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PLEASE NOTE: Currently, I am not accepting guest post submissions because I am in the process of writing and editing my first book. Please continue to check back. I will remove this note once I am again ready to take a look at your guest post. Thank you for your interest in sharing your story or views on my blog.

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Thank you for your interest in submitting a guest post to my blog! I strive to host a male or female guest writer once a week and your work could be featured next. Posts should be 800-1200 words, completely edited and ready to go. It must be an original post (meaning it was never posted on your blog or anywhere else before).

Be sure to attach a bio and a picture of yourself (a professional picture is best, but not required). The motto of my blog is “breaking the glass steeple,” so how can your personal story or theology help me to do this?

This is an egalitarian blog that strives to help evangelical Christians understand that although the backdrop of the Bible demonstrates patriarchy, the message of the Bible was never meant to be one of patriarchy. I take a special interest in original thoughts proving “complementarianism,” or any sort of patriarchy, unbiblical in a loving and mature fashion.

I am also interested in individuals or couples sharing their marriage stories if they claim to have an egalitarian marriage or if they have intentionally abandoned a “complementarian” style of marriage.

I believe that God calls people to lead based off His Divine Will and individual giftedness; not based off gender. I am greatly interested in any personal story that highlights your experiences with gender inequality in the evangelical church.

If you have had a negative experience with the Acts 29 Network, The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, or anything relatable, I want to hear about it. I equally want to hear about your positive experiences with any church or organization that promotes full gender equality in both human worth and human authority.

I also take interest in your experiences with the evangelical “purity culture.” In general, any experience that highlights gender inequality in the Christian Church is a story I want to read. The major point of this blog is to raise awareness about girls and women being treated unfairly in the name of Jesus.

I will rarely accept a guest post that is a devotional/inspirational type piece unless you are willing to share your own raw struggles. A good rule of thumb: Be willing to be authentic about your own life struggles before attempting to preach to others.

If I am interested in using your guest post I will get back to you as soon as possible with the date I plan on posting.

If I don’t get back to you concerning your post in a month, please feel free to send a new post for consideration at anytime.

Thanks friends!


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