About Me

I gave my life to Jesus Christ when I was 13 years old and immediately felt called to be a minister. When I was 18 years old, I packed my car and moved from Pittsburgh to Dallas to attend Bible School. It was there that my fire for women’s rights in the Christian Church began! I was confronted by “the cool guys” and told that my dream of being a leader in the Church was a sin because women were not meant to lead men. Little did they know, they were fueling a fire that still burns today.

I became “armed and dangerous” with the truth of God’s Written Word and found out that they were misinterpreting scripture. Since I greatly value the authority of the Bible and I knew those who opposed me did too, I sought higher education. I completed an AA in Practical Theology, a BS in Church Ministries and an MA in Biblical Studies with an emphasis on Christian Doctrine and Church History.

I wrote my master’s thesis on female leadership in the first and second centuries of the Christian Church, using the Bible as my primary source. I am a sold-out follower of Christ and I have made it my mission to tell others about His amazing, non-judgmental love, as well as His radical counter-cultural empowerment of women & girls (Read my master’s thesis here).

I am a traveling speaker & minister (explore my site for info on me speaking at your church, college, conference, or event). Further, I am writing my first book – “Breaking The Glass Steeple” (publishers, please contact my literary agent at rachellegardner.com).

In a nutshell, my heart beats for Jesus and social justice, especially for women & girls.


Jory Micah (Xo)