Some Weren’t Born For Easy…


When I was in Bible school over 10 years ago I had a vision.  I know, I’m one of those kooky charismatic gals who has dreams and visions from God.

I was riding along with all my friends in my yellow Sunfire (that I had at the time) and we were laughing and carrying on as college kids do.  We were heading somewhere and I knew it was important that we kept moving forward.  Suddenly, to the right of the highway we were driving along, our eyes became captivated on a super fun looking amusement park.  The bright lights were drawing our eyes off the road and onto the ‘beauty of excitement.’  I heard God speak to my heart clearly; He said, “Keep your eyes on the road.”

Over the past 10 years, I never forgot about that very clear message from God.  Life became increasingly difficult after that vision and there were many times I got distracted from my destiny along the way.  You see, it is my belief that God has great plans for His sons and daughters, but only a few ever actually reach their intended destiny.

The enemy of our souls (Satan) is real and he will stop at nothing to distract God’s children.  When we are in high school, he may throw us a cute boy to get our eyes off Christ.  When we are in college, he may have us get caught up in the wrong crowd.  When we are in our early twenties, he may try and distract us with wild parties.

When we are in our mid-twenties, he may have us obsess over our careers or give us a not so great guy and hope we marry the fool.  When we are in our late twenties, we may become obsessed with owning a home with a white-picket fence and having a “perfect” family.

The distractions are endless and we will ALL take our eyes of the road here and there, but when we do, we must understand that we risk everything due to consequences.  If we stop and play games for a while, we can get caught up in crazy situations and sometimes the consequences of our actions last a life-time.

God is the redeemer of everything that has gone wrong and He will give us a wonderful life if we are willing to get our eyes back on the road, but sometimes God’s initial destiny for our lives has to take a back seat to the consequences of our actions.

The truth is that the Christian life was never meant to be an easy and happy life.  Somewhere along the journey Christians got “salvation” confused with “the American dream.” 

Sure, Jesus’ joy gives us strength, but when we sign up to follow Christ, we are called to “the narrow road.”  The narrow road is painful, but leads to greatness.  Most (even Christians) will take “the wide road” that is easy and maybe even fun, but leads to an ordinary existence.

I love to have fun (maybe even to a default), but I decided a long time ago that I would rather do something great with my life than have fun.  I choose hard over easy because easy is regular and I want more than regular.  When everyone I know stops to take a joy ride at the amusement park, I will stay focused on my destiny.

There have been seasons in my life when I have taken one eye off the road, so to speak, and I am grateful that during those times God’s grace has kept me from life-long consequences.  My life has been anything but easy, but I honestly thank God for that.  Yes, it is tough seeing young people like me living carelessly when I have much “real life” to manage, but I know that God gives me nothing I cannot handle.

I thank God for my pain because it has been in my pain that He has been strong within me.  My best writing, sermons, and advice comes from my pain.  It is my pain that has defined me, as I know I can overcome anything through Christ gives me strength.  When we persevere through the stormy path, we come out able to overcome anything.

I believe with all my heart that God is the redeemer of everything that has gone wrong in my life, in this earth, and with mankind.  What is your calling and do you need to get your eyes back on the road?  Know your struggles.  Know what tempts you to get side tracked and refuse to stop at the carnival.  Nothing is worth putting your purpose on hold any longer!

Some of us simply were not born for easy; we were born for greatness and we can allow the pain of the narrow road to sidetrack us to look for temporary solutions or we can put our trust in “the narrow road experience” and know that if we stay focused on our destiny we will be anything but ordinary.

But the gateway to life is very narrow and the road is difficult, and only a few ever find it. -Matthew 7:14 

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