Christian Advice & Support

Hello loves. For the past couple of years, I have continuously been asked for advice in the areas of theology, ministry, marriage, writing, spiritual abuse, gender discrimination, and pretty much all things life.

I wish I could give everyone advice at no cost (as I did for the first 18 months of blogging), but too many folks are asking for my time and expertise now. I am humbled and honored that anyone would want my advice, and I want to meet the demand, so I have kept the cost as low as possible.

I am a trained minister who holds an AA in Practical Theology, a BS in Church Ministries, and an MA in Christian Doctrine and History. I have been blessed to work one on one with women of all ages for years. I am often told that I am “wise beyond my years” and truly love women of all ages. My approach is kind, genuine, non-judgmental, gentle and honest. You are safe with me.

Confidentiality is always a guarantee. Please note, however, if clients share with me that a child or an adult’s life is being threatened by another person or by themselves, I am obligated by law to report this (including child abuse, child neglect, life threatening abuse of an adult by another adult, or suicide risk).

Meetings will be one hour long, which can be done in one of four ways (your preference):

  1. Online face to face (via Skype).
  2. Online texting back and forth (via Facebook Private Messenger or Google Hangout).
  3. Phone Conversation (USA numbers only).
  4. In Person (Starbucks in McMurray, PA).

Cost: $35 for one hour (I cannot do refunds, but you can reschedule your meeting with me if you give me a 24 hour notice).

To schedule an appointment, receive instructions on moving forward with this service, or to ask any further questions, please email me at