Where I Stand

Dear LGBTQ Christians,

Come, sit down, take my cushy seat. I’ll sit on the hard folding chair. I’ll make you a hot cup of coffee and hear your story. I wish I understood better…I am trying; I am studying. I am reading your blog posts and articles. I am listening to your cries. I am for you and I will stand with you over the powerful, condemning voices.

Us more conservative/moderate Christians are so torn. We don’t know how to accept same-sex marriage and stay faithful to our biblical convictions. We want to celebrate you, but our hearts tell us to do so with caution because we are not convinced same-sex-relations will bring you freedom and move you towards your truest identity in Christ.

Yet, I know same sex attraction is not normally a choice and it is rare that God simply takes these desires away. I get it. I have desires too that I have begged God to take away, but for some reason, He hasn’t. I don’t know why God allows us to live with stuff that we would have rather never had to deal with in the first place.

Do know that you are welcome, loved, and celebrated as an LGBTQ Christian here on my blog and ministry. I am not convinced homosexual relationships are what’s best for you (and I don’t totally get transgenderism, or gender fluidity or queer theology yet, because little has been written in the area), but I have never walked in your shoes, so I respect your politics, convictions, and theology; even if they are more “liberal” than mine.

I do know many of you are crazy about Jesus and His heart for gender equality in the Church, so let’s break some bread and drink some wine together and focus on what we agree on as siblings in Christ. Cheers!

Blog Post I Wrote On This Subject:

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