Christian Advice & Support

Hello friends. For the past couple of years, I have continuously been asked for advice in the areas of theology, ministry, marriage, writing, building a social media platform, spiritual abuse, gender discrimination, and pretty much all things life.

I wish I could give everyone advice at no cost (as I did for the first 18 months of blogging), but too many folks are asking for my time and expertise now. I am humbled and honored that anyone would want my advice, and I want to meet the demand, so I have kept the cost as low as possible.

I am a trained minister who holds an AA in Practical Theology, a BS in Church Ministries, and an MA in Christian Doctrine and History. I have been blessed to work one on one with people of all ages for years. I am often told that I am “wise beyond my years” and truly love helping people and ministries move forward.

My approach is kind, genuine, non-judgmental, gentle and honest. You are safe with me.

Confidentiality is always a guarantee. Please note, however, if clients share with me that a child or an adult’s life is being threatened by another person or by themselves, I am obligated by law to report this (including child abuse, child neglect, life threatening abuse of an adult by another adult, or suicide risk).

Meetings will be 45 minutes long, which can be done in one of two ways (your preference):

  1. Online face to face (via Skype).
  2. Phone Conversation (USA numbers only).

Cost: $35 for one 45-minute session (I cannot do refunds, but you can reschedule your meeting with me if you give me a 24 hour notice).

To schedule an appointment, receive instructions on moving forward with this service, or to ask any further questions, please email me at


“I am thankful to have come across Jory’s path. I felt so comfortable sharing my story with her. She was kind, warm, and accepting during our time together. I felt no judgement. Rather, I felt supported and loved by a strong, Christian woman. Thank you for using the gifts God has given you to help counsel and love others (Jennifer: Working Married Woman & Mother in Her Early 40s).”
“I had a great experience going to Jory for support and advice. I was going through an extremely stressful time, questioning everything I believed and not knowing how to move forward in several areas of life. She was able to offer a fresh perspective on different aspects of my situation, and helped me realize what things I had the power to change and what things to simply let go. I would definitely recommend hiring Jory if you’re struggling and need encouragement. In addition to being very approachable and non-judgmental, she is also very affordable, which I appreciated (Anna: Married Woman in Her Late 20s).”
“I was fortunate to come across Jory’s ministry during a turbulent period in my life. Jory offers thought-provoking ideas and propelled me to look at the world through the lens of love. Besides that, her Christian advice service was the starting block in reclaiming myself as a woman and the start in my journey of leaving an abusive marriage (Shelly: Single Fashion Designer in Her Late 20s).”
 “I have followed Pastor Jory’s ministry for the last three years and have gained so many amazing insights into God’s love and character through her work. Female leadership in the church is essential to the redeeming work of Christ, and Pastor Jory is a prime example of fearless devotion to God’s calling. Talking with her was enlightening and encouraging, and our conversation has given me newfound perspective and courage in how I can support my sisters in Christ as they lead and follow their own calling (Ethan: Single Admin Assistant at College in his Late Twenties).”
I decided to reach out to Jory during an excruciating state of inner (mental) turmoil that was actually making me physically sick. (That is: existence as a woman in today’s church). Her guidance and support was absolutely invaluable! She has discernment, grace, knowledge and wisdom to see, think, and understand outside of the box of “religion,” (that is: traditionally or socially-accepted “facts” about God) while remaining inside the realms of God’s truth. I encourage and urge anybody questioning if they should, to speak with her! Jory is following God’s calling on her life to help you in your walk with Jesus; why wouldn’t you utilize that (Keirsten: Single Nutrition Attendant at a Hospital in her Early Twenties)?”
“I have been working to build my social media following for a few years now, but it has been slow going. In the past year I have significantly increased my content output, but I was stuck on turning that into real followers and subscribers. Jory was able to share her experience with building a social media platform, and she had some great suggestions on how to tighten up my branding and really ‘wow’ people with a polished website. She also shared her “tricks of the trade” for maximizing followers on Twitter. After my session with Jory, I had some great ideas to develop and some practical to-do’s. Thanks Jory (Kristen: Wife, Mom, Christian Counselor, Author and Speaker in her Late Thirties)!”