Drugs, Jail, and Jesus (Guest Post by Jenny Reese Clark)


Five years ago, I found myself running down the side of a heavily traveled road with no shoes, no money, no identification, and no hope.

My pores stung with every bit of chemical coated sweat that dripped from my face. I had nowhere to go and even less places to turn.

I looked up to see a nearby convenient store and I understood more about that identifying phrase than I ever wanted to know. Temporary concealment from those who are looking for me is what first crossed my mind.

Second, was that it was air-conditioned and could supply me water to drink. My immediate problem was that I didn’t have change for a Styrofoam cup.

I seized my opportunity and ignored the signs as I entered. I forced myself to slow down to a more casual pace. I couldn’t afford any extra attention and I refused to turn back and face what I had just destroyed.

My small strides managed to carry me to the restroom without interruption. This also was a term that spoke more directly to my soul than ever before. I was desperate for a place to rest, but I could not afford it and had hardly enough strength left to find it.

Immediately, I went to the sink to wash the filth from my hands and face. As soon as the cool water touched my skin, the thoughts of sure refreshment escaped me and were replaced by an even more intense burning. Water is an activating ingredient in my illegal concoction and because my pours were open due to the heat, the reaction took place in the holes on my face.

I cringed and quickly lifted my shirt to stop this reaction from happening, only my shirt had also absorbed many chemicals and made my situation worse. My eyes watered not only from the pain, but from the torment in my soul. I was guilty of more than just the obvious; I had betrayed my own family.

This disheveled mess was the beginning of many life changing events. As I brought my mouth down to the dirty faucet to rehydrate, I realized there was nothing in this world that could save me. My thirst for sin could never be quenched and as I came up and stared at the chaos of my life, shame nearly swallowed me whole.

Five years later, I sit a free woman with hope large enough to encourage the entire world. Jesus Christ not only rescued me from this moment, but set me on a path that once traveled would teach me how to reach out and help preserve others. Christ and His sacrifice on the cross at Calvary is my assurance of an eternal future, and my strength for each day comes from His unlimited reserve of grace and mercy.

Never, could I have come back from this point without His almighty hand guiding my every move.

Although prison was a painful place to heal, heal I did! The Lord took this lonely barren wasteland and customized it into a unique and intense training ground in which I could better learn to trust and follow His lead. I don’t wake up in the morning with the answers to every specific problem, but to the issues that truly matter, I look to an unchanging solution.

Many nights, I lay awake and stare at the steal bunk above my head. Never did it impair me from seeing my precious God above. I was not left to endure my suffering alone, but held tightly in the embrace of His sovereign promises.

Each day that passed, I grew more affectionate to the One who loved me when I was unlovable. His words and the stories of redemption that they carry pushed me forward to the gates of true freedom and as they opened for me, I am indebted forever as a servant of His kingdom.


Jenny Reese Clark is a living testimony of what true faith in Jesus Christ can bring.  As a multiple felon of various drug charges including Unlawful Manufacturing of Methamphetamines, Jenny is no stranger to breaking the rules or suffering their consequences.

In April of 2010, Jenny’s life hit an all-time low as she turned her back on the home burning behind her. As a result of a chemical interaction, the clandestine laboratory that she brought secretly into her sister’s home, exploded.

As she took off shoeless, she ran as far as she could to escape the consequences. With her sister’s pet dead inside, and her relationships destroyed through her own betrayals, Jenny woke up as a Jane Doe on a ventilator in an ICU 24 hours later knowing there was no way to come back from such destruction.

Growing up in a home that offered her as much encouragement as anyone could ask for, the path she chose didn’t equal the opportunity given to her. On March 7th 1999, Jenny was in a serious car accident that left her with plates, screws, and in a wheelchair for months. It was then she discovered the benefits opiates could offer her, and within a few short years she unintentionally claimed the title of full-blown drug addict.

It wasn’t until Jenny went to prison on a 15 year sentence and lost every relationship, possession, and privilege she ever had that she began to honestly understand her true need and dependency upon the Lord. She returned to her roots and picked up her biblical studies where they left off, this time clinging to every word knowing it meant her life or death.

After completing her first Christian fiction novel only a year and a half after her release, in her own words, she shares why she chooses to exploit her past weaknesses before the world.

 I’m not proud of how I’ve obtained the authority to write or speak on the subjects I do, but my incarceration and faith go hand in hand. Until I was still, I couldn’t see past myself; once I surrendered my selfish ways, the haze lifted and life began. The many lessons achieved through a consequence so great, is what inspires me to share these stories that carry both warning and hope.

In Field of Influence you will see this passion unfold. It’s an extremely insightful look into the forbidden realm of drug addiction. As a former manufacturer and abuser of drugs, I relate well to my character and the struggles he faces, but I also identify with his victory and redemption.

This Marine’s story will not only shed light on the unknown, but help guide those searching for answers in how to overcome tragedy. My goal is to reach out, pick up, brush, and send off.”

 Today, Jenny is still sharing the hope found inside of her to anyone who will listen.

Your words were found, and I ate them, and your words became to me a joy
    and the delight of my heart, for I am called by your name, O Lord, God of hosts.

Jeremiah 15:16 (ESV)

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  • Great testimony! I want to share this with my ex-husband. He still deals with the after effects from. years of meth use. I’d like to share it with his family. His father’s side cooked and continues to cook meth and family on his mother’s side, distributes. It’s good that people share their stories, not unlike yours, so others can have hope.

    • Julie,

      Please do share my story of hope with your family. Manufacturering meth is a major issue that needs to be addressed in addition to chemical dependency. God is faithful to remove all desires, but he expects our best efforts toward a life redeemed. It takes work and a diligent persuit of getting to know Him. Feel free to get connected with me on other sites and as I learn more ways to help, I will share them. God bless you and I will pray for your family Julie!


  • Amazing testimony!
    (ps.. you should podcast this… 🙂
    What the devil meant for evil, God is turning into good! (Gen 50:21)

  • Thank you Jenny. Yes, the after effects are horrendous. I didn’t even know what meth was until I met my husband after he was clean, however because of his meth use, he has permanent damage to his brain. We were unable to continue being married, as this brain damage caused him to be abusive. The good news is, he works on it everyday and is now able to function. I’ve seen first hand the effects when I lived with him in CA. I foolishly tried to help some of his family when we lived there, unfortunately meth has such a powerful hold that God can surely break! I’ve shared this post with my ex_husband and he’s very excited to share it with his family!

    • It is a good thing that this story brings your ex-husband hope, because the power behind it is a real source of true strength. Keep praying over the needs you see in him and others Julie. Divine intervention is the greatest possible oppurtinty one could ever receive. The Lord hears dear Julie, the Lord hears!

  • Great story , addiction is a very powerful thing to overcome but it can be done , your living proof 🙂 keep your head up beautiful, you got this and god is by your side

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