They Will Call Me Jezebel (A Poem)


It swirls around in the depths of my soul:

Jesus made me righteous, He made me whole.


I don’t need any man to tell me the way.

I don’t need a human leader in order to pray.


I don’t need to make myself smaller than I already am.

I must speak loudly, for at 5’2 I stand.


I don’t need to make myself weaker than I’ve already been.

Being plagued with insecurity is nothing but sin.


They tell me to submit, my thoughts are not great:

A wife and mother only, that is your fate.


I knew I was more the day I met my Lord.

I fell to my knees, His presence I absorbed.


Just like Mary, I was only a child.

God said I was chosen, so I ran free and wild.


My passion was plenty, my interests were few.

If I can’t be a preacher, what will I do?


Beg for another calling? I must have heard wrong.

I think I am allowed to sing, Lord give me a song.


But when I try, I can’t write a whole song.

I can write a sermon, but for a woman, that’s wrong.


My wings were clipped by religious people who knew better.

They were older, wiser, and much more clever.


Their whitewashed hearts are bent on the letter of the law.

Just like the pharisees, they miss the point of it all.


I pressed my heart down and tears rolled down my face.

I made myself little, I let them put me in my place.


I allowed oppression to squash my power.

Not anymore, I will not cower.


They will call me Jezebel and try to make me afraid.

But the Spirit inside me will come to my aid.


We are daughters of God, not daughters of fear.

The Kingdom is now, the Kingdom is here.


We are made in God’s image, we are His delight.

We take back our authority in Jesus, this is our right.


Get out of our way, enemy, all you do is lie.

We were born to preach, we must prophesy. 


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    • Carol. I have a position and title. I am a theology professor and a traveling preacher/evangelist and a mentor to girls and women. I am also a leader in the church I am planting with other adults. Why would I covet things I already have?

      I am advocating for girls and women who don’t have a voice in the church, who want to be in ministry, but are limited, who went to seminary but can’t find jobs in the church, who want to be ordained, but their denomination will not ordain them due to their gender, who are being abused, limited and oppressed, who are being paid less than male ministers simply because they are women ministers, and the list goes on. I preach all this in Jesus name and lead many to the Lord. Women are leaving the church in droves due to such injustice. My heart and mission revolves around leading girls and women out of captivity and “religious chains” and into the accepting arms of Christ.

      I don’t know why you are so against women being equals to men in the church, but am I praying for your freedom, sister. I pray in Jesus name that you could see. I pray in Jesus name that you could hear. Don’t miss it, Carol. The kingdom of God is often upside down. Let the Holy Spirit help you to get set free, my friend.

      In Christ’s love,

        • I teach systematic theology (online) at SUM Bible College and Theological Seminary based out of Oakland, CA. I am an adjunct, so I don’t need a Phd, but I do have a master’s degree in “Biblical Studies: Christian Doctrine and History” from Regent University in Virginia Beach, VA.

    • Thank you mama, I cried the whole time I wrote it. It was dropped in my heart my holy spirit and I wrote it in 5 minutes. It just flowed out.

  • Favorite lines:
    “We are daughters of God, not daughters of fear.
    The Kingdom is now, the Kingdom is here.”
    So beautiful and true!

    I’m part of a group of Christians that meet together under the headship of Christ and believe in every-member participation. After growing up in a women-are-for-the-choir-and-Sunday-school environment, it has been a blessing to see every person share their portion of Christ no matter their gender, race, social status, etc. But your blog has reminded me that not everyone is this fortunate, and that many sisters and brothers are silenced because of a broken system. Thank you!

  • Love your voice, I felt your poem deeply. Thank-you for sharing it and using your gifts to minister to all who are thirsty.

  • WOW! Love this! Brought tears to my eyes, but happy tears that you are encouraging other women. I’m probably old enough to be your mom, but you encourage me tremendously. Even when we don’t agree. So just know that you influence and teach a wide age range of women! I have a high level of respect for you, Jory! Keep it up!

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