O Come All Ye Faithful


I could probably sing this song backwards if I tried. O come all ye Faithful is more than a church song, it is an American tradition. Over the Christmas season, we play this song for our family as we decorate the Christmas tree and drive the kids to school. We find great hope, peace, and comfort in our holiday traditions, but sometimes I wonder if we forget to actually “come.” If we consider ourselves religious, we probably take at least a little time to think about Jesus who was born in a manger, but do we think of Him currently and how He wants His faithful to come closer to Him?

It is so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the season and replace our thoughts of family with thoughts of holiday obligations. But sometimes I feel as if it is also easy to replace our thoughts of Jesus with consuming thoughts over our family. While I believe family comes first and are of huge importance over Christmas, should they be the center of our existence?

What if this Christmas has more spiritual significance to our lives than previous ones? What if Christ is compelling us to draw closer to Him this year and be a shining example to our family? What if religious and cultural traditions are no longer enough and we need more?

Perhaps it is time to get smart and follow the infamous wise men’s example. When these guys heard that Christ had been born, they traveled months (or years) just to sit in the presence of their newborn king. Can you imagine how they must have been plastered with dirt and how smelly they were after their long travels?

I believe tis the season to bring all our dirty, smelly, messy lives to Jesus. He doesn’t want our gold, frankincense, or myrrh; he wants our hearts. He wants to change us from the inside out, forgive us for all our junk, and bring us to a deep  connection with Him. It is simply a choice. If He is calling us closer, how unwise it would be to stay exactly where we are at!

Practical Ways to “Come:”

  1. Get involved with a church that challenges you.
  2. Read the Bible and apply it your life.
  3. Talk to God more.
  4. Hang out with Christian people.

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