(Art by my mother, April Ryan: Follow her Facebook Page HERE.)


Take off your mask; wipe off your lie.

Feel your heart; see your cry.

Fake is easy; talk is cheap.

Find your flow; walk your beat.


Are you for real; I don’t know.

Games are cheesy; find your glow.

I know there’s pain; I’ve felt it too.

But what’s the gain if you’re not you?


Stop resisting who you are; or you’ll get stuck and won’t go far. 

Destiny is calling, but she needs you; say what you will, but you can’t bleed blue. 


Seek the truth with all you’ve got.

Lay down your ego or you’ll get caught.

Don’t be a fool; you don’t know all.

Lay down your pride or you will fall.


You always see fault on other sides.

But it’s you who sneaks, runs and hides.


Why try to blend? 

They are not your friend. 

Why try to win? 

The prize is sin. 

Why try to lie? 

It means you die. 

Why try to steal? 

It’s not real. 

Why try to fool? 

It’s not cool. 

Why try to judge if you’re not God? 

Why try to fit if you’re odd? 


If you can’t be honest, what’s the reason? 

Heal your wounds in this season. 


“MASK” is the second poem (out of four) that I wrote when I was in rehab recovering from prescription opioid addiction, which developed after years of chronic pain. In the coming days or weeks, I will post all four poems.

Perhaps they will speak to your heart and situation, even if your struggles are different than mine. Or, maybe you would like to send these poems to friends who are struggling with any sort of addiction or are in recovery.

I hope you enjoy.

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