complementarianism: Three Great Weaknesses” (Find Here).

Hill City Church Blog: “How to Read the Bible as a Woman without Throwing it Across the Room” (Find Here)


-Never Forsaken Podcast: “Breaking The Glass Steeple” (Listen Here).

-Parker J Cole Show: On Christian Feminism (Listen Here).

-All Things Charity: Women in Ministry (Listen Here).

-Don’t Forget This Podcast: Good New for My Daughter: