Letting Go Of America Being A “Christian Nation”


I fear that the Christian Church has bought into a lie. I understand that our nation was built on many Christian principles, but is there really such thing as a “Christian Nation?” Sure, many of our founding fathers claimed Christianity and so do many government leaders today, but does calling oneself a Christian actually make one a Christian?

I am no history buff, but I am pretty certain this country was built on many non-Christian principles too. Off the top of my head, I am pretty certain this land we so comfortably live on was stolen from American Natives by men who called themselves Christians. I am also pretty sure that many “Christian” men and women enslaved Africans and built their empires on their bleeding backs.

It is the tendency of the people to want a king over God, but when we put our trust in human leaders, we will always end up disappointed.

I see almost daily Facebook posts concerning this nation coming back to the Lord. I am honestly not sure this nation has ever belonged to the Lord any more than any other nation belongs to the Lord.

Remember what happened when the Israelites begged God for a king in 1 Samuel 8? God’s people had big problems and they didn’t want to trust God to take care of them anymore. They wanted to be like all the other nations who had human king’s to work out their issues for them. God warned them that a human king would take, take, and take more from them, but they didn’t listen.

God gave the Israelites King Saul who would end up being a terrible leader. Yes, God does appoint leaders of nations and some turn out to lead better than others, but is this God’s best plan? When is the last time we have had a true revival in this land we call home? When is the last time we have seen the mighty power of God sweep over this whole nation?

We spend our days just hoping God would restore our leadership and their secular decisions. We put our hope in mere men to restore justice, bring about peace, and provide a moral compass for us to follow. Let me ask you; how has that been working out for us lately?

Due to our trust in mere humans, we have reduced Jesus to a right wing politician or a social justice advocate. Our Savior does not go left or right. He will not fit into our “perfectly” constructed boxes. Jesus is God in the flesh and He does not bend to our kingdom; we bend to His.

In the first few centuries of the Christian Church, God poured out His spirit in a way that radically changed the whole world in a short amount of time. At that time, believers were living in lands that prohibited Christianity and they did not concern themselves with governments opinions.

They secretly met in catacombs to do church. When they were caught worshiping Christ, they were thrown to lions to be eaten alive. Early Christians were not only willing to die for Christ; they considered it a privilege to be tortured for Christ. Now that is a real Christian.

It was not until the emperor, Constantine the Great, officially declared Rome a “Christian nation” that the faith began to get watered down. Everyone started calling themselves “Christian” because that was the government’s direction. It is wonderful that early Christians were no longer persecuted for their faith, but can you see how quickly a nation can become un-Christian when being a “Christian” is the most popular thing to do?

Perhaps if we would let go of the idea that America is a “Christian Nation” we would start to see genuine heart transformations and less “political Christians.”

Being a Christian is more than just saying, “I am a Christian” and it is more than living a moral life. A Christian is someone who would follow Christ to their death and wants to follow His teachings found in the four gospels no matter how challenging they are.

It’s more than an “educated guess” to follow Christ. It has nothing to do with academia. It is not a matter of politics and it is a burning desire that may dim from time to time, but never goes away. If someone leaves the faith, I would question if they ever were a Christian in the first place (Not that it never happens: Ex:// Judas who betrayed Jesus).

When will we let go of America being a “Christian Nation” and put our trust in God again?

When will we stop trying to find a political home that matches our faith? America is not our home. It is our “stopping place” before we reach our real home. Perhaps if we stop putting our hope in what this country’s government does and does not do, God really will show up for us again and we will see real converts.

We need to stop looking to king’s and start looking to the heavens. Neither Republicans or Democrats hold the answers. We will continue to watch this nation drift away from God as we become a more secular society. We can choose to despair or we can choose to affiliate with our true King and make His kingdom our home!

 May your Kingdom come soon. May your will be done on earth, as it is in heaven. -Matthew 6:10 

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  • I first read this article some weeks ago, and have been turning over in my mind how to express my own thoughts on a topic that, suffice it to say, ignites a lot of passion in our times. Today as I was reflecting on the events of 9/11, thinking of what we Christians can learn and how we can give back, I finally found that voice and put together some thoughts that, to me, very much germinated from this original posting (see http://www.oneforjesus.net/should-be-a-christian-nation-and-shouldnt/). I included a link-back to this article, and just wanted to say thanks for everything you write. Sometimes you are planting a seed that you may not even know about until much later! All the best to you.

  • Thanks for the thoughtful perspective, Pastor Day. I’m a bit torn about this. One the one hand, I agree wholeheartedly that we need to be real Christians and turn to God in repentance and prayer regardless of what our political leaders say or do. But on the other hand the decisions made by our political leaders (kings) do affect everyone living in the nation, including (and sometimes especially) the true Christians. For example, I agree with Jonathan Cahn that 9/11 2001 was a sign that God lifted his hedge of protection on this nation. Every time our leaders have pressed Israel to give up land for peace, this nation has received judgement from God in the form of natural disasters. I honestly don’t see this country turning around as we are beginning to see Christians persecuted in America. I’m comforted, though by the belief that these things must happen in order for the end of the age to come to pass as described in Matthew 24. Before Christ comes to take his church out of this world, perhaps we’ll see who the real Christians are.

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