In 2014 God told me to leave the security of my children’s pastor position to start a ministry for women. It did not take long for me to figure out that my mission would be bigger than a “fluffy women’s ministry” and that men would be interested in fighting for gender equality in the Christian Church too.

As a woman in ministry, I have personally experienced both aggressive and silent oppression in the evangelical church. I have been told that my calling to be a minister to both men and women is at best, a sham, and at worst, a sin. I spent years applying for church jobs in three different states, yet the only full-time position I could ever find was in children’s ministry.

I never felt called to be a children’s pastor, but it was quite honestly the only place for me in the Church. I realized that I was more educated than most male ministers who had good jobs and I had just as much unpaid experience, but I was getting overlooked.

Some job descriptions would literally say, “Only men should apply.” I knew I was born to be a minister, but the Church would not give me a chance to prove my faithfulness because of my gender. I found that even churches that are so called “affirming of women in ministry” tend to prefer male ministers over female ministers when leading adults.

For many years I cried about the injustice of it all as my husband and I financially struggled. No one goes into ministry to make “the big bucks,” but one hopes to be able to pay back their student loans and help put dinner on the table.

I got to the point where I decided that I could keep crying about it or I could do something to change a broken and unfair system. I now dedicate over 40 hours a week to this blog and have poured all of my own money into this ministry.

Read my story in greater detail over at The Junia Project.

Since I began this blog, I have heard personal story after personal story of women who have felt called by God to lead in the Church to some capacity (paid or volunteer), but have been limited or denied due to their gender. When I began this ministry, I had no idea how many women shared my same story to some degree and now I am determined to create change.

I do not get a paycheck for writing or running this blog. I do this because I am truly passionate about God’s daughter’s being given equal opportunities in the Church. This is not just about women in ministry; this is about all Christian women being treated as equals in the home, church, and in society.

A high quality blog costs money and I hope to create videos, podcasts, and more to raise even more awareness. To keep this blog functioning, legit, and successful, I need financial help. If you believe in this mission of “breaking the glass steeple,” would you prayerfully consider donating to this ministry. Every dollar helps. Thank you and God bless!